What do umbrellas, crochet hooks, carrot seed soup and heavy weights have in common? They’ve all been used to end pregnancies. When it comes to being pregnant there are lots of people who get super excited. They post adorable baby announcements and start picking out names. It’s a big deal. There are even people who undergo intense fertility treatments and spend thousands of dollars to get pregnant because they want biological children. I think we can all agree that not everyone is the same and in regards to pregnancy there are people who feel very differently than the aforementioned ambition and excitement. Like instead, pregnancy invokes feelings of regret, anxiety, disappointment, anger, apathy and fear. While some of these feelings pass for some people, some of them don’t. They don’t want to be pregnant. They won’t be pregnant. Ending pregnancies has been documented well before common era and in places all over the world. Where possible people often seek medical guidance but for many this is not legal, accessible and/or necessary. So for millennia people have been inducing their own abortions in three major forms. One, using sharp objects. Two, physically exerting themselves. Three, abortifacients: substances like herbs or drugs that go into the body. With sharp objects the thing is go in through the vagina, into the cervical os and mix about the contents so that what’s inside isn’t attached to the uterus any more. It comes out like a super intense menstrual period. Ideally a medical practitioner would perform this kind of abortion and use a sterilized curette. They’d also use a dilator to open the os so that the cervix isn’t punctured as well. However when there isn’t help many other objects become makeshift curettes. Clothes hangars, knitting needles, crochet hooks, hat pins, bobby pins, bicycle spokes, rubber tubes, umbrella spokes and the abortion stick: a carved piece of wood for the very purpose of inducing an abortion. You’ve probably guessed this is very hard to do safely on one’s own body. In addition to hurting really badly it can lead to infection, infertility and death. Physical exertion is another way to induce abortions. This method involves disrupting the uterine lining externally. Such as belly flopping, throwing oneself down the stairs, punching/kicking or other big blows to the abdomen, lifting heavy weights, climbing and paddling. One technique called the Lacedaemonian Leap was prescribed by early Greek physicians to expel the contents of the uterus. This was done by jumping up and hitting the buttocks with the heels. Other efforts? Girding the abdomen, lying on a heated coconut, soaking in hot water and deep sea diving. The activities we correlate with spontaneous abortions, or miscarriages, have probably been used to induce abortions. Rigorous activities like riding roller coasters are considered risk factors for placental abruption because the jostling separates the placenta from the uterus. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to take a pill and let the body do its thing? People have used and still use substances found in nature or made in laboratories to end their pregnancies: Abortifacients. Here’s a big list of them, many of which you probably won’t recognize because different parts of the world, different options. My take away is that wanting not to be pregnant is not limited to any particular place, nationality, religious group, socioeconomic status or lifestyle. Statistically one in every five pregnancies ends in abortion and that’s across cultures. Presently the World Health Organization approves the use of abortion pills up to the ninth week or sixty third day of pregnancy. Pills that are ninety to ninety nine percent effective that don’t involve stabbing your cervix, getting punched in the gut or imbibing potentially hazardous potions. Pills that don’t involve dying to end pregnancy. If you live somewhere where abortions are legal and accessible then I highly recommend seeking in-person medical care. Someone to answer your questions, guide your process and stand by if there are complications. If you don’t live where abortions are legal and accessible, a self-induced abortion with these pills is a safer option. It can be done with the support and guidance of an online medical and service community quickly and inexpensively. Whether in a clinic or at home have a friend with you. You may be able to self-induce but you don’t have to self-support. Stay safe, stay curious. For additional information about abortions check out these videos. We’ve also linked to them in the description.

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  1. In my 12th-grade English class I read a book called The Diviners by Margaret Laurence (Google it and her) where in one part the main character’s best friend grows up with an abusive father, so when she finds herself pregnant at 16, fearful of what her father will say/do, she uses the coat hanger method at two months along, which leaves her with a scarred uterus and sterile; the doctors tell her father that the excessive bleeding was caused by anemia, which he believes.

