Tucker: So, uh, how do you feel? Epsilon: I feel like running over each and every one of you Tucker: So pretty much the same as before? Epsilon: Yeah, pretty much Grif: You know, Simmons, I think I’m gonna let you call shotgun on this one Simmons: Fuck that Epsilon: Man, this sucks Tucker: What are you complaining about? You finally got your own body Epsilon: My own body? Tucker, I’m a fucking tonka truck Tucker: Ok, yeah, but, you could literally pick up chicks with this thing Epsilon: Oh yeah, because every girl just dreams about settling down with Optimus Prime *Honk!* Epsilon: Caboose! Don’t do that Caboose: Sorry Sarge: Alright, places people. Here they come Caboose: Don’t forget to shout surprise! Tucker: Caboose, shut up Carolina: Tucker, bring Epsilon over here I’ve got some questions for him Tucker: Goddam it Carolina: Any luck? Wash: I think so *turning on noise* Wash: Alright, data pad accepted Looks like we’re in buisness Tucker: So, uh, what do you need Church for? Carolina: I just told you Tucker: Oh, yeah, but, I mean – you could talk to me instead. ‘Sup, girl Carolina: Why on earth would I ever want to do that? Tucker: Well, you know. We’re a perfect match. We’re both super good looking badass rebel loners and we’ve got the same colour armour! Greenish-blue! Uh, aqua-marine? Turquoise? Hey, what the fuck colour is this anyway? Wash: Listen, it’s important that we figure out what’s on CT’s data pad. It might be our next clue to finding the director. Tucker: Hey, I know that thing Wash: Wait, you recognise this artifact? Tucker: Hell yeah. It was the biggest pain in the ass. Caboose: Ah, it’s Church! Yeah, he had lost a lot of weight Carolina: What? Tucker: Oh yeah. Caboose transferred Epsilon from a memory unit into that thing a long time ago. Carolina: Where is it now? Tucker: I don’t know, who cares? Carolina: I do Tucker: Oh. Well in that case, uh, Caboose, tell her where it is Caboose: Right, yes. Ok, right, yes…I will do that…yes…right now Grif: Well, Sarge, you’ve always wanted to watch a Blue die. Looks like you’re going to get your wish after all Sarge: Actually, Grif, it’s always been my wish to watch you die Grif: Oh, right Sarge: Yep. Every night after you boys would retire to your bunks, I would climb up to the top of the base and just wait. Hoping I would see a shooting star. So that I could wish for your violent and unbearably painful demise Grif: Ok, you can stop now Sarge: I even had a little jingle to go along with it Grif: Please don’t Sarge: *singing* I just wish that Grif was dead Grif: I hate you Sarge+Simmons: *singing* Put a bullet Just Simmons: *singing* Through his head Grif: What the- Simmons?! How do you know that song? Simmons: Oh, it been in my dreams for years. Now it all makes sense. Oh, thank God Grif: What?! Simmons: I thought I was crazy when I woke up with that rifle in my hands Sarge: Heh heh heh, well ain’t that the power of music. Grif: Simmons! Why didn’t you tell me about this? Simmons: Oh, shut up, it wasn’t even loaded Carolina: How can you just leave an ancient alien artifact on the floor OF A WAREHOUSE? Caboose: Ok, uh, hold on, I mean to be fair, you know, we had already broken it *computer noise* Wash: Uh oh, that’s not right Carolina: *frustrated grunt* I can’t believe we came all this way for nothing Wash: You guys are not making my life easy right now Tucker: Do we ever? Wash: Good point Wash: So…what’s the plan now? Carolina: There’s an island nearby that I want to visit. Shouldn’t take more than a day or so Wash: That old fortress? Carolina, I’m not sure there’s a- Carolina: Wash. Trust me on this Wash: Right You should probably listen to your instincts Carolina: You stay here and keep the sim troopers from causing any trouble I won’t be long Wash: Alright, everyone move into the temple, it’ll be getting dark soon Tucker: Hey, Wash, where exactly is she going? Wash: She lost something. I think she just needs some time to try and find it again Chairman voiceover: Dear Director Your loss of military equipment is a severe infraction I should not need to remind you that all UNSC property, especially our more experimental technologies, must be kept from the hands of our enemies at all costs. In these trying times, vigilance is paramount *yawn* North: Still training at this hour? York: Yeah. She’s been like this since we got back from the last mission North: You’ve gotta be kidding me, she’s always been like this York: Well, yeah. I mean, she never did know when to stop But now it’s like she doesn’t know how to stop Always training I guess the leaderboard beckons North: You know, you don’t have to watch over her York: Could say the same to you about South North: That’s not really an answer York: So what are you doing awake? North: Theta. Couldn’t sleep And if Theta can’t sleep- York: Ah. One of the side effects they don’t tell you about Having someone else’s voice in your head sure does take some getting used to, doesn’t it? Delta’s always running his probabilities North: Well that seems annoying York: He says it’s fun You know, did you that statistically as likely to get hit by lightning as you are to die in a Pelican crash North: Seems like it would be higher, considering our line of work Guess I’m due for a few lightning bolts *both laugh* F.I.L.S.S: Round complete A 6.3% increase in efficiency that round, Agent Carolina Carolina: Run it again, F.I.L.S.S F.I.L.S.S: Resetting training room floor for next round York: Is Theta…up late often North: You’re wondering if he gets scared a lot York: Yeah, guess I am North: Well, it happens. Mainly at night. He likes when I walk the halls When we were kids, my dad would have to drive South around in the car to get her to fall asleep It’s kind of the same thing York: I wonder if they’re all like this. The AIs, you know. Jittery, nervous – no, not nervous North: Anxious York: Yeah, anxious. It’s like Delta thinks something bad is always about to happen. I don’t get it What do they have to worry about? North: Er, Pelican crashes, lightning strikes – hey, maybe they know something we don’t *yawn* York: Why don’t you jut pull him for a night. Get yourself some sleep North: Pull Theta? York: Yeah North: He gets even more scared when I do that I feel obligated to help York: I see why they picked you North: Yeah York: Well, he has to face his fear at some point If they want to be human, that’s a good place to start North: What can I tell you? I guess…some things are just harder to face than others York: Yeah. Night, North North: Don’t stay up too late. You need your rest F.I.L.S.S: Round complete Carolina: Run it again F.I.L.S.S: That last round showed a 3.6% in- Carolina: Just run it again! F.I.L.S.S: Resetting training room floor F.I.L.S.S: Round complete Carolina: Run it again F.I.L.S.S: Resetting training room floor for next round York: I think we all could use some rest Greetings fellow websurfer! Be sure to subscribe to our channel before you go It’ll be just like we’re friends..not that I need friends *awkward laugh* Please don’t go

