10 thoughts on “Shin Splints Treatment – 3 ESSENTIAL Exercises for You to Run without Pain”

  1. I have bilateral tingling down my calves and down to under my feet.
    It went away for a couple of months but has returned- interestingly, now that I've been working on my glutes, ITB, quads, hammies, calves, TFL etc.
    When I first had it, I wasn't working on these muscles at all.
    Why would this be happening?
    My physio was stumped- she looked at my S5/L1 and tailbone but it eventually just went on it's own, but now it's back.
    Before it went all the way up to the tailbone in both legs but currently at least, it's under the feet up to the calves.

  2. Hi James, I recently recorded myself running with my cell phone and I could see some peculiarities in my form. One of them is that during the Late Swing Phase my knee extends almost completely before the initial contact. A straight line forms between my thigh and my shin. I would like to be able to send you a photo where you can clearly see this condition of my career technique and ask if it is indeed a problem (that can bring injuries) and how to work to fix it. Thanks, I'll stay tuned.

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