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  1. Every day all over the world, millions of bright young minds are
    spending the best years of their lives being herded around by
    governments like cattle, responding to
    bells, whistles and other Pavlovian/Skinnerian conditioning.
    Millions of children are locked into this mindcontrol program Monday to
    Friday from 9-5 performing boring/arduous tasks against their will
    because society has deemed it necessary. Just like the workplace, only
    unquestioning compliance is rewarded and your
    only reprieves are snack breaks and lunch time, which are withheld from
    you like salivating dogs until the bell rings. Meanwhile you anxiously
    sit in rigid rows all facing the big boss and the blackboard, focused on
    fantasy objectives, conditioned to view
    other students as competitors and hindrances.

    Scientifically subjecting young children to factory-style seating,
    standardized testing, and government textbooks bring “order out of
    chaos,” and make for manageable
    populations. Modern schools create uniformity, while suppressing
    skepticism and creativity. They over-develop competitive spirit while
    undermining compassion and curiosity. They promote cliques, gangs, small
    group mentalities, and “small-picture” thinkers. Grading and testing
    procedures hinder “big-picture” understanding
    of any subject and force students to focus on more simple, gradable
    aspects. True education and mastery of the subjects at hand are not
    encouraged or even feasible. Students are merely required to memorize
    trivial information like names, dates, places, events
    etc. just long enough to regurgitate for standardized multiple-choice
    tests. Then after examination, the trivial info stored in their
    short-term memory disappears along with their superficial understandings
    of each subject.
    Eric Dubay

  2. Drug trust funds took medicine away from natural homeopathy medicine to drugs and surgery methods of alopahty from Germany.
    People are turning back to natural organic healing methods in use for 7000 years.
    The wicked evil got wealthy killing people often slowly with great suffering.
    Thanks Corbet for your courage to speak truth.

  3. What was the last disease to be cured? Polio in the 50s? What a terrible business decision. They won't make that mistake again.

  4. James, do a podcast on the Club of Rome. Also, for negative effects of industrial farming and non-food based "medicine", Diet for A Small Planet is an eye opening read . . . if anyone reads anymore . .

  5. G.E. Griffin's World Without Cancer, Volume II, tells the Rockefeller's nefarious effects on medicine in great detail.

  6. most of medical illness today is 100% preventable. fix the food chain, get rid of smoking and alcohol, and you chop off at least 3/4 disease.

  7. Everytime these suberbian middle class twits fight for ACA care and claim its covered so many people that needed it, i want to smash theyre head in with a sledgehammer. Ofcourse only handouts were given to those on the dole, while everyone who cant afford it payed for their healthcare from our pilfered tax return. So basically the lower working class fit the bill to be denied healthcare ourselves. Here take my money so some asshole that doesnt have a job can have my healthcare. Then you have men that go when they are sick, but women go like its a weekly check up, which is partial to the inflationary market. Womens obsessed pampering screwed it up for everyone else.

  8. End the Federal Reserve Bank, and all this Bullshit will go away, as will the M.I.C. This video is Fantastic , thank you Mr. Corbett.

  9. Costs went up because insurance companies raised the prices. You can’t talk about costs without talking about corporate greed.

  10. Thanks for your effort and the English subtitles! They were very useful to me to fully understand the video (I'm a non-English speaker).

  11. Anyone know what that hissing sound is in the background at the beginning of the video where Corbett is taking? It is a little distracting.

  12. My mistake; Allopathy is the corruption of medicine disguised as medicine stealing from your mind what works and what is truly poison; pharmaceuticals are guilty of crimes against humanity and the doctors who drug deal for them are treasonous leeches.
    Naturopathy is the only way, and truth.

  13. Needed a more cost effective way of disposing the toxic waste products. That comes about during the production process. Rather than paying to safely storing these toxions. And paying for It's disposal, & land disposal property.
    They dunp them into water, food, & pharmaceutical products consumed by the population. At a profit that far outreach's the profits made from the original product produced. That created the toxic waste to begin with.

