Hello, my name’s Rhiannon and I have just
completed The Thrive Programme. I originally came to Cara because I really
wanted help sorting out my phobia of injections and needles in general. Now before I started Thrive, I honestly could not have an injection – I wouldn’t even
entertain the idea. If I did ever need some injections or vaccinations I’d
just be an absolute mess I would starve myself the days in the run up, I
wouldn’t sleep, I’d be in a terrible mood I couldn’t see past that point. I really
really was making myself very very ill and as we went through the programme we
achieve realized that there was a lot of other kind of underlying issues – my
thinking styles and that perhaps I didn’t realize at first. I’m a
perfectionist, I can be obsessive lots of black and white thinking and some
negative thinking – that was affecting my self-esteem… and throughout the programme I was working with a lot of these things and feeling
you know feeling a lot better in myself I’m managing my thinking an awful lot
better and yesterday, I went and I had a flu jab, so this is the evidence I basically realized that I could
completely control my emotions and my reactions and they’re actually what
I feared wasn’t actually the injection itself it was all the anxiety and the
fear that I created around – that’s what was stopping me from getting any
injections and I went into pharmacy and asked about having a flu jab, they
said they could do it there and then, and I thought you know what you know a few
weeks ago I would just I wouldn’t have even asked about that and I was like you
know what I’m gonna do this and I was calm I was able to beat off any anxiety
I fell, I wasn’t catastrophizing… I maintained perspective and then I had left pharmacy and I’ve got on my day, and
I was absolutely over the moon I mean, honestly even a couple of
weeks ago, I would not even entertained that… I was a full-blown needle
phobic, so thank you very much Cara for all your help I really appreciate it

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