If sarees are what you naturally gravitate
towards everytime the festive season arrives, you’re not alone! However, if finding the right drape for your
body type is being the speed bump in your smooth journey, we’re here with some easy solutions! If you have a pear body shape, balancing your slim upper body with your wider hips is key. A simple & broad pallu can do the trick effortlessly. However for a stylish edge, the off shoulder
pallu drape can also add the right balance for your silhouette. A rectangle body shape has uniform proportions and sarees are undoubtedly the easiest way to create a curvy silhouette. A shapely pallu, and pleats on the side of your hips will help create the illusion of curves and highlight your sleek frame. Silk sarees are a winner as they will help hold the shape of the pleats well and not just stick to your body. The hourglass body shape is best complemented by flattering proportionate curves. The quintessential Bollywood or mermaid drape is probably the best way to flatter the hourglass figure. The sleek pallu and tight tuck at the hip are perfect to highlight curves. Add in a belt to the mix to flatter your thin waist! If you have an apple body shape and feel like your tummy needs some flattering, this traditional reverse pallu drape is what you need! For more coverage and an uber-chic twist, Pick a contrast colour dupatta to create interest
& coverage. An inverted triangle body type has a wider upper body and comparatively narrower hips
and thighs. The Corner pallu drape, which essentially only has the corner end of the pallu at the shoulder helps keep the volume at the upper body minimal. The waterfall pattern formed by the pallu over the lower body helps balance wide shoulders & chest. These saree draping tips are sure to give
you the most flattering and stylish saree look during the festivities! Until next time, stay tuned & stay Glamrs.

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  3. I have wide hips and big busts and shoulders and according to my height, my weight is more so what type of saree should i wear?

  4. What was the silhouette of white saree u guys used for pear shaped body drape look that was looking stunning… Btwn congratulations for 2M love u glamrs..

  5. The sarees are really beautiful specially the red saree please give the saree links below can you please give the red saree link please

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