Dr: Is there anything you’re seeing on your face that you would like to improve? Eugene: How much time do we have? Keith: I’ve had way more insecurities about my body and physique than my face. Zach: My forehead is a little too big, I don’t like my chin, my jaw is very soft. I do wonder if there’s anything we can do about this… Dr: I do agree with you unfortunately… Zach: I kind of was hoping you’d be like “nah!” Ned: We’re gonna have a consultation with a plastic surgeon and then we’re gonna have a Photoshop artist recreate what it would be like if we got plastic surgery. All of the fun with none of the blood. *intro music* Ned: Guys think about what their face looks like and how attractive they are all the time, I think I’m a catch! There are reasons that my wife is married to me but being super hot isn’t one of em’. I’ve never thought that I should get plastic surgery. It seems like most people don’t actually need it. Zach: I’m pretty conflicted about this whole thing in general. Of the things that I don’t like about myself my face has always been one of the things that I’m kind of okay with, but my hair is going away, right? That’s just something that I’m either going to need to take steps via surgery to fix or accept. I see why this is something that I would consider in life. Yeah. Keith: Oh, yeah. I’ve been called ugly. Of course I’ve been called ugly. You have glasses, you’re a nerd. Well, it doesn’t matter that I’m not the best looking. I can be really funny I can distract you with all of these cool skills I’ve developed. As a whole, society doesn’t demand that men’s faces look as nice as society demands women’s. You never advertised as a teenager like: ooh make sure you moisturize boy YOU WANNA BE A HOT BOY. You don’t get that messaging, wouldn’t it be fun though? If you did? Eugene: The first time I went to Korea, I stepped off the plane my relatives didn’t even say hi, they grabbed me and literally started pointing at my face to say what I could change. Here’s the real fucked up thing I’m a Korean American who grew up in Texas where there were no other Asians So I was already dealing with the pressures of being beautiful by Korean standards and then when I walked out in the real world, I was just constantly bullied by white kids who said I was Really ugly, but I got to be honest like that was my truth when I was growing up and I did hate the way it looked. We should learn how to accept ourselves, but we can’t deny the pain or the marginalization that we experienced even on the level of facial beauty. Dr: When somebody has something that bothers their self-esteem and you can fix that for them. Oh
It can give somebody a whole new outlook on life and it’s amazing to see that. I would say people’s awareness of their own faces is very prevalent now and it clearly it’s from social media. So I’ve built this practice based on delivering tens, So if I feel like, you know, what you want is gonna give you a five, but I know I can give you a nine or ten. I will say no. Zach: And you think you can turn the four of us into tens? Dr: That may be hard work but uh *Laughs* You guys already tens yeah, yeah Zach: The perfect male face… Keith: John Cena or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Ned: It’s like a face that implies that your muscular. Zach: The Hemsworth clan, really any celebrity named Chris. Yeah. Even if they don’t start beautiful somehow they just find their way there. Eugene: We’ve diversified more and I think the younger people are seeing a much wider gamut of what is considered beautiful. That involves race, that also involves masculinity. I think a lot of younger people are very attracted to men who also exude femininity. Ned: That makes me think like: “Oh, is there a perfect male face, when each face is unique?” There is a perfect male face and we’re gonna find it today. *Laughing* Dr: So you guys are representing a certain percentage of my practice who come in and say “Give me everything you got. Tell me what you see and I want to do whatever it is that you say and hold no punches. Keith: I’m excited to find out what part of my face is shitty And what part of my face is nice? I shouldn’t do that, don’t want the wrinkles. Let’s fantasize about the perfect Keith. Dr: Okay, let’s take those glasses off. Keith: You got it. Dr: He’s got a thin face. I think he’d look better with a little bit of contour up on the high cheek We just inject, essentially augment your bone and in doing that it will take away some this long thin look. Keith: They pull your cut up. I have no clue about plastic surgery I’ve never been interested in surgically changing my face. Do you ever just draw boners on the face? That must be like: what we need to do a little bit of this and a little bit of this and a long way to lengthen here. Dr: The prototypical perfect face would be a face that is symmetric and a face that’s balanced. There’s a much greater distance to the left cheek versus the centre line to the right cheek. I