    When Plunder Becomes A Way Of Life For A Group Of Men Living Together In Society They Create For Themselves In The Course Of Time A Legal System That Authorities It And A Moral Code That Glorifies It.
    Hebrews 13 : 17

  14. This is how we got here in the first place:
    Rockefeller did not read quantum physics before he started building colleges and hospitals, etc. He doesn't know that nothing is solid. Solidity is actually energy that spins, vibrates, pulsates, oscillates and bursts forth constantly. Creation is constant. So since nothing is solid, people are holograms. We are brilliant, highly complicated, condensed, concentrated energy images/patterns. PROVEN BY QUANTUM PHYSICS A LONG, LONG TIME AGO.
    What do doctors measure in their offices? Energy. They use electricity to measure the electricity of human beings/holograms. All the while, they are not telling you that you are energy, even though you can see on the screen the frequencies of your heart, etc. When they test your blood, they are using electricity to measure the energy frequencies. It is the same for every organ and process of the human body hologram.
    Deal with people as 100% energy, eternal energy, then they will heal themselves. Read the book Hands of Light written by the physicist/healer Barbara Brennan. That is, if anybody cares if any people in pain actually get help.
    All pains are caused by blocked feelings and emotions. Deal with your stress and your pain will go away. It is that simple.

  15. I do agree with what is being said but its not as B&W as being portrayed. EG:
    I was found to have a hole in my heart (from birth) a PFO. The hospital performed a procedure (ie: no cutting open) and inserted a device to fill the hole. Since then (7 years) I have not had any migraines or known TIAs (of course nothing is 100%). I arrived at the hospital at 8.00am and was home by 5.00pm. The surgeons were excellent, informative and friendly. Everyone who was operating on me (anesthetist, etc) came and said hello before hand. A few months later a simple Bubble and *Toe test showed tha the hole was now closed.
    I know much about alternative treatments and foods as medicine but I don't know of anything "alternative" that would cure a PFO, as it is really an engineering job.
    Trivia note: 15-20% of people have PFOs and 15-20% have migraines…. hmmm.
    (*Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE).)

  16. The greatest doctors are the ones that tell you, YOU are your own healer. Whom came along and closed up your cut? YOU. Whom came along and healed your bruise? YOU. We are eternal energy beings right here and right now. We are the greatest healers of all. Even if a doctor straps your leg back together after it is broken, WHOM heals it? YOU. WHY? Because we are whole, perfect electromagnetic energy beings constantly being created, proven by quantum physics. Energy must ALWAYS be replenished and it is not the food that heals us.
    We are saturated in the midst of a matrix, a unified field, a web of energy that connects us all AND this energy is constantly flowing through us. To heal yourself really fast, accelerate your energy. Be a runner, a bike rider, a skater, or be excited by the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist and healer Barbara Brennan. Believe you can heal yourself with your own thoughts which are images. Read stories of other people doing this. Amp yourself up !!!!!!

  17. Rockefellers ….very very strange people…..this is what happens to people who have the power to create money out of thin air and invest in their kingdoms…..the mind goes towards sinister endeavors inspired by their god …..their god is not our God……..very very very strange people……think about it Eugenics and Transhumanism?…….very very strange…our lives run by AI programs?….very very strange…..we are getting close to the end……I hope your soul is ready to meet the great creator….repent and recieve the ONE True Gods Son …..and you will recieve the true red pill that leads to eternal life…."who soever believes in me according to the scriptures , out of his belly shall flow rivers of LIVING water"..

  18. It's b***** they make us pay for ObamaCare I want nothing to do with allopathic medicine just like the Royal Family

  19. I know this dumb drunken Hick in St. Augustine FL. He's a worthless trust fund baby. He told me his grandfather used to play golf with that walking zombie rockafucker in Daytona Beach FL. By the way this kid and his old man was, I can only imagine how his grandfather was. Y'all feel me???!!! Devil Bill was rockashits grandfather's name. So… that's OK, they are all burning in… HELL!!!

