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  1. I was just listening to Jean Michel Jarre (early electronic music) on YouTube when I recognized the graphics flashing in the background. It was this Atari Video Music machine! If it's not the Atari, it is very close to it in effect. At the time, this must have been quite cutting edge, as was the wind-up robot on the keyboard.
    The music video I'm referencing is Equinoxe Pt. 4. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyX_qouAmfE

  2. I had a couple of what they called at the time a sound box which was a speaker shaped box that had a plastic screen with Christmas light's behind it and as dumb as it seems now it was interesting after using a few illegal substances….
    We were easily amused in the 70's

  3. Could you possibly add a new video showing a "Reverb" system from the 1960s (I think)? They were quite popular in the U.S. for car radios and there was at least one company making them for home use. They added the much-desired echo effect to simulate (a term used loosely) stereo. Thank you.

  4. M$ did not learn a thing from past errors of others when they included the idiotic visualization feature in their Media Player that was on by default and relatively hard to turn off.

  5. I have both an Atari Video Music…. and a Teac A-3440 as pictured in the video logo.
    Who's jealous?

    Bought both around 1980.

  6. This was referenced in spongebob on an episode where he partied with jellyfish for weeks and crashed out then had to get them all out and the stereo had a similarly drawn machine

  7. What a piece of useless junk, is what I thought after 30 seconds of seeing this in action. Can't imagine many people even in 1977 whose imagination was stroked by it. Great review though. Thumbs up. The puppets are frigging awesome.

  8. Wow did not even know about this device. Thanks tech moan all of your vids are very educational , cant wait for the next one, been watching you for a few years now

  9. Clearly ahead of its time. Like so many other gadgets ATARI introduced and that failed due to being too early (like the LYNX (sooo much better than the Gameboy later) , the Jaguar, the ATARI STpad tablet (!) computer from1991 (!), ….)

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN32kQUHBK0 These images were Chroma-keyed into Devo's video The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (1979).

  11. Idea came from cia MK ultra program, gave it to Atari. Trying to brainwash the masses. They obviously got better. Enjoy sheep.

  12. Interesting device. Bet at least one person quit after this thing flopped and said "This company's going nowhere."

  13. Why do I get the feeling I've seen this (or something similar) on old episodes of Top of the Pops from the late 70's and early 80's?

  14. A couple of friends of mine were in a band called The Shivers many years ago. They borrowed my Atari Video Music and used it in one of the music videos: https://vimeo.com/258144841

  15. This was clearly designed by Atari's programmers as a passion project…while they were high. In all seriousness, I miss seeing old-school visualizers like this. It's a bit of a niche downside to using a streaming service rather than something like Winamp or Windows Media Player…

    Edit: Called it @ 11:48

  16. Do a video about the japanese tron and back to the future pictures you have and also other art and collectibles that you have.

  17. Hey Techmoan! Is it OK if I use some of the footage from this video to make my own music video? Thanks in advance! Awesome retro visuals!!

  18. Did winamp ever actually whip any llamas in the ass to confirm its assertion that it was indeed capable of such an action?

  19. I know there were some spectrum analyzers by 1977, but this looks analog-ish to me. And when I think of the way most of these things were only doing any processing during the blanking interval… I guess they’re probably doing cool analogue stuff to make pretty pictures without having the actual processing power to do a realtime FFT. Maybe it’s just super simple and has a crossover that gives you high/mid/low outputs then each one is tied to a color band in the diamonds. Point being, I want a video where somebody geeks out for real on the insides. Somebody send one of these to 8 Bit Guy! 😀

  20. I'm pretty sure this was used in a few old sci-fi TV shows, like Space 1999, or Doctor Who, as a display for a computer voice, lol.

  21. I enjoyed half of this video, but then I got totally derailed by Anders' music. And for that, I thank both Anders and yourself.

  22. It appears in the movie "Space Station 76" (2014). At 17:43, when the girl takes a videotape. The Atari logo is cleared.

  23. Thank you for this, I've never seen one, but most interesting. Can you please tell me the model of VHS player you have with the 2 gauges on the front ?

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