(gentle rhythmic music) (moves into upbeat music) – This morning we are ready
for take off we are going up one of the most famous towers
in Seattle if not the world, the Space Needle. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s head up the elevator. (upbeat music) 43 seconds flat, but we’re
up in the observation. (upbeat music) Hello, Seattle. Wow, look at this place. (upbeat music) The observation deck
wraps all the way around so you get this 360
degree view of Seattle. You can see the Olympic
and Cascade Mountain ranges in the distance. Puget Sound, the monorail,
downtown Seattle. This is the best view there is. (upbeat music) Naturally, the view changes
through out the year with the different seasons and you can actually scroll through and see what it looks like in November. Cool. (upbeat music) That was fantastic, from so high up the views are not only
spectacular but they’re 360. You can see the city,
you can see the water, and you can see the mountains. At the Space Needle you can see it all. (upbeat music)

4 thoughts on “Seattle Space Needle Observation Deck”

  1. dang it has changed so much from 2016 to 2018! I bet it has changed even more well because it isn't 2018 anymore!

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