– [Archie] I hurt all the time. What am I supposed to do? – [Mrs. Burble] Talk to me. – [Betty] I am exploding. – [Mrs. Burble] Why do you think that is? (Cheryl screams) – [Mrs. Burble] You’re locked in a dance of death. – [Cheryl] What’s wrong with me? – [Narrator] Riverdale new episode Wednesday
December 4th only on The CW

100 thoughts on “Riverdale 4×08 Promo “In Treatment” (HD) Season 4 Episode 8 Promo”

  1. I love choni. So why was Cheryl crying nothing wrong with you Cheryl I love you finally she getting the help she need

  2. Wait a second. They are high-school seniors and all the time they are busy in investigations, cases and shady stuff. Don't they have anything to study? What about their assignments/projects? Actually, they are everything except students. LOL 😀

  3. Oh my god when Cheryl was crying I nearly cried oh my god I need to see my face right now oh my god babbyyyyy don’t cry! Omggg I swear to god if Toni did something ima kill her

  4. I’m not even kidding I’m crying for Cheryl and not cute crying like she was in ugly crying because I’m scared for her my baby is so sad

  5. I’ve rewatched this 4 times and it hurts me every time I see my baby cry CHERYL IT WILL BE OKAY BABY DONT CRY 🤧🤧 I’m such a hypocrite I’m crying myself

  6. Prediction
    the therapist is evil and its just gonna make things worse

    but at least cheryl finally will admit thta shes bad shit crazy
    Archie and Jug shouldnt be there i mean they are the normal ones

  7. So what?Some shit happened and they all SUDDENLY need a psycologist?What could possibly change in one episode and why they decide to go see her now after 3 crazy fucking seasons?Not mad they ended up doing it though

  8. you gave us a fuckin 21s trailer with cheryl saying "what's wrong with me" and now we supposed to wait 2 weeks? Hopefully she's taking therapy as she should has done since s1

  9. Undeniably, Archie, Cheryl and Betty without help can turn into pretty bad people. We don’t even know if Archie didn’t actually beat up Dodger.

  10. So now we got a new character that as I can see is supposed to be a psychologist/therapist which will cure the amount of cringe they have in their lines

  11. Finally it looks like the show will utilize kj and Madelaines talent this season. They’re great actors but they haven’t had good writing since episode 1

  12. It's kind of odds of now they're getting therapy after all this time black hood and stuff they should have been got therapy.

  13. I already know they are gonna make this therapist a villain but riverdale I’m begging you please don’t they all not solid help

  14. See, this should be a good thing, that these characters are getting some therapy, but since its Riverdale, I wouldnt be suprised if the therapist secretly turns out to be manipulating the group and making things worse

  15. Okay but what the fuck happened to Betty and archies friendship ?? They haven’t spoken since episode one. They are meant to be bestfriends, fuck this show

  16. Cheryls story has been awful since season 1
    Tonis season 2 (so basically the 1st season she was introduced)
    Archies season 1
    Veronica entire show pretty much
    Betty Season 2
    Jughead season 2. Season 1 for him was the best though and this season his isn't that bad, but maybe that's because he's away from Riverdale and the rest of the characters. Idk though
    Rest of the characters season 1.

    So basically the writing on this show has been bad since season 1 with season 2 having a few good things about it. They've been forcing storylines and relationships since the beginning of this show because of relationships out of character and all that. At this point it's getting harder and harder to sit through an entire episode now but I don't want to stop watching since I've watched it this far through.

  17. watch the writers be like sike shes actually going to be just another weirdo or villain or she get them help in this one episode but then they'll be back to typical riverdale stuff like "dark betty" or the serial killer gene thing or cheryl storing another dead body idk

  18. Honestly this is the first show that I ever watch that didn’t make no sense after season one I feel like the producers are trying so hard to make this show be like others when in Reality it really don’t make sense

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