[Text on screen]: Acupuncture How to Eliminate Yeast Infections, Thrush, and other Candidiasis-Related Conditions from Your Life Forever Chapter One: Patients History With Yeast Infections NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: Faith, welcome to Wellness Center. And my name is Ananda Stevenson. Nice to meet you. FAITH: Nice to meet you. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And we’re going to be talking about something that’s been bothering you quite some time. Do you want to tell me more about that? FAITH: Yeast infections. Yeah, I, probably from the time I was 13, I had a viral infection and I was sick for about six weeks. Lost quite a bit of weight and I was on antibiotic the whole time. And ever since then it seems like I’ve just had them consistently. They seem to be more around my period. But I’m definitely very frustrated at this point and have tried all the regular, over-the-counter remedies and still not a lot of relief, so, Iů NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And you’ve obviously been back to your gynecologist over the years? FAITH: I have. I’ve tried the seven-day, the three-day, the pill, the gel, the cream ů everything that’s out there pretty much. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And do they have recommendations for you after 17 years of taking over-the-counter medicine? FAITH: No, they write a prescription: “It’ll be better; it’s normal; there’s so many strains out there; they’re coming out with new ones every day; here you go.” The one that did work the best, I guess, was the one-day, but I felt like it was just really strong. If it’s working in one day it probably can’t be the healthiest thing for me. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: How many yeast infections in a year do you get? FAITH: Um, well, I mean if you look at it I would say at least every other month. I feel like it really is triggered by the fluctuation in the hormones that time, during your period. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And when your gynecologist does blood work, do they find that your IgE is low, do they find anything going on in your immune system? Any objective findings in your blood test? FAITH: I don’t know, specifically. I know that I’ve had immune issues just because I used to get strep throat four to six times a year, or a sinus infection. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And how often would you get sinus infections? FAITH: Probably about that. It seemed like it was one or the other. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: And then how do the yeast infections manifest? Is it itching? Is it burning? Is it a urinary tract issue? FAITH: No, not so much the urinary tract. It’s mostly just itching, to begin with. NANCY ANANDA STEVENSON: Acupuncture’s fabulous for this. There’s a huge area of acupuncture that has everything to do with gynecology and women’s issues. And it’s very effective. Especially with chronic yeast infections. You’ve definitely found an area of medicine that can greatly help you. [Text on screen]: To continue watching the interview proceed to Chapter 2.

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  1. Cheaters. You buy their videos, books etc online and none of the link works. infact there support center's email id is also fraudulent. I am sooo annoyed I wasted my money.

  2. Nice video thanks! I think it goes hand in hand with Renatta Kirmzel's recommendations. Look for her site on google, you might be surprised that you can make a yeast infection disappear within a day!

  3. Yeah…uh nice sales pitch…I was coming here for information on how acupuncture can help candida. You need to change the title to something more honest.

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