would bring this side out more than this side to create balance. Keith: What if one of my colleagues draws a boner on my face? Dr: Reason you seem to have an obsession with a – with a phallic. Keith: If as long as we’re making my face perfect. *Laughing in the background* Dr: His brows are a little bit low and eyeballs sit forward in their socket But it’s funny because you say it’s because my eyes are forward. I thought it had that effect because my eyes were further back No, your eyes are way forward think of like a frog Now as far as the nose goes I do think there’s some things about your nose you could refine and it would be a minor refinement. It wouldn’t be anything major I have broken my nose twice. The first was playing laser tag I was running in an area where they said no running, and I went headfirst into a wall, cause it’s dark And second was playing in a work sponsored basketball league the guy on offense whips his elbow around and BOOM Smacks me right in the nose. Got into a fight, got kicked out of the league, did not get fired from my job That’s a supportive work environment. I like Keith’s nose what can I say Maybe I should get a notice like Keith’s. – You want want people to look like themselves, just better Maybe I should get a notice like Keith’s nose. We want people to look like themselves just better Zack has very beautiful eyes Eugene has such a masculine jawline, and I-I’m just Zach has very beautiful eyes, Eugene has such a masculine jawline, and I, I’m just… that other white guy a lot of people with his nose wouldn’t be bothered by it We make a little incision right under here. It takes about four stitches to close up, No one would ever see it but through that incision I can lift everything up and work on the entirety of your nose. Yeah We peel it up Okay, I do go up the nose and the chin of the same time. The chin should hit that line and when I do this You have daylight but behind behind this line. Now, I would do the tripartite to give him better definition to his neck and jawline which would be a Customized implant or here to give you just a little bit of projection here and you want to do with my hands It looks so much better. – So much? -So much. -Will my wife like this better? -Your wife would love this It looks so much better so much so much. Will my wife like this better? Your wife would love this Probably my number one biggest insecurity is my hairline. A lot of the men I see come in for hair issues. Whether it be thinning hair, hairline Their hairline receding, whatever the case may be. -I have thinning hair and so it’s something that I’ve been working on -Yeah, we do hair restoration here. -So give me new hair Okay, I roll in anything else I would happily keep… this. My fear is that once we start talking about the things a professional would change about my face, I’ll never be able to look at myself the same way again. -You have a weak chin and a weak jawline The whole area is weak. And so -O oh The face should be broken up into equal thirds – They aint – and I would also lengthen and strengthen his chin. I would customize a full implant for him. Based on the CT scan we create this. We then create an implant from scratch to customize to hook on to the bottom of your jaw -And that’s gonna give me just more of like a pronounced chin, neck… – give you just a more crisp neck and jaw line.- It’s crisp I’m like thinking of like delicious Brussels sprouts and I fucking love Brussels sprouts Well, we can make your face into one hell of a Brussell’s sprout So these types of procedures are very popular and very common amongst Hollywood a-listers. – I heard you call it un-masculine face I would just say not as, you know, leading men looking as it could be. People would be very surprised to find out how many celebrities have had something done. Well, and I put it in ninety five percent of people There’s a little bump here to your bridge. -Whaaat?- That doesn’t necessarily bother me but if you said make my nose look it’s best. I would give you a little bit of projection right here You have what we call a ptosis, which is where the eyelid hangs over the eyeball, in which case you don’t see all the color of your eye. You would want to do hair transplants all through this whole area. – How much money is on my face right now? Am I the most expensive? – (Eugene) I’ve had a problem with every part of my face at some point in my life It is part of my culture but I also from personal experience know how Emotionally detrimental and devastating that can be especially for a young person. I’ve met six-year-olds who’ve gotten plastic surgery “Oh, you need better eyes and a thinner nose and a smaller face” I used to want to have like double eyelids But now I’ve embraced the single eyelid so that’s not something I personally would consider anymore. Being both LGBT and Korean is Super complex. There’s really no way to Tidally wrap up exactly how many factors are contributing to my history with insecurity. Is there anything you’re seeing on your face that you would like to improve? I think I have a really large face And I think I need less bone. This could, I think, come out a little bit more. Everything could just be like sharpened. The tip rounds out. This feels like it’s it’s huge so
