Grif: And then I thought, you know, we could sneak around the side while they were hiding behind the rock, but, uh, well, that’s when the tank showed up and… shit just started blowin’ up. I don’t know. Sarge: [sighs] Grif… do you have any godly idea how much this piece of equipment costs? Grif: I-I don’t know, like, uh, what… ten, t-ten- twenty, twenty-five bucks, maybe? Uh… You-you’re gonna kill me now, aren’t you? Sarge: Tell you what, Grif. I’m a fair man. I’ll give you a ten second head start here before I let Lopez do anything he wants to you. Grif: Guys, I just want you to know, I’m really, really sorry here, and- Sarge: Five Mississippi. Six Mississippi. Grif: Okay, uh, I guess I better get going then. [gunfire] [gunfire]
Hey guys, that’s not funny! Somebody could get hurt here. [shots] [shots]
Tucker: That’s basically it, sir. They have five guys over there and a big jeep. Tex: And your flag. Tucker: Right, that too. Uh, hey, Tex? [explosion]
Uh, hey, Tex? I don’t know what it’s been like at your other bases, but we try not to use other soldiers as target practice here. Caboose: I’m scared. Tucker: So, you’ve got the Special Forces black armor, I see. Were you in the Special Forces at some point? Yeah, I used to have black armor too. It was black because I got this stuff all over it from th- O-Oh, okay, you gotta go? I’ll see you later. Caboose: [whispers] I don’t think he likes you. Tucker: Thanks. Where are you going? Tex: Red Base. Kill everybody. Get the flag back. Caboose: Oh. Okay! We’ll just stay here and guard the trans…porter. Grif: So, Sarge thought my strategy had merit, but was poorly executed. Probably because SOMEBODY didn’t believe in it. Simmons: Bullshit! He told me he thought you were a retarded monkey, and he’s gonna suspend your weapon privileges. Donut: Hey, since I captured the flag, you think they’ll give me my own color armor now? Simmons: What do you mean “captured?” You thought you were buying it at the store, you idiot. Donut: Still, you think there’s a shot? Simmons: Maybe they’ll give you Grif’s armor, since he destroyed the Warthog. Grif: [laughing slightly] Yeah. W-wait. You don’t- you don’t think they’d do that, do you? Sarge: Try connectin’ that hose to that metal thingy there. I think that’s what’s makin’ that rattle. I… think I’ll let you do it. What the…? What was that? Grif: Simmons, what’s going on? What’s over there? Simmons: I thought I saw something for a second. Grif: Hey, rookie, tuck the flag someplace safe until we can figure out what’s going on. Donut: Good idea. I was sick of carrying this thing anyway. Simmons: Did you hear that? Grif: Yeah. Donut: [whispers] Hey. What’s going on? Grif: What the fuck? Donut: What?! Simmons: What is that thing? Donut: What thing? Grif: There’s something on your head. Donut: What, is it a spider? Get it off! Simmons: No, it’s not a spider, it’s like a blue thing. Donut: What, like a blue spider? Get it off! Grif: It’s not a spider! Calm down. It’s some kinda… fuzzy pulsating thing. Donut: That doesn’t sound much better than a spider. Simmons: Does it hurt? Donut: No. Simmons: Maybe we should try to take it off. Grif: Good idea. Go for it. Simmons: Me? By “we” I meant “you.” Asshole. Donut: Well, somebody needs to get it off. Look, it might be dangerous. [explosion] Grif and Simmons: Son of a bitch! [grunting, beeping] Grif: So- Where’d he go? Simmons: Greetings, fellow web surfer! Be sure to subscribe to our channel before you go! It’ll be just like we’re friends! Not that I… need… friends. [nervous laughter] Please don’t go.

100 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 11 – Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pain. | Red vs. Blue”

  1. ??? is it just me or are there gaps in the episodes D: I watched episode 10 and now im on episode 11 and there are jumps? Is it just me or are the episodes like this?

  2. Here's something I have to know:

    Why do they have radio FX on their voices? In the Halo campaign, there's been no evidence that spartans ever had radio FX on their helmets. I always question that in Halo machinimas.

  3. "Well somebody needs to get it off. Look, it might be dangerous!"


    Welcome to RvB

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  8. If you look closely at the scene where Donut has the grenade on his head, you'll notice that all the times they show him are the same clip reused, with one playing in reverse, and another in slow motion. Probably because of the grenade's short timer.

  9. I think since Tex used caboose for target practice traumatizing him which caused him to think unclearly

  10. it jump's from episode 8 to 11, second game and I'm done even done season one. come on guy's I know you can do better then this.

  11. I think the reason why Tex was using Caboose for target practice was becuase she overheard him calling Church’s girlfriend, aka her, a slut

  12. Knock, knock. Who's there? An <ahem> "guy" named Tex. Also probably a snobby British guy, but that comes later.

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