one of the great things about the website is that you can go to the website look up the product that
you want to buy or that you have and download the piece sheet or product
sheet which gives you recommendations from area let pressure to recoat windows
even a range of fluid tip sizes so let’s talk about some of those fluid tips and
where you use them all fluid tips are a needle and seat design machine to stay
together as a family so you shouldn’t either mix them this is a 1.2 which is very small and a
good recommendation for clear coat on small parts although i recommend a 1.3
for an overall paint job with clear coats this is a 1.4 which I find perfect for
base coats because it allows your droplet size to stay a little bit larger
and your metallic particles to self orient which eliminates streaking and
modeling this is a fat guy this is a 1.8 which is
on the upper and for a urethane primer surfacer and the starting point for a
polyurethane primer surfacer which I give a range of 1.82 2.24 because it’s
such a high building material that you need a large fluid orifice to get good
fluid transfer and one of the great things about the concourse gun is that
is available with multiple fluid tips so you can buy one gun different tips spend
less money and still have all the tools that you need to do the job right yeah yeah

23 thoughts on “Simple Tips For Painting A Car – HVLP Paint Gun Needle & Nozzles Explained – Eastwood”

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    Best or Worst Presents Ever? You Won't Believe What Dad Got His Kids! Eastwood Guy

  3.  very thankful for the information you shared us. sir I'm planning to paint motorcycles for business, but i have no idea of many things. can i use a 1/4HP or 1/2 hp for paintings motorcycles? i tried to look school for auto body painting in my country unfortunately none. i hope i can attend your seminar someday. I'm from the Philippines BTW. thank you sir.

  4. Excuse me, pls help me. My Devil Biss spray gun's needle and nozzle is damaged very soon after changing it. Can u tell me the reason and also a solution. It would help me a lot.

    Hoping to hear from you very soon

  5. Is it true that water paint need bigger nozzles than the solvent one? If it's true, which nozzles do you recommend for primer, base and clear with the water paint?

  6. Given the tip sizes you recommend for primer, base and clear coats, why does the Eastwood Concours Pro HVLP 2-gun paint system kit offer 2.0, 1.7 and 1.3 tip sizes respectively? I mean you state in this video that the 1.4 tip size is perfect for base coats. I'm confused.

  7. Eastwood company-Ok what are you using for primer 1.8 or the 2.2 And for the clear coat what are you using 1.2 or the 1.3

  8. I sent away for the DeVilbiss startingline paint and primer guns but I found a DeVilbiss gti millennium in a foot locker I'm going to use the startingline paint gun as a clear coat gun when it comes in

  9. would a 2.0 work for all primers a 1.5 for basecoats and a 1.3 for clear coats or is it nessecary to have a 1.8 2.0 1.4 and 1.3

  10. You say to keep all the Needle Nozzle Kits together as a family.
    Does this mean you can use devilbiss Needle Nozzle Kits on other spray guns other then a devilbiss ?

  11. Eastwood should consider doing a review for turbine based guns, needles nozzle combinations for automotive paints. I'm considering your Apollo with 7500GT and it'd be quite helpful. Unfortunately Eastwood sent me a table with a thousand options. I'd like it broken down to its simplest form like it is done here.

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