SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’ll never stop getting tattoos because I’m passionate about it and I’ll end up, eventually, full black. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’ll show you my favourite room. I’m really proud of this one because I built it and I’ve bought everything and this is my personal home gym. I’ve chosen to paint the wall in red because red gives you energy and stamina to, to go through your training. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’m fully covered from head to toe literally. I have the sole of my feet. I have both of my palms. All of my genitals, things on my mouth. On my head, there is a snake with wings. Obviously it is the sole of my feet as well, twice but it doesn’t want to old so to have them on, on the skin because it’s a really tough skin. It’s like tattoo the rock, basically. I think people find it fascinating actually, not strange, they think I’m different. A human has tendency to be cautious with things that they don’t understand or that they don’t know. I guess it’s natural for them to judge me at first sight. I used to, to teach karate, judo and kobido but it was like ten years ago but I have kept training on a daily basis and I run after children in school obviously. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I’m half a schoolteacher, half like, a comedian professional model. At first when they see me, children are afraid for some of them. The younger they are, the more afraid they will be but then it goes away really fast, after a couple of minutes they are okay. Actually they are more surprised because I’m a male teacher. SYLVAIN HELAINE: What I like the most about teaching is that you can mould this young mind and you can try to make them a better person and to make them good adults and you can help them and help the world being a better place. SYLVAIN HELAINE: At first when I started getting tattooed, I wanted half of my body, left one to be a mix between old school and rock ‘n’ roll and the other half to be like, a Japanese inspiration one. I’ve spent around €40,000, €45,000 maybe. Yeah I’ve done most of the work in a four year period but I’ll do a second layer and then a third one because I’m, I’m passionate about tattoos and I never want to stop getting tattooed, getting covered. I’ve thought about getting my eyeballs tattooed but it’s too fresh as a process to be confident in it. It might go really well but I might lose sight and it would be bad because I really like video games and television. So, I’m in the final episode of “Sense 8”. Lana Wachowski, the director, talked to me for like, ten minutes. She is the director of Matrix as well, which was one of my favourite movies when I was a teenager. So it was quite an honour. SYLVAIN HELAINE: So the next steps about my tattoos. Well, first a woman will end the leg, it will be done, it will do all of the shades from the hip to the toes and then we will add a bit of white on my arm and on my leg as well to enhance the muscles effect. Then I’m thinking about doing my tongue black like, a full black tongue and I don’t know, maybe I will add some lines on my belly. SYLVAIN HELAINE: The more I get tattooed, the happier I get so it’s the most important thing. I’m 33 now, I stopped taking care of what people think. SYLVAIN HELAINE: If, if they think that I’m like, handsome and that it’s cool, well it’s good but I don’t even hear the negative comments. ROMAIN PAAREJA: “If the people stare, then the people stare. I really don’t know and I really don’t care.” A full black body and cover everything, it’s completely possible, it’s a new challenge. SYLVAIN HELAINE: I will do eventually because I won’t stop getting tattooed so layer after layer, I might be more than a 100% because you can always get tattooed, you can always add more ink above the ink you already have. When, when you’re passionate about something, it’s never too much. You can, if you’re passionate about horse riding, you can never ride too much horses. And because I’m passionate about tattoos, as soon as it doesn’t hurt me, as soon as it’s not bad for my health, well, I can keep going forever.

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  1. To be honest, his tattoos look like they're very good quality and they actually suit him. I've never really liked the look of having your entire body tattooed, but this does look good on him. But I've never understood why people are prepared to pay a great deal of money getting inked to eventually have them covered over completely in black ink, seems to be a phase that a lot of people are going through, not entirely sure what it represents to get covered up like that, but it almost seems like a waste of time and money. Getting good quality tattoos aren't cheap, and depending on the style, are time consuming.

  2. What's wrong with him.?? Look like alien Poor guy I think he is mantle sick he need help.and ya i love tattoos i also make 3 tattoos on my sleeves.

  3. He basically just added black lines over his older tattoos what’s the point of getting the older tattoo then

  4. You will get punish after life from God … God never say get tattoos .. Lucifer owned you all with his son Antichrist without you knowing …. Stupidity …. You change create of God .. I'm Muslim thank God for that , thank you God of Islam

  5. You just broke my stigma of people with “all over their face” work. Your art is beautiful. Your face, your eyes & jaw, your whole face looks very relaxed & pleasant. Most people I’ve seen with “full facial” work look angry, sullen, mad, etc. Just when I think that, you prove me wrong. Lol!! Your work is beautiful & you are very warm, cheerful, not stand offish at all. Best of luck on your future tattoos.

  6. Is really sad image tomorrow or after tomorrow u will be having a cancer or any other disease how can they treat u where r they going to put intranula for infusion really people r mad

  7. This breaks my heart. I hate tattoos, but tattoos on the face are the absolute worse. The Bible says we are made in the very image of God (Genesis 1:27). This is why the Bible forbids tattoos (Leviticus 19:28). This poor man has ruined that image by doing this to his body. Makes me sad for him.

  8. Pourquoi je ne vois aucun commentaire en français ?! 😂
    Peut-être noyés dans la foule de commentaires anglais 😂

  9. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.
    But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
    “Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay everyone for what he has done.I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates.Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”

  10. Congrats bro you created a new human race. Maybe now the people will stop racism hatred, cause race of one person can be altered through tattos. I love such type of variations and would love to see more racial colours appear in human races like blue, red, pink or violet.

  11. To each their own , but for the life of me I fail to see anything remotely attractive about this. Good looking, fit body trashed with ink. Call me old fashioned if you will, but less is more in my book.

  12. I don't get why most if the people who get this tatooed are white good looking girls or boy if I looked that good I would never do anything on me

  13. That’s crazy, it’s been proven that people who have loads of tattoos like this are more likely to have mental health issues.

  14. The best thing about this guy being a teacher is the hopefully his students will grow up a little less prejudiced

  15. I would love to have that teacher in my school, but of course principal has no brain and only look is importand for her

  16. My mom and dad have tattoos, I have always found them fascinating, but I bet some of them hurt like hell ! Especially the ones on his genitals, I couldn't do that at all !

  17. How can this dude have all the tattoos he wants and have his dream job? Where I live people are so judgemental… U walk into a store with one tattoo and people point and laugh

  18. Hard case yakuza that has full body tattoo usually has three organs problem since the ink actually sort of clogs up sweat pores.

    Full body tattoo disallow so little sweat to be released through skin surface that in long term the body loses its ability to regulates body temperature and expelling toxins more efficiently.

    This results in overworked kidney, liver and pancreas. Likelier to fail first will be pancreas.

    Burn victims with near full body burns have it worse as their sweat pores are literally melted off from their skin. Which results in very bad ability to regulate body temperature.

    A lot of pain aside, it feels like their body is burning from inside out very often if they moves too much as they really cannot sweat at all. Almost.

  19. If he is happy, great. I think one day though it will go full circle and Tattoos won't be a very popular thing anymore and people will look back and say "Why did people do this?" The body is beautiful on its own.

  20. This is what demonic influence/possession looks like. If you could see demons in the 3rd dimension, you would see a lot of them look reptilian. What does this guy (and others with many tats) look like? Reptilian. Demons in people try to turn people into what they are. But most people think the supernatural demonic world is fairy tale and non-existent. So they go on completely ignorant of what is going on and the situation only gets worse with so many people nowadays getting tats.

  21. Meanwhile: black women and black girl can’t get a job because of there natural hair and get kicked out or suspended from school because of there fro or braids..

    Prejudice and racism are very much alive!

    Under those tats he’s still a white man 🤦🏾‍♀️

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