Sea bands can also be used for morning sickness.
Sea bands for morning sickness are a wrist band that you can buy which is over the counter.
They have very good directions on the box where to put the actual pressure point of
the band which is acupressure point P6 on the wrist. By having the pressure there, there
is some response back to you central nervous system to depress the nausea. There is also
a more improved version of that where there is a wrist band that sends out a continuous
pulse. And those have also been used in my practice for women who are more resistant
to wanting or trying a prescription and they would like to try something else first and
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3 thoughts on “Sea Bands for Morning Sickness”

  1. I'm 7 weeks along and have had the worst morning sickness that's lasted all day, husband got me a pair of sea bands today and I'm actually managing to keep some food and liquids down I hope the relief continues to work!

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