I don’t know if that needs to go down -I actually in this situation would recommend even less than what you’re saying. That width yeah A lot of people want that width…. now in the asian community. -They like going smaller They wanted smaller the width of your face doesn’t bother me however, the easy fix that is very effective is Botox. A big part of my practice is Non-surgical and we can do a lot of things non-surgical that literally take ten minutes to do But this is a big strong muscle here called the mascular muscle and you have a big strong one So it’s kind of like, you know, this has got some good time. No, but I’m show you the Difference between a flex muscle and relaxed muscle. When when flexed, it’s got massive bulk once relaxed… -So distracted right now doctor So Eugene has a good facial structure. The one thing that I see that could look better is his nose I would do a rhinoplasty on him that would involve strengthening the bridge of his nose. And that’s about all I would do for him One thing that’s all I would do for him There are certain things where patients are just wrong you saying I like the idea of a stronger chin That’s not necessarily wrong. That can be a some preference. I Just don’t see that making you look better Wow, yeah Well, here we are. -So it’s been a couple weeks -Now it’s time to see how sexy I can be. -Yeah boy oh boy… On me there was a lot. -The Photoshop artist has taken. Dr Diamonds notes and applied them to our face. -How do you say no to a cosmetic surgeon named dr Diamond? That’s like saying no to a chef called chef fois gras. -He said he could make my cheekbones stronger I agree with that. He can make my jaw stronger and agree with that I’m pretty soft and what the internet would refer to as a soy boy, but I love soy sauce. You guys can fuck yourselves Oh, it’s great. Now let’s look at the new improved Keith Habersberger, the most beautiful version of beautiful Keith, Three-two-one You ever played Mario Party and you pumped up the balloons of somebody’s face? God wow, it looks so weird Looks like I’m tryna Keep a little secret It looks like a guy who came in to murder me from the future Like someone poured a bunch of water in my mouth and said hold it there He made my lips smaller got rid of my big old DSL’s. He said that I kind of looked like a frog This makes me look way more like a toad or a frog. I don’t know if it looks any better Just looks different Alright, so yeah, that looks like me. Nice strong adam’s apple. Whoa The side view is the Hat Whoaaaa Whoa! -It’s him. It just looks a little better -From the front it’s all like, who’s that?! But from the side it’s like who’s that? -The changes we saw from the side view involved with the tripartite which is reshaping the chin and neck and I’ve also Reshaped his nose slightly by smoothing out the bridge and refining the tip. -I never thought my nose is fucked up and now I look at this and be like F*ck this nose I got. I never thought I’d get a nose job But then the guy was saying in 98% of all the people on camer have plastic surgery. I’m 98% of people Should I? – I don’t know if I want to see this Can we just end the video right now No, okay, I don’t want to see something that’s gonna lower my confidence Let’s find out what the new me looks like introducing Ned 2.0 and 3 2 1 Oh What the heck oh, I don’t like it at all. Oh, thank goodness. Well, I was right all along Don’t need any of this stuff, but the people that do good for you. Not me though. Wow This dude Sucks. I don’t know the more you look at the after photo the more you normalize it and then the more you think like, oh, well, I guess like, you know Maybe it would be nicer to have like a more straight nose. It’s not my nose. My nose is kind of bumpy Seeing some shit. Okay. Let’s see my after profile shot 3 2 1 No, I don’t know I guess your profile is not something you ever get to see so I can be a little more objective Like the front on it’s the face. I see in the mirror every day so to change it is really jarring to me, but the profile it’s almost like You know a work of art. Other videos we did, the results were very drastic and it really turned me off. This is so similar that even though it’s jarring at first after a while You start to consider it – It’s hard for me to always see a more idealized version of myself as I’ve always imagined it my entire life, so seeing this will be very interesting. Let’s see the new Eugene one, two three We have not have the after photo What are you serious you I can barely see it Which I guess if you have a good nose job. It’s not supposed to be that noticeable, but not even nothing else Maybe some of the problems I had with my face were not as problematic as I always