Your pet will look dashing as an old timey
royal sea captain. This video will cover what you need and how
to assemble the hat and collar pieces. Let’s get started. For your supplies you need:
1 of each color of these felt squares: navy, gold, and white. Plus 1 square of stiff black felt. 1 Yard of 5/8 inch width ribbon. 1 yard of 3/8 inch width ribbon. 2 1/2 yards of 1/8 inch width gold ribbon. 1/4” yard of 1 inch gold fringe. 1 small 1/2 inch button. You’ll also need thread, pins and needles,
fabric glue, a product to stop fraying, scissors, sewing gauge, and a sewing machine is optional. You can download the pattern for the hat and
collar from our website. See the description for a link. From the blue felt cut 1 from the hat pattern
with the straight edge going on a fold, 2 from the collar, and 2 from the shoulder pattern. From the gold felt, cut out 2 from the shoulder
embellishment pattern From the white felt cut 1 from the cravat
pattern From the stiff black felt, cut out 2 from
the shoulder pattern and 2 from the flower pattern. We’ll make the hat first. Cut the 3/8 inch ribbon in half and to the
ends apply a product to stop the fraying and let it dry. Around the perimeter of the hat, attach the
gold ribbon using fabric glue. Since the ribbon is thin, apply the glue lightly. Do this to both sides of the hat. Next I’m going to create the shape of the hat by folding it. And to fold this, I am going to first start by folding the center. And then bringing up the ends to meet with the center fold. So I an folding up hear. Bringing up the end hear, bringing up the end hear and basically kind of pinching it. The fold in between the two ends Now this should be about an inch on each side. You don’t have to measure it exactly, but that is what it is so. Again. Fold. Bring up. Bring up. And that kind of gives you your hat shape. If you turn it over, you can kind off see a gap between the folded edges. Pin the edges with straight pins. Doing one side at a time, take out the straight
pin and slip the end of one of your cut ribbons and re-pin. Repeat with the other side. Sew each edge at your sewing machine using
a 1/4 inch seam allowance. You can also sew this by hand if you don’t
want to use a sewing machine. Take both of the black flower pieces and lay
them on top of each other, rotating one so it looks more like a flower instead of an
X. Attach them together at the center with a dot of fabric glue. Cut a piece of your gold ribbon 2 1/2 inches
in length. Fold in half but pull the ends apart so they’re
not lying on top of each other. Attach to the back of the flower with fabric
glue. Glue the flower with ribbon to one side of
the hat. And now your hat is done. Now we’ll move on to the collar. On both collar pieces, glue gold ribbon around
the perimeter. You only have to do it on the right side,
but make sure your collar looks like two opposite sides, a left and a right. Next we’ll do the shoulders. Cut off the squared end of the blue felt shoulder
pieces. Glue the gold shoulder embellishment to each
curved end of the blue shoulder piece. Then glue the blue shoulder piece to each
of the black shoulder pieces. Cut two pieces from the gold fringe at 3 inches
each. Apply glue around the outside curved edge
of the shoulder and attach the fringe. You can also glue a strip of gold ribbon across
the top of the gold felt to add more embellishment. Put glue on the squared end of the black felt
and apply to each collar piece about 1 1/2 inches from the short end. Now take the cravat piece. With a needle and thread do a running stitch
at one end. When you get from one end to the other, gently
pull your thread to gather the fabric. Make sure to knot off each end to hold the
gathering. Repeat this step, two inches down from the
first set of stitches. Trim off the bottom to create more of a point. Hand sew your button in the center of the
middle gather for an extra embellishment. Take you 5/8 inch ribbon and lay it out flat. Apply fray product to the end to stop fraying
and allow it to dry. In the center of the ribbon, glue the top
gathered edge of the cravat to the center of the ribbon, placing the cravat edge to
the back of the ribbon. Then just glue a collar piece to either side
of the cravat. The top of the collar should line up with
the top of the ribbon and the front edge of the collar should overlap a little with the
cravat. The last step is to find a willing pet model
to try on the costume. If you make this costume for your pet, please
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