[Music] popping or scratching one’s acne can leave scars on the affected area to get rid of these acne scars you can make simple remedies at home you can apply aloe vera gel on the acne scars to make this gel at home take an aloe vera leaf peel off the skin please make sure you don’t hurt yourself with the tongs the gooey substance you find inside this the aloe vera gel you can apply this gel on the affected area twice a day leave it for 30 minutes before washing there’s a special mixture you can make it home to apply on acne scars take one tablespoon of honey one tablespoon of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 2 tablespoons of plain milk mix it well apply this mixture on the affected area this will help fix acne scars take care of yourself and keep glowing for more such natural home remedies visit www.investlocalbook.com

71 thoughts on “Skin Care – Acne Scars – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies”

  1. The second treatment of lemon , almond oil, milk SHOULD BE KEPT ON THE ACNE FOR HOW MUCH MIN.
    THE MILK HAD TO RAW? or the boiled milk
    Nisha here
    Pls do lt me know

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  4. Please tell me how long should I apply this (honey+almond oil+lemon juice+ milk) before washing…..and how many times a day….

  5. I have Acne on my face.tell me what i need to do to get read of it.
    my another question is generally you give 3 solution in each video should i use all of these or i can select just one.

  6. Pleaso to all those spammers advertising their link herepa and skincarekit.. pleaso do stop those very irritating comments because your only point is not to help but to earn money on those pimple sufferer people. By the way, back to the vid, um how long will the aloe vera take effect on my depressed, pitted acne scars? how long can I see visible results? PLease reply I really wanna try it.. :), I already survived acne by antibiotic and now I am suffering scars.. urrgggg

  7. I have done skin chemical peeling and got rid of the pimples.. the marks are still there and im stil continueng the treatment using mild peeling.. can i follow this remedy whch u have showed ? 

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  10. can i use thie to get rid of really bad back acne. also can the remedies also be used to prevent acne

  11. I have brown colour pimple marks on my face how to cure that n also tell me how to cure pimples..my skin is oily not very oily..but i m fed up of pimples n its marks on my cheeks n chin n forehead…plz help

  12. please suggest some home remedies for acne scars on the back and shoulders, and how to avoid new acne from appearing.

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  18. I've know aloevera being of different types for specific treatments….have u used any particular one?plz advice, thank you:)

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  26. There are a few ideas for treating acne at home
    Ensure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
    Take sleep
    Avoid food that is processed or contains additives
    Use low or no sugar foods.
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  27. I have discovered that I have a keloid scar caused by chicken poxI was wondering if you have any home remedies that I can use to get rid of it? Thanks so much

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