thought Hope you put a panel of a thousand plastic surgeons together. Every single one of them would say yeah, those changes look better There are certain people with certain procedures like some that we talked with the other guys, but in this case this would be personal preference whether you made these changes are not a Panel of a thousand plastic surgeons would be mixed and split on which looks better I think his face looks great. – To have a professional like dr. Diamond Recommend, so little is… I don’t know, it’s kind of I was gonna say eye opening but that’s the opposite of what he did Dr. Diamond was the most excited to work on my face. This would be awesome. This would be so much fun to do Yeah, I’m nervous Basically you wanted to rip my face open take my face off and switch it with John Travolta’s face. Sorry No, that’s that’s face off. Oh, and he wanted to make my eyelids less lazy so that you could see my beautiful eyes What it’s like there’s no change at all. It’s like the beauty was within you all along No, that’s not this video Oh Who the fuck is that? How bizarre it That’s not me. Looks like he plays lacrosse. I’m just doing like this okay the jaw, definitely better Oh god. No now this thing is happening where the more I look at him the more I’m like Yeah that’s Zach. The hair restoration surgery is something that I’ve not only wanted I’ve kind of been convinced I was going to do cuz I always complained about the big ol’ size of my forehead but now that I see him he has now a forehead so my tiny head looks so tiny and now I’m torn in between I Hate both faces. I hate them both That’s really what I look like from the side That’s not a strong profile… You sure you didn’t like mess with the the proportions there and just shrunk? Okay Oh Oh My god, that’s so clearly better. Oh wow I’m going back and forth. It’s like the most horrifying little gif. Wow I really just don’t have a chin at all in real life There’s a little bit of an uncanny valley going on, but I think it’s the Photoshop. So I’m trying to ignore that I mean, I I never see the profile of my face, so I wasn’t aware until this moment that I actually hated it. I almost feel like I’m bad for not… looking hotter and that’s not something I’m used to as a man to see a perfect face next to my own face and feel like I’m I’m Like letting the world down For not being hot enough and I imagine that that is an experience that Women must have all the time. I don’t want to look at the other Zack anymore. I’d prefer to look at this Zack. Oh well I don’t think people would recognize me in, in version 2 – I’m really all over the place Cuz part of me is like I would never do this part of me is like yes we should go to him right, now. – Doing this video has actually Made me more comfortable with the possibility of plastic surgery, Which I didn’t think that would be the case at all, but it’s like it’s my face. How can I change my face?! Arielle, would definitely notice and I think she’d be a little weirded out by it. I’d rather look like myself than look perfect I don’t think I would ever make the changes to my face to fit an ideal beauty standard, but I could see making changes to my face to fit what I want to be projecting to the world. The more appealing I can be to make more friends. That’s more desirable to me. Whereas the front picture of the stronger jaw It looks like a more masculine intimidating person and that’s not the kind of person I want to be. – Even the fact that I’m like considering whether or not I care about this There’s a luxury of choice attached to being a straight man, whether or not you’re going engage with your physical and facial attractiveness in a way that I don’t think that gay men and women are able to get away with as much? Does that make sense? Like… I man I know that is known. For there to be someone who can change the things about you that you don’t like Yeah, I totally understand why people would do that. I understand why even I might do that. I feel like that cosmetic surgery is so ingrained in our culture whether we know about it or not. When you feel pressure to get it outside of your own will Then a self worth can turn really quickly into self-loathing. My mother once told me when I used to be very very self-conscious she said “Are you trying to hide your family’s face?” Past Eugene would consider getting this? I don’t think I would get this now – (Zach) I certainly think that people watching should be comfortable with who they are and find their own inner beauty, but also I definitely understand more why people would want to do this. – (Ned) This is a great option because it’s really not that different yeah, so I definitely recommend Photoshop for all sorts of changes you want to make (music) Has anyone ever asked you to draw a boner on their face? That I’m not good at…- Could I ask you? Just up like a little one like right in the center of the forehead. Just at the very end.

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