  2. Everyone is all "Planned Parenthood this and Planned Parenthood that…" Why TF does Planned Parenthood or its supporters never mention condoms, safe sex, abstinence or even my favorite method "the burglar", or pull it out and shoot method. Instead a nut gets busted in a lazy womb. The couple then say "that felt excellent. Plan A is…Lets do Plan B OR Planned Parenthood"..or wait till week 25(cause its Football season) or later and get a abortion, I mean get a Murder, which likely involves a Doctor jamming a needle filled with a fatal dose of a actual heart medicine, into the babies head/neck/or chest (Ultrasounds show a baby feels pain after 6 weeks) and then the mother carries the murdered baby inside of her for 2 days then waits for the vagina expanding seaweed to let the dead baby fall out (do they still name it). Ahh there goes Charles, he just fell under my desk) or if we get there early we can get a saltwater vacuum abortion or a scrape/wiggle/piss abortion. Condoms ppl. At the least pull out. Incenstual or rape babies should be the only allowed abortions. Otherwise I dont want my taxes paying for your softheaded mistakes

  3. Honestly if abortions werent legal and diy abortions failed i would kill the baby after i was born no problem. If someone really didnt want a baby an abortion couldnt stop the pregnancy. Just give birth in a forest then stab it with a knife done no baby there

  4. This is something that makes no sense to me..nor because of you? Dr. Doe but because their are thousands of couples who children can't have them meanwhile these women who could have easily prevented the unwanted pregnancy are murdering their children out of convenience. I can't have children not do i want anymore. I have 4 . 3 of them are adults and on their own.. I'm not completely against abortion. I had to have one to save my life. I'm pro-life so that was really hard for me. But to get one bc.u can't afford a baby rt now or don't want one is plain old convenience murder. My baby was in my tube so before anyone comes for me about mine,. It was NOT a viable pregnancy
    It's called adoption ig you want to be irresponsible
    Give that precious baby a chance at life instead of committing murder..btw any hate comments I will not respond.

  5. Those pills are illegal! You will go to jail if you report to a health official that you have taken these to terminate a pregnancy. Please be safe

  6. Dr Doe, I'd just like to say thank you very much for all of your videos. I'm in my mid 40s and really was very ignorant about my own body and how it worked. I have a teenage son and he gets pretty uncomfortable talking to his mom about sex and his body. So we made a deal, if he has any questions, he comes to me and asks for my tablet since I subscribed to you. That way I know he's getting the correct information. Thanks for all your help

  7. this is random but i have a very strong opposition to fertility treatments, my dad and my auntie were both adopted and they needed to be, i don't like that adopted children are seen as like second-class children just because they aren't genetically part of you — these are kids that need homes and instead of giving them a loving home that you already have prepared you'd spend thousand of dollars on the CHANCE that you could have your own?? what so it looks like you??? idk it always felt very selfish to me and i know that i am unfortunately, heartbreakingly infertile and i know that a fertility treatment would 100% fix that b/c im not in that dire of straits but i also know that other children, already born need homes

  8. Im not sure if the pro life comments were deleted or if everyone who watched this video and felt the need to comment really are this intelligent, open minded and supportive. Im an optimist so i choose to believe the latter

  9. Good job. Lol. I researched information like this online. I'm glad this video backs up what I read. Hm. Working out, taking vitamin C Cohosh Cinnamon or Parsley really does wonders. Of course, I'm a guy, however, we should all be educated on important topics like this! Women should be allowed to enjoy their sex lives like men do!

  10. Honestly I understand people being pro-life but some people aren’t ready and the only way out is abortion, so I’m pro-choice

  11. AND this is why we need SAFE and LEGAL ways to have abortions. This is IMPORTANT. I don’t want kids and as a lesbian it’s not an issue for me. I do understand that it’s an issue for heterosexual women. We live in a time where education about sex is taboo, and access to help concerning sex is difficult. Forcing women to have a baby they can’t support or don’t want is evil and I believe we need more channels like this in order to help those who don’t know.

