what we’re seeing increasingly is the
world being divided on the basis of ethnicity, of race, of religion, of color, of belief,
of sexual orientation, disabilities. Some of this is conscious,
some of this is not conscious. We see large number of people on the move
now, refugees and migrants, who have had to leave their homes and are
living in camps for many months or years together. So, when we talk about diversity,
very often you know organizationally, we think only about gender diversity, ethnic
diversity. But don’t you think that the real diversity
the world must tackle is the fragmentation of knowledge, to solve the problems that we have today, and the fragmentation of ethical belief systems
to guide our moral choices? We see inequalities and iniquities increasing. You mention that we live in a world today,
where for the first time there is enough for everybody and yet there are large numbers
of people who don’t have the basic… very basic needs. If inclusiveness is the very basis of spirituality, how can we enable communities, our…
especially our young people to grow up with a belief and of inclusiveness, and the fact that diversity is important and
we have to respect everybody in the community and provide everybody equal opportunities? Is…does…Can yoga show us the way? Sadhguru: We are inclusive, not by choice
– we are inclusive by the nature of our existence. Every day we are in this process,
every moment of our life – by eating, drinking, breathing, and many other
things, we’re showing that we are inclusive. If we resist this, we will cease to exist. It’s only by constant transaction with just
about anything and everything that we are existing
here. The complexity of what makes this creation,
we are a consequence of that. But the magnanimity of creation has given
us an individual experience. It’s a tremendous thing. Though we’re just a speck in the universe,
still we have an individual experience. We sit here and experience like we’re individuals. This is a phenomenal magnanimity from creation. But we’ve taken this individual experience
rather too seriously – so seriously, that we think we are
a world by ourselves, each person. When your personal universe does not work
very well, you will gather ten people and then there is a battle (Laughs). Endlessly it’s going on. When we are two people we will quarrel, when we are ten people we will fight,
when we are million people we have a war. It’s a same thing; the mechanics is the same
thing – because we have taken our individual
experience of life rather too seriously. In this cosmic space, this solar system itself is a speck, a tiny
speck. In that tiny speck, planet Earth is a micro
speck; in that micro speck, Geneva is a super micro
speck; in that, you’re a big man (Laughter/Applause). Fortunately, ladies don’t like to be referred
to as big, so it’s only one part of the population
(Laughter/Applause). A man wants to be a big man. So, this whole thing has happened to us simply
because the boundaries of your individuality,
you’ve taken it too seriously. If you pay… On the surface, you’re you,
I am me, hundred percent. This (Gestures) is my body, that’s (Gestures)
your body, no way to mix this up. This (Gestures) is my mind, that’s (Gestures)
your mind. Here and there, our minds may overlap. But anyway, this (Gestures) is my mind,
that’s (Gestures) your mind. But there is no such thing as my life and
your life. The life that we are… This (Referring to oneself) is a living cosmos
– you’ve captured some, I captured some. Now what yoga means is, the boundaries that we have drawn with the
instrument of body and mind, you consciously obliterate so that when you sit here, your experience
of life is not contained just to the limitations of your body or your thinking process or your emotional
process – your ability to experience life as a life,
not as a body. Because if you experience this (Gestures)
life as a body – this (Gestures) is me, that (Gestures) is
you, there is no way to mix this. If you go as a mind or a thought process – this (Gestures) is me, that (Gestures) is
you, no way to mix it up. But if you go as a life, fundamental life
process, there is no distinction between this and that
– not just between two human beings, between everything and everything,
there is no distinction. So, the word yoga means union, that you consciously obliterated the
boundaries of your individuality. That is why you know a sense of union. We are anyway in union with the existence,
the problem is it’s not in our experience, because we are too caught up
with our individual experience. The basis of your individual experience is
a very flimsy thing – in the sense – right now, if you… Can we experiment with
you? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Take your right hand and
touch your left hand and see. Is that you? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Is that you? Touch the chair on which you’re sitting, is
that you? Participants: No. Sadhguru: No. How do you know this? How do you know “this is me, this is not
me”? Sensation, isn’t it? Here (Gestures) there is sensation, here (Gestures) there is no sensation. So, the way you’re identifying what is “me”
and what is not “me”, is just that – where there is your sensation it’s“me”,
where there is no sensation, it’s not “you”. Right now there’s a glass of water here, is
that you? No.If you drink it, does it become you? What is it that you did? All you did was you included this (Gestures)
into the boundaries of your sensation. Isn’t that the way you have grown? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Isn’t that the way you have grown? What was not you yesterday, has it become
you today? So, anything that is within the boundaries
of your sensation is experienced as myself. What yoga means is, you stretch the boundaries of your sensations. As there is a physical body, there is a sensory
body. If your sensory body expands, let us say your sensory body became
as large as this (Gestures) hall, then you will experience all these people
as a part of yourself. As you experience the five fingers as yourself,
you will experience all these people as yourself. Even for a moment if you experience
all these people as a part of yourself, after that do I have to teach you morals,
ethics, be good to this (Gestures) person, don’t kill
this (Gestures) person, don’t harm this (Gestures) person – would you need teachings, I’m asking you? Participants: No. Sadhguru: This is what yoga means – it is not a teaching, it is not a philosophy,
it is not an ideology – it is a technology of obliterating
the boundaries of your individuality. Because your individual nature is your
psychological pattern that you have created. Nothing else says you are individual. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, keep your mouth closed, hold your nose for
two minutes, you will know you’re not an individual (Laughter).

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