  20. My 15yr old daughter has great PPO coverage. I now live in the front 6'wx8'lx7't V nose of my 16' shop trailer as homeless on medicare.
    Yippee! Please be sure to smack open handed anyone who beleives we are free.
    Then tell the PATHETICALLY NEHSCIENT and/or IGNORANT that " You are not free to be a LAZY IDIOT! Freedom to do as they tell you IS NOT FUCKING FREEDOM, YOU SLOVENLY FUCKIN MORON! CONGRATULATIONS your own SPECIAL BRAND of LAZINESS and STUPIDITY will ensure your GRANDCHILDREN in fact ALL HUMAN BEINGS will be BRUTALIZED beyond your wildest DREAMS. The PLUTOCRATS are nearly right GENERALIZING the HUMAN race as "CANNON FODDER"!
    I would NOT WASTE the POWDER or BALL on most of YOU!"

  21. Charlie Munger praises the monopoly power of John D. Rockefeller in healthcare.

    09:00 Charlie Munger: "Remember that John D. Rockefeller I by spending $50 million, way back decades ago utterly revolutionized American medical care. He got all the charlatans out of the profession … "


  22. Well after almost 2-yrs without Obama..im getting better health ins..at a much lower cost and my taxes went down GO TRUMP

  23. The Rockefeller millions were accumulated by the original Rockefeller selling drugs: namely, selling opium to the Chinese, along with the British. That's what started the Boxer War: the Chinese fought back against the opium sales.

  24. The introduction of anesthesia wasn't a control of infection; it was a control of pain. The control of infection came when doctors learned to wash their hands.

  25. I have hypothyroidism, probably caused by toothpaste (sort of medicine), water fluoridization or Lariam, a hoax malaria vaccination. There exists a good and tested medicine for hypothyroidism, Armour Thryoid. However, it is banned in Finland, because it is "dangerous" if used alone. I never did use it alone. Instead, I use factory-made Thyroxin from the seemingly favorite brand of the corrupt medical tyranny of Finland.
    And don't get me even start with antidepressanta.

  26. Sorry this is poor journalism.

    Yes the Rockefellers have funded and infiltrated the medical industry. Yes they have influenced it and profited from it greatly. But you haven't supplied evidence for a "dark agenda" to reduce population for the sake of power. All you have shown is Rockefeller making a speech about his (genuine or not) fears about rising population. You haven't supplied anything to show that this was anything more than concern about possible overpopulation. Also, what would be the motivation? More healthy people would mean more profit for the Rockefellers, so as far as I can see your line of argument doesn't make sense.

    Also think about this. If it wasn't for these philanthropic families where do you think medicine would have gone? How else could it have developed to the point it has?

    And, what alternative would you suggest? From what I've heard, medicine in the communist Soviet Union was of a fairly high standard. But I don't think that alternative would be acceptable to you (or indeed many).

    I admire your presentation of large amounts of important (and not well-known) information and your willingness to search for the truth whatever it takes. But I think sometimes you overstep the mark in the conclusions you draw.

    Facts are better than opinions. And you have rightly pointed out that the left/right paradigm is phoney.

  27. medical malpractice malicious prosecution perjury lying on the bible etc committing pussy muthafuckas dead like their pussy muthafucking bitch ass careers with no forgiveness before n after death

  28. Mr. Corbett – deliberately – YOU LIE, DECEIVE and CONFUSE. You are NOT "third world people". To ALL presently surviving targeted victims. Do NOT be distracted. EUGENICS is NOT a "Rockeller" project. It is a GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY/RACIST ENTERPRISE.