  12. Can u imagine the tucking desperation of someone willing to stab their uterus to end a pregnancy? Fucking horrible. This is why real sex ed is so important. All those against- choice people just don't care about women dying

  13. Hello again Dr. Doe! Here is/are my questions regarding abortion methods. I want another confirmation on this…can a woman also take Black Cohash or a mix of Black & Blue Cohash? And Cinnamon; is having Cinnamon also a great abortion method?? Why am I asking these questions…I crave knowledge. And more importantly, we should all, as a human race, be able to enjoy our sex lives, and be educated on how to not have children if we as people are not ready. We should all be smart when/if we decide to have a joyous sex life! Have fun! But be smart about it. I want to thank you for doing this. Before I came (no pun intended, ha) to know your videos, I did my own research online about sex! Because, I am very sexual (haha). The combination of online research with your (and other) videos turns out to be the same analysis with abortion methods. Enclosing, you publicly mention you are being harassed. I truly hope this harassing issue for you ends. As long as you told him/her they are harassing you, they should respect you, and leave you alone. I'm blabbering now. Take care. I will message another comment to you and ask you another question in a d/f video of yours. Thank you. -Michael Cedeno

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  15. I do not necessarily like abortion or feel it to be the best option but I also live in the real world and if somebody is determined to do it they should be able to have it done safely and legally. It was very difficult for me when my partner, who had very low fertility, became pregnant as she never seen motherhood in her future and considered abortion, I told her I loved her and I would support her decision but that I would love her to have my child and that I would do whatever it took (including raising the child alone) to meet our baby. In the end after thinking about it and talking it over she decided that she felt a very strong connection with me, trusted me deeply and that her feelings towards this pregnancy had changed, she could see that we were meant to be together and knew that I would be by her side every step of the way and she started to feel proud and excited about being pregnant rather than scared, now we are pregnant again, though we planned it this time (decided after Savannah was born). We decided that we'd have a family, not to use contraception and allow fate to determine whether we were to be blessed again or not. Its a miracle to us now that we are having number two, she wants 5 now! Lol! I love her and our baby so much that if it happens I will do my best to provide this to her(we are a very sexual couple so actively trying isn't the way. More just enjoying each other and letting what happens happen.) I do not like abortion but I would not stop somebody else from doing it safely, I don't need to agree with it myself but I also couldn't morally allow somebody to risk their life to have one as a baby is a scary thing and I can imagine how difficult it could be for someone who isn't sure they want it and doesn't have a supportive family, partner or friends.

  16. I Just Found Out I'm pregnant & I'm Honestly Not Happy I Want An Abortion They Say Pineapples & Pineapple Juice Can cause a miscarriage

  17. My biggest fear in life is ever getting pregnant. If I can’t get an abortion if I did, then I’d probably kill myself.

  18. Perhaps one day an artificial uterus can be created such that unwanted unborn humans don't have to be destroyed or ripped apart.

  19. people are so desperate to have their own kid when they given up for adoption before and I understand why some guys want to get abortion not hurting on other people when they can have another kid after that so they want their for logical kid for their self when they're it give up another one I understand why some people want to get abortion so I not ask roommate that either for me I just want to get fixed and get my tube type Swizz Beatz game a portion

  20. I have a problem because my girlfriend might be pregnant but the problem is I’m only 16 and so is she but we’re not ready to have kids and I don’t know what to do she wants to abort the baby also my parents and her parents would kill me if they find out I got her pregnant

  21. Pls help me, im 17yrs old and 2months pregnancy, i abort this baby, if i drink alcoholic drink it will be abort or miscarriage? Then what happened to me or my health?

  22. The fact such a large amount of women kill their unborn children does NOT make it any more normal or okay; it just means the world is FULL of murderers.

