I felt the needle go in and I thought
great I’ve done it I’ve not fainted!” And then I fainted… The lady was very nice, she just literally
took like two tiny things of blood. – I was quite kind of nervous about it. – It
was okay really I kind of had to look away and she did her thing. – I’ve never
actually had a blood test done before. Ever. So I didn’t really know what to
expect. – But she was excellent, she calmed me down, she told me when to look away.
– Barely felt it, the guy was really really good with needles. – Definitely the best
needle experience I’ve ever had. – I take blood from patients all the time
and I have lots of patients that are scared of blood taking and scared of
needles. There’s quite a few things you can do number one: Talk to the person
taking blood, tell them that you’re nervous, tell them that you’re scared, it
can make a big difference. Two: You know where your blood test has been
successful from before and you know the vein that won’t give the blood up, let
the healthcare professional know where they should look. The third thing to do:
Distract yourself, whatever that is. – Obviously I fainted,
but I was lying down and it was fine. – If you are a person that faints when you
have a blood test it’s okay, we can take our time and both of us will have a
better experience.

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  2. I could get Rob with a knife or a gun but not a needle. Hold me up with a needle I'll give u anything you want. I'm going to give blood for the first time 😂

  3. Anyone have this happened to u? I just got told by text in one hour I'm getting a shot I'm terrible with them even though I've had a really big needle injected into my hip bone for due to do a MRI I can't get over a tiny skinny needle in the arm😭😭😭😷😷😷

  4. I watched this right before I got my blood drawn and I was super nervous and it felt like the smallest pinch ever pain was 1/10 and I was shookkl

  5. I'm not scared of the pain, I don't know what I'm scared of I just can't seem to have a blood test done- I sit down take the cream stuff off my arms the person gets the needle holds it near my arm I close my eyes burst into tears scream no and run away

  6. Thanks for this video. As someone who suffers from needle phobia, I believe it's SO important that people get education about this condition.

  7. I feel very nervous at needles and seeing blood makes me faint. taking shots is fine by me but I will have my first time blood test and I feel very nervous

  8. for me it feels so BAD. for me the pain has gotta be at least a 6/10, but that's only because i amplify the fear up so much in my mind that my body is expecting it to be really painful.

  9. I am the administrator of the Facebook page, Needle phobia. It's a q&a, support and hints/tips for people suffering from needle phobia. The content is strictly monitored. I'd love to have some of you join.

  10. Getting blood test tomorrow to review my b12, not gonna lie I have a huge phobia of needles plus it doesn’t help that my veins are impossible to find, wish me luck (I fainted last time 😂)

  11. To bad that I go in shock when I get blood drawn and it feels after I get it drawn like I’m dying- or like I’m bleeding out. I CNAT even stand. And the pain in my head is unbearable and my vision fogs up. Worst pain of my entire life

  12. Omg, soon i will be getting a blood test, and i'm soooo scared and everytime i think about it i always cry because i think that it will hurt, omg what should i do? Does it hurt? How long does it take to have a blood test?

  13. I think I might have to get blood drawn on Monday and just watching this video has me rocking back and forth violently in my chair. Is there any way to request to just be be knocked the hell out? I had blood drawn before and it was a super traumatizing experience for me. I blacked out and everything. I haven't been able to do it since and have declined in the situations.

  14. As someone with type B hemophilia i get a lot of shots and have had a lot of shots and to be honest iv'e found when i watch what they are doing i can prepare for it better and when i was younger (before i would do my own shots and also when i was in the hospital) i would get mad at nurses who would just do it without warning me and that's when i would cry because they didn't warn me. I understand that's how most people are trained to just do it but i think if a lot of people just faced it head on and saw how minuscule whats happening to them is instead of looking away and imagining something else maybe people may not be as afraid.

  15. For people who are taking blood tests and are still nervous even about hearing that it hurts like a pinch well, during the blood test you should stay positive think positive or even think of your love life it helps(breath in and out)
    Edit: I’m about to take my blood test :/

  16. How ironic, I was gonna watch this to prepare for a blood test, but 20 seconds in I fainted because that woman said she fainted during her blood test – which is what I was scared of…. Hmmmm way to stay calm

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