We will do 3 games of Jongno street 1. Brake the wooden chopsticks with fingers (Put chopsticks in your fingers and hit the desk to brake it) (Every members challenge, if one fails then that team fails) We used to play this a lot long time ago This does nothing with your athletic power Sure You know this? / What? (Oh you do it well) You should add this too That’s for novice You should mix these too (So natural) You’re good Haha And you have this big arm but trying like this Victoria you don’t know this? (As she came from China, she doesn’t know well) Jihyo try it (Bad) Bump it like this Jihyo, what are you good at most? No pressure Do you find your home well? (He starts to attack Jihyo again) No pressure Jihyo What are you good at most? Love? (What Jihyo does well for the most is love?) Who said that Her eyes are lovely You like Jihyo (Oh?) (You?) (They?) (Gary showed his mind?) I want to do this (Everyone follows, how simple they are) (Average age 38 kids) (Anyways Gary succeed in changing the subject) Gary, what are you good at the most? I bare well (What?) I am a very patient person Can I pinch you? He bares with patience well (With silver spoon?) This is okay (This could be hurt) Do it with back part (Gary haven’t felt the pain for last 34 years) (Peaceful after the hit) Doesn’t it hurt? (As if he doesn’t know what happened) I’m good Do this to me brother This hurts (Everyone tries) Try (Ouch) Does it hurt (Sukjin as well) You bore this? I’m born with this brother Brother try this too I did Would you like to try? / Why? He bore this Gary is amazing I am born with this brother (Even two sword suffers) Did you see? (Gary is just peaceful) Please close up his scared eyes He’s same (No difference even he worked out 10 years) Why do you bear this Did Gary bare this? It’s weird Aren’t you hurt? It’s okay I am resilient to physical attacks Then let’s start the game Who will go first? Brother, go first (Too difficult to start it easily) I can understand how you feel Start brother Ouch It hurts I hurt my palm That looks hurt (2nd, Jongkook of the red team) (Pain to palm comes) (Drop into) He doesn’t know how to use power It really hurts (3rd, Victoria) Your palm doesn’t hurt at all What are you talking about (Victoria succeed) I did Please don’t give me any pressure Gary you said you bears well I never trained with this (4th, Gary) You said you are patient (Did it break?) (It’s not broken but bended) (Gary failed) You mean you don’t count this No This is the sample of failure (Average age 38 people) (What’s wrong with Korean guys?) I guess Jaesuk will play this 20 times We should do well on this (It’s not broken) (He failed but it hurts) You should feel pain in other places (Principle of dispersing the pain) Other part (Actually you just feel another pain of other place) (Thoroughly hurt) You won’t feel hurt It hurts so much (The chance goes to Red team again) Please cheer him up Fighting Okay (She did her best but your reaction is) (Sorry) Sorry, what did you say? Okay okay The pain lasts for a second Be quiet With one member of Victoria, Atmosphere changed all over Jihyo please like Victoria Brightly With high tone Do it next time (Blue team lost its spirit) Let’s win people Again, Junkyu is the 1st (Smashed) (Two word brother exploded) (His as face Se he wen back to young ages (Is he really angry cause it’s hurt?) I hurt so much (I got a bruise) (Legendary two swords) Look at his muscles Do you have pipe under your skin? It’s like the pipe Don’t change your hand Why are there so many regulations Only right hand Why Isn’t this my hand? Did you get angry? No Of course you can play the game with both hands It’s the instance that you feel pain (Pain lasts for a second) I wondered why it’s hurt When I was clapping Hurts when I clap (2nd, Jongkook) One two three (Pain comes when you break it) (3rd, Victoria) Brother her name is Victoria not Victory (Succeed until number 3) Jihyo you saw that, right? (4th, Gary who stands in pain well) (Succeed) (If Haha success, then red team success) As long as I break this, it’s good right? Don’t foul play Don’t If you don’t break this, then you will break this (Jongkook is training kids) I got bruise already Getting bruise is better than breaking your finger What are you talking to him (Red team success when he successes) (Not broken) (Red team fail) (He has to start over) (Chance moved to Blue team) This time touch your knee first Knee is easy Gwangsoo let’s start from you We can change the order right? Wait did you change your order? No what are you talking about That was close We might have lost the fun part of this game (Order should be always same) No no change How can you change the order When you can’t even change your hands (Nothing to say) (Blue team fell into a trap set by itself) I said useless thing before sorry If I could go back to past One two three (Double pain palm+knee) (With enormous shouting succeed) (Shouting changed into moaning) (His hand turned red) (3rd, Jihyo) It’s just once do it fast Powerfully It’s noisy (They’re trying to break the chopsticks by words) (Jihyo succeed) (4th, Lee Jun) (Blue team success when 2 members success) (Oh My God) (Surprised) (Blue team fail) (Anxious red team survived) I did it very powerfully Gwangsoo didn’t play even once (Red team first challenge of hitting the knee) Let’s play the game quickly 5 4 3 2 (Should I do this again?) (Cries) Look at this (He thought it would be easy but its pain is) (Cries) (2nd, Jongkook) Do it powerfully Do it at once (3rd, Victoria) Powerfully (Succeed) (Anxious) (4th Gary) (Like the master of pain) (Embracing the pain) (Red team now only Haha left) I will throw this if you do bad Do you know who I am? (I am two chopsticks of Jongno) (Red team success when Haha successes) (With full strength) (I can’t do this anymore) (Red team all succeed) (First game of Jongno street, Red team won) (I haven’t played even once)

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