Rogue’s taken on to build the world’s largest strongman implement. When Bill called me and said hey, let’s build this thing. It’s like what I mean, my jaw just dropped. This is probably the coolest thing Rogue has ever built and that’s saying something cause we built a lot of cool things. The Wheel of Pain Basically supposed to be the wheel of pain from Conan the Barbarian. A replica of that. It’s supposed to be massive and huge and it’s a pushing event So we’re gonna have a set amount of time to push the wheel as far as we possibly can. I think that’ll be a fun event to do and watch because it’s such a massive piece of equipment. The Wheel of Pain has got to be the coolest thing that has that have been built for the sport of strongman. And Rogue’s bringing this to life. [Music] There are eight 17 foot long 12-inch logs that send out as the spokes. If you look closely at the structure you’ll see that the cuts in the logs, none of them are easy. Nothing is just a 90-degree angle and you’re done with it. In order to interface it with all the metal parts there were very specific cuts that had to be made. Each piece is different it all looks the same, but every one’s different and unique. Total weight with sand in the barrels will be about 20,000 pounds. It’ll be about 20 feet tall once completed. This is the largest and craziest thing we ever built. – You lean on it and have to push. – We need to go back about a half inch. We used the road tumblers from the CrossFit Games. They use sand as resistance. With the sand partially filling the barrel every time you turn it the sand goes back to the bottom and you never are able to gain momentum. I can’t imagine when these are filled how hard it’s going to be push this. Right now we’re working on the bird mouth piece that goes on the center pole. So we’re using a red oak about 7,000 pounds worth. Yeah, so what we’re doing is we’re testing the Wheel of Pain. We’re testing the weight. We’ve got about ten athletes different heights here. Trying to calibrate it to the right weight. It’s hard. It’s amazing. It’s awesome though. What we’ve noticed is that it doesn’t build up any inertia. It’s constantly battling against you. – What did I do eight feet? Probably got it a quarter of the way So we added 50 pounds to each barrel and it went from being doable by a normal human being to pretty much impossible unless you’re somebody who’s been training strongman for a long time. it was like hitting a wall after about five feet right? The first time I did a full revolution in 30 seconds this time I got 15 feet and no I’m done! This thing totally fights you, I mean it battles against you. You push a car And that car can continue to roll but if that car has flat tires, good luck pushing it. Now this thing weighs like 20,000 pounds. It’s definitely a barbaric event. So this is the statue topper for the Wheel of Pain. This is the last piece we’re going to put up and once we get this up successfully, we’re going to take it apart so that we can stain it, paint it, and get it ready to reassemble at the Arnold. [Music] Seeing the Wheel of Pain come to life was pretty amazing. There’s no way one or two or three guys could have done this. This is an amazing team. I mean we’ve got chainsaw artists machinists, engineers, strongman, historians. I’ve never experienced working with a team like this to bring together such a unique implement of strength. I think the fans are gonna love this. Something they’ve only seen in a movie. Now, they’re gonna get to see it in real life. And we have basically ten barbarians that are just going to battle it out on the Wheel of Pain.

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