Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapists
here to show you how to relieve your sciatic pain but first of all what is
sciatica. sciatica describes the pain that specifically follows the line of
the sciatic nerve. it’s usually felt in the lower back down through the buttocks
hamstrings and even as far as a lower leg. now this pain is usually felt
unilaterally meaning that it’s only on one side. common causes of sciatica
include disc herniation spinal degeneration facet joint injuries
piriformis syndrome sacroiliac joint dysfunction. considering the causes of
sciatica are, numerous I’m going to outline three exercises that are safe and
effective regardless of the underlying cause. for this exercise we’re aiming to
stretch the piriformis muscle which runs deep within the buttock so you’ll need
to lie on your back and lift one leg and place the ankle on the opposite knee. now
reach down and grab the other leg and assist the stretch by pulling back and
opening up the hip with with the elbow here. you can relax in this
position for 30 to 60 seconds or even longer if it’s comfortable. you want to
repeat this on the other side as well even if you don’t have sciatica on that
side it’s important to keep yourself balanced. this next exercise is a lovely
backbend you might know it as the Cobra if you do yoga. so you’ll need to lie on
your front and place the hands under the shoulders. now drawing your body up
assists the backbend by pressing down on the floor with your hands. so only go as
far as is comfortable in the exercise and if it’s too strong you can
simply just drop down to the elbows. any amount of back bending will help with
sciatica so just work at your own level. the spinal twist helps with mobility in
the lower back. so again you’re going to have to lie on your back and straighten
out one leg. one leg is going to remain bent and we’re going to place that foot
on the opposite knee and begin to bring the knee to the floor on the other side
of your body. you might need to shift your hips across a little bit to make
the stretch a bit more comfortable. it’s good to twist your head in the opposite
way to keep the twist going through the spine and you can increase the stretch
by placing the hand on the knee and pushing down on it. so you’ll want to do
this on both sides. any of these stretches can be held for 30 to 60
seconds or if you’re comfortable even longer is even better. these three
exercises are the most crucial for short-term relief. if you’re suffering
from sciatica you’re going to need treatment and as part of that treatment
plan you may be given other exercises that are more specific to your
particular issues. but that requires a proper assessment and a real evaluation
of exactly what’s causing your pain. let me know how you go with these exercises
in the comments. I’m happy to answer any questions you have there. there’s a link
to my website in the description below. subscribe for more great videos and tips
thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Sciatica Pain Relief (BEST EXERCISES FOR SCIATIC PAIN)”

  1. what do you do if one leg seems longer than the other, in this case its the right leg with the sciatica, which was as a result of a fall. There is no pain, but I do not feel balanced. Is it safe to wear shoes with medium heals, because it is the only way I fell balanced?

  2. Hello, i have just found your video , i have been suffering from Sciatica for a few months now. thanks

  3. I'm going to get these now I'm off work now with a bad flair up atm. Serious question though my sciatica is left side due prolapsed lower disc ten years ago (I'm 36 now) and lately it's bad,can sex help with it ?

  4. I am having Right Paracentral disc protrusion at l5s1. I have symptoms of sciatica and back pain. So can I do these exercises as I am not sure as herniation is right paracentral

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  6. these look amazing, i've heard that anti-inflammatories will only ease the pain somewhat but at the end of the day you need to exercise.

  7. It’s a very helpful video lesson. Today my own therapist taught me these exercises and now I got it in minute detail. Hope I will be getting much benefit of it. Thank you very much.

  8. I am suffering from sciatica since 15 years. I went to many doctors and massage therapist but nothing. Last year i did a MRI and through this Dr said that i have a herniated disc and told me to do some exercises. But the problem is that when I do the cobra exercise the pain become terrible . Is it ok if I continue with the cobra exercise.

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  10. That's an amazing exercise. I'm glad that I have landed over to your magical exercise tips… God Bless you

  11. by lying in your belly and lifiting your injured leg is also the effective here .my physiotheraphist taught me cobra and stretching by lifting. it did well for me and gave relief . You need to do a lots of rest rest rest rest only rest to cure it.