  23. Thank you for covering this topic. While there are people on both sides of the abortion fence it is still something thst needs to be addressed. And while I'm not sure that I myself could have one unless I had no other choice I don't want that choice taken away from others.
    Wether you choose to abort, carry to term and keep or adopt out that should be YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHOICE AND NO ONE ELSES!!!
    This video also highlights that abortion will happen regardless if easily, legally and safely accessible so isn't it better that we make safe options a thing and also give people free easy access to contraceptives and sex education so that they can be given the chance to avoid pregnancy in the first place?
    If we do everything we possibly can to prevent unwanted pregnancies for people then the abortion issue will be less of one as people who aren't pregnant against when they don't want to be don't need to access abortions.
    Lets work on preventing the pregnancies rather than criminalizing abortions.
    I don't want to see cis girls/women dying from backyard abortions and I don't wanna see dumpster babies either. Let's do what Sexplanations is doing and help people avoid the negatives of sex and enjoy the positives.

  24. Deer hair? Ugh ive had castor oil before that was not fun eek. Bear fat? Didnt know they sold that. Does vitamin c really work?

  25. Also, if you take high amounts of vitamin C it will induce a miscarriage. Normally you can take 2,000 mg and be cool. However, to induce a miscarriage you can take MAX 6,000mg (for about 3 days) and that will remove the fetus from the uterus. 😉 and always take a punch to the gut for good luck!

  26. personally i don’t often agree with abortion, but this is one of the biggest reasons why i believe it needs to be legal and accessible. i feel like it doesn’t matter where people stand on abortion; criminalizing it doesn’t stop it from happening, all it does is put people at higher risk for a self induced abortion going wrong

  27. i’m not entirely pro- choice. abortion in my country is just as accessible as buying napkins in a grocery store. there are so many that i know that get pregnant twice a month because they couldn’t care less about using protection “i’ll just abort it, no biggie 🤷🏽‍♀️”
    i do feel like all women should be able to choose to end a pregnancy, but there should be a limit. if you intentionally don’t use protection, KNOWING that you’re gonna get pregnant, and have the mindset that you’re just gonna abort it later, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion. so much waste of precious life, and you need to take ownership of your actions.

  28. Why would you have sex in the first place if you didn’t want children? Let alone use a condom, or even double layer the condom to make it harder to break, or pull out as he came? It makes no sense. So you make another human, then kill the other human? Also, rape only accounts for a small percentage of abortions too, but a better solution to rape would be a weapon to deter it in the first place. Shoot him if he tries to rape you. Now, I do agree with abortion on one note: that the person impregnated was in actual danger and had no choice but to kill the baby to avoid the risk of reproductive damage or death. Then I wouldn’t care.

  29. This is great! Love your inclusive language! But….No mention of menstrual extraction or "dirty little machines"?? A common fav holistic approach 💖🌱

  30. People who do this is absolutely disgusting. People like me who try for a baby and have miscarriages through no fault of my own feel disgraced that people can abort their own baby and feel good about it

  31. There is no safe abortion. Chemical abortion has a high failure rate and is very very painful and traumatizing and can take up to 8 weeks of intense pain. Surgical abortion isn't without its risks. Death, perforation of the Uterus, infections from retained baby body parts and dirty instruments. 95% of clinics fail health inspections. Long term effects are PTSD, infertility, endometriosis, historicity and suicide. Many previous abortion workers are speaking out. Listen to thier stories. Go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. In a non-judgmental loving environment they will help you to keep your baby if you want to or put him or her up for adoption. We as women have the right to be informed.

  32. Naaah id rather keep taking my parsley tea and rollercoasters you say?
    I have a season pass to knotts and ghostrider be my favorite coaster. Challenge accepted .

  33. All abortions are dangerous… even the "safe" ones. Women have died from "safe" abortions.

  34. Personally I’m pro choice. Because you don’t want a baby doesn’t mean you should ban them from people who need them. Some people truly have good reason for having an abortion. It’s never an easy choice but sometimes the right one. I personally hope I am never put in that situation.

  35. This is sooo frustrating; having people dictating indiviuals personal rights due to thier beliefs! I was told the story of a great Aunt who died because of a self administerd abortion! It amazes me how the self-rightous feel they can play dictator because thier belifs conflict! I feel so bad for all the wemon in need if a safe health-care providers services beacause of some short-sighted narrow minded right-wing.. .!!

  36. I'm sorry but this is where it's headed to. Anti-abortion laws are going to make it more and more difficult. Women are starting to buy abortion pills online.

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