100 thoughts on “Season 10, Episode 11 – Out of Body | Red vs. Blue”

  1. Carolina has turned into one of those people who get obsessed with time trials where they need to be #1 at every single stage…  mess up once, immediate restart, even remembered the buttons to do so within a half a second of the fuck up :/

  2. I just wish that Grif was dead, put a bullet trough his head, all the blue blood we would shed if Grif was dead!

  3. Oh my god I just realized that since the Alpha always thought that something bad was gonna happen when he was being experimented on, the fragments that split from him have the same thoughts

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    Put a bullet through his head
    Make his armour final red
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  6. You know, I just realized. Wash says, "She lost something. I think she just needs some time to try and find it again." This could be a reference or parallel to Halo 3 ODST, where Buck says, "I lost something. And now I know where to find her," referring to his lover, Veronica Dare.

  7. And this convo highlights why North is the better leader in the best way. He CARES about his squadmates and is concerned about their physical and mental state. Those are the marks of a good leader, not how high your kill count is. The fact that Carolina became so obsessed with being the best at the expense of her own health and even the mission in some cases shows that she is far too hot blooded, reckless and self-absorbed to be a competent leader.

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    Tucker: Do we ever?
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    Wash, you didn't have to say that when you know who your talking to.

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    Why does Caboose get the best moments and lines?!?

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