  12. Hello doc , I really really wanna solution for my interior pelvic tilt I think I born with this problem becuz I remember when I was kid while my aunt giving me a bath she always tells me why ur back is curving .also I ve been suffering from pain in both legs I couldn't locate the pain area and I was suffering I couldn't open them wide even 40° I couldn't close them when I left both knees well I live in third world we don't know about IPT my parents didn't notice my curvy back so I grow up with it then later in this year when we have internet my sister told me I see some people talking about curvy back in YouTube and it called interior pelvic tilt then I realized that I have my psoas muscle so freaking tight it cuz the curve in my low back and tilt my pelvic I keep watching and do moves stretching well it helps a little but I still suffering from sciatica becuze my tighten psoas muscle tell me doc what should do to correct my pelvic ? I thought to do split stretching becuz it helps me a little and when I watch stretching moves on YouTube to correct my pelvic I cant even do it it impossible to do it I really have bad pelvic tilt even your first move you did It impossible for me to so it I can't crosse legs I can't put leg above leg it ruined my body posture no thing looks good on me like pants or shorts my pants always slip down becuz my pelvic not corrected just tell me what to do doc I can sent you my picture recently I took them and tell me how my interior pelvic is bad

  13. Hi suffering from lowerback pain for last two month mri report indicates herniated discs in L4 l5 l5 s1. My left side of lower back spasam .presently i take traction under physiotherapist tell me wgic exercise is best for me presently…

  14. I am going through the 1st stage of acute excruciating sciatica episode. Should I do it now or should I wait for a couple of days?

  15. Hello doc i suffered from lower back pain during gym 1 months ago and the pain begins from lower back to mi left that symptoms of sciatica? Can i do these exercises?

  16. Thanks to you'r video. But I have two problem. I can't bend my left leg knee(able 30 degree) and also have pain sciatica nerve in my right leg. How relief sciatica pain by only doing excercize. please tell me.

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  18. Hi sir I got injured in gym two days ago. Lower back pain is severe. I can't lean forward as it's on left side. Could you kindly suggest anything regards

  19. This back discomfort guidebook truly is amazing to me, search for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". The program was the main reason why my knees, hips and back are realigned. I no more experience hurtful sensations every time get out of bed. I also observed advancements on my knees due to this plan..

  20. Mine is numbness tingle in my left leg and in my left foot fingers that last for 10 seconds and will be gone if i stop walking… Also there is a pinching tingle in my left side buttocks….. Is this Sciatica?…. Any advise please… thanks…

  21. I m sufring bulging disc l5s1 from last 4 years. I can do all exercises before 2 months . Now cobra position rediate pain from left buttock to lower leg. Cant lay down on face side.

  22. Very measured and sensible advice. My sciatica is from a herniated disc. All three of your stretches provided relief. Thank you. And as you say, if someone is afflicted by sciatica, they should seek professional advice. If not properly treated this condition could change your life — and not for the better.

  23. 7/3/2013 fall at work. Injury in left site means neck pain, arm pain, between both Extremetic problem. Then paracentral disc sleep and Lumber spine L5, L4, L3, L2, L1and S1 sleep and Angel 15 to 24.45 degree.I took surgery C5,C6,C6,C7 with fussion in 25 april 2013 Then C6, C7 same surgery again done in 11 January 2018. Medical team not following low back and left Trunk, Thing fracture. My Question am I getting blave or how I can get better treatment.? As such central doorsal io Right hip, trunk, thing, knee and hills pain. Some time filling namness extending both knee to Leg foot. please advice me. Thanks

  24. Hi sir.. how are you.. I have a heavy pain inside my butt . I dnt even know what pain is that but i suffer a lot from that pain.When work too much i feel that pain, at that moment I wouldn't be able to walk or stand and if I wake up after my sleep it 'll pain more.. please I request you to give a solution for my pain. Thank you.

