I need your advice regarding shooting back
pain while pregnant. Don’t do yoga when pregnant unless it is
pregnancy yoga. I know you aren’t supposed to do serious
twists when pregnant because you’re already carrying a load up front. And I haven’t done yoga since getting pregnant. It doesn’t have to be yoga. Sitting in front of the sink and twisting
to reach a glass instead of turning to then reach for it can do it. It isn’t just one specific muscle group
strained when reaching up. If you were leaning down to pick something
up with your back or just leaned down and reached too far, you could pull a muscle in
the back. I can’t say there is a specific action where
it suddenly started hurting. If you only feel it when you lay down, that’s
a common problem. Your back starts to hurt as soon as you stop
carrying that front and center load. It hurts when I’m walking too. When you are in early labor, the uterine contractions
can be mistaken for back pains. And if you go for a walk, which helps the
baby shift into the birth canal, will make the pains worse. That usually comes with rhythmic muscle contractions. You’ll know it is early labor if you have
back pains only in the lower back plus pelvic pressure or bloody discharge. If the muscle pains are in the upper back,
it definitely isn’t labor. I haven’t had pelvic pressure since my last
urinary tract infection. If the pelvic pressure is accompanied by pulsing
pain front or back and burning when you pee, then it may be a bladder infection. Now I’m glad I have always sought treatment
for urinary tract infections before it got that bad. If there is back pain plus fever, it is at
least a bladder infection if not kidney infection, though hopefully not as severe as appendicitis. And here I was thinking it was something common
like sciatica. If you’ve had sciatica before, know that
pregnancy can make it worse because you’re straining the muscles all over again. And I thought carpal tunnel syndrome getting
worse was bad enough. Sciatica is marked by the shooting pain in
the lower back and butt, maybe radiating down to the leg, though it can come with numbness
or tingling too. That is akin to carpal tunnel syndrome. The sciatic nerve under pressure due to pregnancy
or already pressed due to biological issues and it gets worse with pregnancy is like carpal
tunnel syndrome, but instead of having an excuse to order house cleaning and dinner
out, you have trouble walking. That means I’d definitely have to get medical
advice. Or treatment with something other than hot
and cold packs that are safe to take when pregnant. It may not be sciatica. Sporadic pain in the back can be due to arthritis,
though you’d probably have had that before now only made worse by pregnancy’s strain
on the joints. I’m not old enough. Remember that practice contractions feel like
back pains and stomach cramps, though it can be mistaken for bad constipation. Constipation can cause cramps in the stomach
too. Then try to drink more water and eat something
high fiber before you assume you have to go to the hospital.

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