  29. I was suffering from shingles, very painful and reoccurring. I would be free of it for about a couple of of months and then get an outbreak. I was prescribed anti-virals which made me sick and feel awful. My friend told me about a really simple homeopathic treatment using oregano oil and tablets. With shingles you get the rash in the same place during and outbreak. Anyway I thought I would give it try. My friend said persist for at least a year. I took the tablets, and would rub the pure oil (from a homeopath) on the area of outbreak daily. I found that the attacks stopped almost immediately. I have now not had an outbreak of shingles for four years and I stopped the Oregano treatment a year ago. My friend said the virus was dead.
    So I researched this and my friend caught Herpese, supposedly incurable. Herpese in the same viral family as shingles. It comes in outbreaks to the same area of the body. I told my friend about my shingles and so he tried the oregano treatment for a year and within the first month the herpese outbreaks on his buttocks ceased. He applied directly the oil (obtained from a homeopath) or a homeopath shop. A year later he took a test and he was just dumbfounded to find he was herpese free.
    I'm just saying what worked for me.

  30. I always walk away from your videos better informed, as I am generally aware of much of the subject matter to some degree, impressed, not simply by your content, but by the manner in which you lay out your content to be thorough, entertaining, and dignified, and finally, appreciative, for both ,your dedication to the truth and your example to your fellow man. I hope your parents are fully aware of the gift to humanity their union and influence have created. tell them thank you for me if you will

  31. "Obama care" was set up with the
    best intentions, but then the Healthcare Industry milked it for
    all it's worth and Premiums shot
    up sky high. There need to be some filters and constraints.

  32. Does anybody recognize the caduceus, (snake on a stick) the symbol of medicine and where it came from? Moses in book of Numbers 21:9 and 2 Kings 18:4 The Israelites worshiped the snake on the stick, called Nehushtan. King Hezekiah broke it, for it was idolatry.

  33. Rockefellers look like rats. Disgusting appearance. Reflects their soul. Soon the clan of rats will be poisoned. The time is over

  34. This took it too far. CT and surgery villified! Cmon now!! Next broken bone you have, good luck fixing it with your ginko biloba…

  35. Kraft Foods & Chemical and MK ULTRA, Rockefeller Medicine; S.W.A.T.: Soviet Women Assault Teams, This belongs to Them…… Lenin Medicine & Trotsky Medical…. Nurses….. AMA Asshole Mensheviks Assaultters…. Rockefellers from Spain Turks….. Monsanto's Tucks(Turks)…. Pharicees=Necronomicon Satan Jews.. Sigmen Freiud; The Head of MK ULTRA…

  36. Psychiatry is our Gulag Archipelago. Please see Thomas Szasz, Coercion as cure : a critical history of psychiatry.

  37. Obama just hated all Americans. He just wanted to fuck us all.
    Tragically and despite Trump being in office, Obama is not done raping us.

  38. I am from Bulgaria and a few years back I was walking near the building of our version forthe Center for Infectious Diseases and saw a dedication that this building was built with the help of Rockefeller foundation …. and this must have been done before 1945, as after we were a comunist country.

  39. This was such a fabulous overview and I look forward to seeing more videos like this one. Great presentation and review of some information I knew but also shed light on things I didn't know, too. I believe that the history of health care is vital in understanding what is happening in health care today. It's not just science. Please do more videos about the origins and history of health care and sometimes if you can, ones more focused on certain topics like vaccines, drugs, psychiatry, etc. Best wishes 🙂

  40. A&E blocks for copyright and PBS, BBC. And that’s why I refuse to give one cent of my money to those greedy bastards. I haven’t had cable in over four years. I’ll give my money to you. You’re far more interesting and educational anyway.

  41. Corbett – thanks for this which is more relevant today even more so! ughhhh jews jews jews – How do we rid ourselves of these poisoners, dupes, snake-oil vaccine injectors,… Our family was in Real Medicine for multiple generations, compounding their own natural medicines – forced out. We must be even more aggressive in removing these Golum procurers as they were in destroying our true Natural Ancient Medicines. Take NO prisoners.