  25. I have been experiencing some lower back pain for the last 6 months or so the pain is not severe I feel it alot more when I bend for long or lift up heavy things, but while am moving around like walking or running rarely feel it I did on x ray and the doctors found nothing wrong the other thing after a long days work when I lie down in the night I feel the pain for a couple minutes then it go away my occupation is a welder I involved in lot of bending and lifting. What exercise do you recommend.

  26. Hello thank you for this video.. Should the cobra just be held in the up position for 30 second to a minute,… Or should you pump the arms up and down, and if so how many reps? Thank you again!

  27. I have been suffering with this pain for last 5 years or so and had a mindset that these can not be cured permanently. My pain is getting worst day by day. I have tried the exercise and found some initial relief , thanks for that. But should i continue and is this rally a permanent damage?

  28. Hi sir, my name is kamesh(22yrs) I have siatica pain( right side )since 6 months I went to doctor and he told that take bed rest for 2 months I made it even I have a pain when sleeping in staright position on bed and I am able to sleep on right side position . I tried your 1st excersice and other but I am getting pain .what should I do? Waiting for u r quick reply

  29. I was experiencing horrible pain in my spine. It felt as if it had sharp needles inside of it. I am a cyclist and I go to the gym. I told that to my doctor, and he told me to keep on doing my activities. The pain was getting worse every day, and I got to think that I would lay in bed for the rest of my life, but thanks to your video I am very close to having a normal life again. Thank you very much!

  30. Hello doctor thx for everything . Im a programmer and sit for 9 hour a day and also im athlete (bodybuilder 10 years and karate 15 years). After 10 years of pain now i get into trouble that i cant walk any more . My right leg does not feel any thing . I have started your exercises for 1 week and now feel better but for short period . I want to make it better with exercises . Is it posibble ? I really hate surgery plzzzzz plzzz help me im just 28

  31. What is Annular ligament fissure at L5 S1 level I am sufrring with siatica both legs can we completely cure this with this excercises please reply

  32. sir i had followed the given exercise since last 4 months but i dint have found a relif in my scitica on left side of my body part please asist me a better way so that i should cure my pain from head to leg on left side of body

  33. I have bunch of problems with my back also i have sciatica pain in my left buttock, it's really painfull and feel cold in my buttock and my left thigh, the pain starts few months ago and since then never go away ,what I can Do?

  34. 48 PM] Aditya Aayurved: हैलो दोस्‍तो aditya aayurved chenal को लाईक करो सब्‍सक्राईब करोे ओर बैल आईकन पर क्‍लिक करना ना भूले कमेन्‍ट कर ??????? दोस्‍तो आप सभी भाईयो से हाथ जोड. कर विनती है कि अगर किसी को L1L2L3L4L5S1S2 कमर दर्द nas block back pain है सर्वाईकल घूटनो का दर्द सैक्‍स से सम्‍बनधित समस्‍या है तो हमै बताये ꫰आप का गारन्‍टि सै ईलाज किया जायेगा꫰ अगर फायदा नही तो पैसै डबल वापिस गारान्‍टि से ????????????जिन को डा, ने ओपरेशन का बोला है वो एक बार जरूर सम्‍पर्क करे धन्‍यवाद꫰6376773854. 9660383671

  35. helpful.looks easy& painful I'm doing this it feels like its gonna take yrs to go away.I'm getting over some stressful times n moments.its hard to steady move an except anymore pain.just like working out.your muscles n body ache later.makes u don't wann do I dance an do all sorts of flips as I did in my younger days. the pain not so bad when u use or exspand little by the day.when I do this back n leg arms legs back get tired fast and numb breathing is better but no control of my back buttocks or pelvic muscles.its a new weird experience just snuckup on me.I been energetically active.I don't know what happend to my back.I make it up on a handstand yet i still be in pain.

