*Random singing clips from later in the video* What’s up? My name is Roomie. Get those vlog belts off! Get those chastity belts off! Cause things are about to get pretty sticky.. *laughs* how old is your audience They’re all thirty and older. (lieeeeeeeeees!!!) Today we’re gonna try out the new music challenge generator over at my new website at roomieofficial.com More about that later (chuckles)… Sponsor Money Because today’s video is spondored by WIX! YAY Seriously though, wix is a great tool to build a website If you’re a musician or anything else creative or have a business It’s so easy and the results are just amazing. Anyway we are gonna get to that later in the video. Lets get on with it! Today we gonna try out a bunch of different singing experiments Most Importantly ^ But there’s some other really cool ones in this video as well The generator suggests a bunch of different things like singing with helium in different genres like the thing we are doing today We got a crazy mode and a regular mode and uh first off I wanted to try the crazy mode because you can do some pretty insane things OK Lets start the generator! OK so here’s the generator As you can see there’s a bunch of pictures rolling there So the way this works is that you close your eyes and then you take a screenshot and that’s your challenge. *screenshot noise* OK so we have getting slapped, strangers, Hip-Hop, and Cocky. I don’t like either getting slapped or *heh* like having to include strangers in some way but you gotta follow the generator that’s part of the challenge right? To meet strangers I’m gonna have to get out of the flat So, Dave will you help me talk to strangers? *Distant yelling* NO! *laughs* please? NO! I’ll give you uh … my undying love..? (finally says ok) *laughs* so I’m out with Dave here and we are gonna be filming some people giving me compliments I feel like it’s going to be super awkward like just asking for compliments from strangers I’m gonna feel awkward filming I’m feeling uhhhh awkward already. Well lets see what happens.. Stop doing that! (Dave: I AM the camera man) I hate that! (Dave) I’ve got an idea for this video Uh huh? How about instead of roasting each other we’re just nice? *wrong buzzer noise* I think you have strong branding Oh thank you. Can i just ask you will you give me a compliment. Lady: A compliment? Yeah, please compliment me Lady: Your sunglasses look very nice Ding! *dramatic voice* why… did my wife leave me? Why do I only have three days left to live? Why does Dave from Boyinaband make videos again I hate it! Thank you This is meant to be compliments (Dave) Hey look you’re me! I just walking around asking people to compliment me would you- could you give me a compliment please? *nervous laugh* *wrong noise buzzer* What happened? It’s hard to know if people are really grumpy or if they are just squinting at the sun. Can I compliment you. Roomie: Yeah. I like your glasses (Dave) we already had that one I like your glasses as well Oh, thank you Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Would you give me a compliment by the way? Yeah, alright uh you’re a really good friend (roomie) that’s so cute *jokingly* I’m a really good friend! Ok lets wrap this up and lets make a song out of it! *screams in pain* OWWW *loud scream* OK so before we continue the video I just gotta say I can feel your telepathic questions in my head. You’re asking me.. well it’s very convenient for me that you’re asking me that for real because that’s actually thanks to today’s sponsor… Wix! Now, wix makes website building super easy. And it’s really awesome for all you musicians out there they have a music player that you can customize. It fits into the website. through the player your visitors can listen to and buy your songs immidiately They have a bunch of templates and presets for musicians A HUGE library of free images you can also upload your own and add animations Like this one of me flying in with my balloons like a sassy goddess. Thanks to wix. I really think they have an amazing product. So, go check it out if you haven’t already. You can make something amazing really quickly to represent your music or anything else. Ok, so we just got word that my friend Jon who usually films my videos He got a package that I ordered, delivered to him. What could it be? *laughs* oh yeah. The British sun is so strong today that I need like triple protection For my beautiful blue bahama eyes So the thing I actually ordered was helium *laughs* (Jon) Hey how’s it goin? Hey do you have my package, my helium.. No nothing uhhh *sucks in helium* nothing was delivered at all *laughs* Did you… nah dude! you opened my package! What the hell is this Its helium and heluim balloons I learned from my mistakes last time Where are my balloons? Where did you put the balloons? Ah no it said optional extra So this time I actually ordered with balloons Pretty cool. You got such a low voice to begin with What’s up my name is Roomie *laughs* *creepy gnome laugh* OK so we had this idea right that me and my friend Jonas here would have a competition where we insult each other with helium And the first person that laughs is a B***h. Let’s go It’s important not to laugh you know. *laughs* Why am I laughing? So..so gross *laughs* *laughs* You look like your’e sucking on a t*t Your’e fat Your’e like a garden gnome… but… shorter I got more subscribers than you OHHHHH You’re so stupid you stare 20 minutes on a juice package just ’cause it says concentrate this is hard I was gonna tell you the other day that you looked good before we were going out to party but it turns out that I wasn’t actually looking at you I was looking in the mirror Damn! *both laugh* Okay so time for another challenge from the challenge generator I felt that after the last one I can’t just chicken out and do an easy one so lets do another one on crazy mode *screenshot noise* Okay so this time we have helium, side flute, muti-genre, and stereotypical lyric theme. I don’t think I have a slide whistle here right now. so I’m gonna have to skip that one but lets do the other one So helium, multi-genre, and stereotypical. Hey guys Roomie from the future here just a quick heads up that I looked back on the footage just now while editing and *laughs* I do this quite a lot which I find pretty embarrassing. That’s a thing Also, I was really interested to hear because I do some singing but I also do some screaming in it and that *laughs* sounded pretty interesting, so I hope you guys enjoy that *both laughing*


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