San Francisco, the same city swimming in human
feces, urine and needles, is moving towards banning disposable paper cups in order to
save the world from the environmental apocalypse. Fox Business reports, “A growing number
of coffee houses in San Francisco are banishing paper to-go cups and replacing them with everything
from glass jars to rental mugs and BYO cup policies. What started as a small trend among
neighborhood cafes to reduce waste is gaining support from some big names in the city’s
food and coffee world.” Some examples: the restaurant Atelier Crenn
will eschew using to-go bags or disposable coffee cups next year; the Blue Bottle coffeehouse
chain, which uses 15,000 to-go cups a month at its 70 U.S. locations, has stated it will
“show our guests and the world that we can eliminate disposable cups,” and Starbucks
has plans to test recyclable cups next year in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Vancouver
and London. DailyWire report: In July 2018 the San Francisco
Board of Supervisors revealed they were considering banning plastic straws. Newsmax reported, “The legislation prohibits
eateries from using plastic anti-splashers, stirrers and other plastic items that environmentalists
say are too small to be recycled properly. Retailers would no longer be able to sell
the items starting July 2019. In addition, food and drink vendors would be allowed to
dispense cutlery, napkins, condiments and lids only on request or through self-serve
stations.” Peter Gallotta, spokesman for the city’s
Department of Environment, stated, “It’s a movement not just happening in San Francisco
but nationally and internationally. The larger elephant in the room is the single-use disposable
culture we find ourselves in, and straws are the epitome of this unnecessary daily waste.” Kerry Jackson, a research fellow at the Pacific
Research Institute’s Center for California Reform, noted, “One percent of the plastic
found in the ocean comes from California, meaning California can do whatever it wants
to do, but it’s not going to change anything. Plastic straws are not dangerous to anybody,
and they can be disposed of properly, which most people do,” as The Heartland Institute
reported. The ban went into effect July 1, 2019. In August 2019, a ban on selling many single-use
plastic water bottles at San Francisco International Airport went into effect. The ban was implemented
based on a 2014 ordinance that banned selling disposable plastic bottles on city-owned property;
the airport is owned by the city. As NBC News reported, 58 million passengers
go through SF International each year; 10,000 single use bottles are sold there every day,
amounting to four million every year. “Travelers lugged empty canisters through
security. They refilled them at the airport’s more than 100 ‘hydration stations,’ the
water dispensers mounted outside most bathrooms. The fountains had no lines early Tuesday morning,”
the San Francisco Chronicle reported. SFO spokesman Doug Yakel boasted to the Chronicle,
“We’re the first airport that we’re aware of to implement this change, we’re
on the leading edge for the industry, and we want to push the boundaries of sustainability

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