  36. if you have a herniated disc I don't think the first exercise is safe or beneficial. Second one good, but third one is questionable.

  37. Thank you so much just watch vid and done three excercise for my sciatica but will go see osteopath many thanks tina

  38. Yes Realef!! Iv been suffering for Sciatic for a very age I use to complain about a paid down my leg. I was in a accident at the age of 10. That resulted in blood under the knee cap. Always had a bump I'm my one glute. One found out it is Sciatic after experiencing food Drop in Dec … Now its affecting my bladder.. I have a bad pain behind my knee when doing this Exercise but you just showed my the I should open it in the glute. Its after one small session on FIRE!!!

  39. Thanks sir
    I doing this and got relaxation
    But my left leg Toe fingers are paining and got swallowed. Would you please suggest the suitable remedy

  40. Hi Dom I have had sciatica for about a week .I am in lot of pain when l taken pain killers the pain goes but when the pain come it come back .l can't keep taken pain killers .i have 2small children and I can't leave work .at the moment I am off work .but can't be off for too long . Coz l have to pay Bill .so l don't know what to do l do some of the exercise you show .but can you exercise when u off the pain killers or when you take the pain killers

  41. I've found one of the simplest ways to get good relief if sitting a long time is to just lie on a hard surface (carpet seems fine for me) flat on back – with you feet flat on the floor and/or totally horizontal and just let you lower back (and all muscles in general) relax into the floor for a few minutes/longer. I can feel this freeing stuff up and is a good base to do anything else

  42. Dear Dom, I have watch with pleasure your video's . at the moment I in terrible pain and the ct scan say L4 and L5 you have a bulge disc Your video shows some hope, to recover I try all type of pain killers and there not working, you recommend exercises and a proper assessment where can I go for this Remedial or physio therapist love to hear, many thanks for reading.Ben Meg

  43. Back Bends are good but the pain comes back in 2 minutes.unless u spend the whole day on the floor doing back bends.

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  45. Mr McKay I wanted to ask about exercises specific to operating a FORKLIFT which involves prolong sitting with very poor back support and your constantly twisting your spine and turning your head primarily to the right to look backwards while driving backwards with a load. The movement is similar to backing up a car and looking over your shoulder to see were your going. This activity causes all kinds of back pain and twisting of the spine. Can you recommend some basic exercises to balance the muscles in the back to prevent the back disk from going out of alignment.

  46. Thank you sir i ll try too i m not confirmed of ciatica but having pain in my right leg i ll try these exercises …thanx

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  51. See, that twisty stretch, makes mines worst! Before i could do those, but now, that move makes it worst. the upward dog (ish) joint, works though…at least for me.

  52. This back pain guide, "Kenzαnο αyb" (Google it) is great! I was a little doubtful but tried it last night and woke up with a more relaxed back. Since I`m very pleased with the results, I also delivered the guideline to my parents. I was told that they can`t just imagine how good was it. Perfect for back pain..

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  55. Hello Dom, greetings from Peru…. I’ve just watched your was very good. I had a hernia L4 episode in March. The attack was awful. I can’t stand up because the pain in my low back and left sciatica crisis. Now, after four months my back is much better, and my left leg too. There is something that worries me a little. When the episode occurred, my left leg loss a little more than 60% of strength and capacity. Just to let you know, I’m 55 and I used to jogging 8 miles almost everyday and play squash before this happened. Even though now it is better, still I have no sensibility from my knee downward to my ankle by the interior side of my leg. Also, when I do some pressure to my thigh muscles (like a massage) i feel electricity running to my ankle. I’m not taking any medicine since two months ago.what would you recommend to help healing my left leg. Do you think I can recover my left leg? What would you recommend? Thanks in advanced for your help.

  56. I really love this back pain guideline, search Google "Kenzαnο αyb". It considerably relieved my severe chronic back pain caused by a prior injury. .My spasms have ended since I can attain different positions may it be side or back. .

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