  42. Since 1979, you say. I was almost killed by a 20 ton truck driver, who slammed into me Jan 1978. My Ford Maverick car was like an accordion. It was clearly his fault but Attorney Frederick Kendall made it a No Fault accident telling me I was all set. (I guess that's where the Satanic Temple Of Set got their name. The hospital and medical people all went along with it because it was money in THEIR pockets. And apparently they made a deal to pay them on the side because my medical bill with the hospital was only $25,000 which included 2 1/2 week coma in ICU and 3 1/2 month hospital stay, in traction….meantime, this attorney's brother (President of PepsiCo) got pissed off at the President of Chile for refusing to sell Pepsi in his country and hired a killer to murder him. My father found out through his circles later on, since the MSM kept it quiet. I never got my rights from that accident and my siblings could have cared less. It was easier to blame me and get attention for themselves. Yet three years later I met some people from Rochester, NY and they said the hospital bill was tapered down to make it look like I had less severe injuries (since the driver wasn't successful in killing me like they obviously wanted, since I told an obvious sex trafficker who was stalking me that he was a pig and to leave me alone just shortly before that day I was called into work. Sex Trafficking was/is big business for CIA..and they erected a restaurant right where I was almost killed and named the restaurant Pig's Ear) There's no Accountability, that's the biggest problem. Attorneys with power can get away with murder.

  43. And all the drugs and lotions are delivered in petrochemical based plastic bottles and tubes. Rockefellers profit again. Come to think of it, most medical devices, prosthesis, leg braces. insulin needles, hospital feeding tubes and dishes, straws, cups, colostomy bags, etc. are made of plastic.

  44. Money is the root of all evil. Don't just read the sentence. Look at it with critical eyes and tie that to the Rockafellers. The root is the hidden portion of the plant or tree… Hidden, yet is essential for the plant or tree to sustain life. It starts with money… Everything starts there and evil and selfishness conme from that. So, when u have all the money and control of it. Then power and control is the only thing left. When I treated for cancer a few years ago, it finally helped me dig into cancer treatments as of today. What kicked off my curiosity to look at chemotherapy drugs. The cancer center was treating me with a drug that was FDA approved in 1974… 1974? The gazillions of dollars over the years given to cancer research… This little inconsistency put me down a rabbit hole of 'whats really going on'!!! Susan B Korman? That is a scam. There is no real research going on it's nothing but a legal heist. Throw money at these foundations and they do nothing with it.

  45. Well one thing that "grind my gears" a little bit about that piece, is notion (in couple of these these short clips) that homeophatic medicine is better than things used today. Mind that there is a massive difference between homeophatic drugs, that are simply a scam (based on ludicurous logic), and natural medicine that is often helpfull. Modern medicine might be (and i guess often is) way better that usage of natural herbs etc. because we can use all that technological knowlegde to engineer better medicine. The problem is that a few people have control over it, that it's surrounded by stupid patent laws (preventing anyone of creating the same medicine for a normal price, like if patent law was more important that people's lives), and that cost to enter such bussines i enormous. So modern medicine might be amazing if it wasn't all in hands of buch of sociopaths. Sorry for bad english.

  46. The AMA is a cartel that controls our supply of doctors and what can and can't be "medicine". Total fucking bullshit.

  47. Health insurance is a ponzi sheme, nothing nmore nothing less. A ponzi scheme riddled with fraud of practitioners who treat symptoms and not causes . then they treat the symptoms of the side effects of their own treatments.".. the patient died of the cure …" this is still happening today !Strong's Concordance
    pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

    Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ

    Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine

    Transliteration: pharmakeia

    Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i'-ah)

    Definition: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

    Usage: magic, sorcery, enchantment.
    The 1% are all devilish , luciferian , sorcerers .
    The Carnegie foundation , another Rockefeller creation , is also creating the curriculum ( mind control ) happening in the schools and colleges .

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