okay so this is a Spanish translation
and I’m working half double crochet across and so this is from a video that
I was watching that was a Spanish translation so I’m poking my needle
through poking it through working half double crochet I’m just gonna do a
little bit of it because I thought it was writing it down I might not have
been writing it down anywhere and so yeah so I’m just gonna work half double
crochet across just like this all the way across I could be off a stitch or
two maybe because it’s been a little bit since I’ve worked it and you can see
I’ve just kind of gone back and circle back around to using the floor as my
backdrop yeah I’m just going to use the floor as my backdrop and things that are
colorful and this is just what I’m gonna do like
this okay working and I’m poking my needle through like this so keep in mind
this is a Spanish translation from a video I was watching and so I can just
watch how they do it and then repeat it from there and ya know the copyright
Nazis just have a huge huge ship that when you don’t mention them like they
are oh my gosh like they are the first person and then everything okay so I’m
gonna flip it around okay so now I was thinking this was done in multiples of 3
if I remember right yeah I think okay so I might add did it wrong already okay so
I’m gonna work I’m just gonna do it here I’m gonna work one two three for oh gosh now I don’t even remember
how I did it okay so I went down isn’t that great that I just don’t remember
how I did it so it’s sort of us it’s sort of a slanted shell stitch here and
so oh I see what I did wrong yeah I see what I did wrong let’s rip it
out and let’s work double crochet instead okay yeah double crochet is what
I did okay so let’s work one double crochet in each stitch across and so he
knows one of those things when it’s been a while since you’ve done a pattern or
even since you’ve done some knitting and stuff like that you know I mean that the
knit there are knitting Nazis out there too who they want you to use the word
knitting instead of crochet and oh my gosh it’s just it actually just
completely takes the whole fun out of it it really does because there’s they’re
such Nazis as far as dictators and wanting to control how everything is
done and I’ve kind of learned that okay well you do it yourself then if if you
think that you can’t be compatible and share and you know see things as
education then it’s like I really don’t want to be around you then you know
you’re you’re you just go off and do it by yourself you do all the work by
yourself that’s I mean I still kind of have that philosophy that I want to play
along with people who like to have fun and aren’t trying to control everything
and so okay and so I’m doing double crochet here oh and some of them even
have their networks they even have people who send them stuff they they
send them completed projects someone else made actually and then they
say that they made it when they really didn’t so they don’t even know how to
make the stitches and things that yeah with the blankets and things that
they’re presenting that’s the funny part about it okay so I’m going to chain one
and work a double crochet on the edge there so that’s how I like to do it one
two three four okay so I was doing them how in the world was
I doing these all the same oh I know what happened because I was I was doing
mine all the same so okay so I think that I was doing double crochet so then
now I go down here and I was doing something like this one now this one is
triple crochet actually two and then I’m leaving the last stitches on the hook
like that three and four and five I think it was something like
this let’s see how that looks and then we wrap the yarn over and pull through
all of them well that looks pretty good it it looks different from what I did
well I mean it looks the same but it doesn’t look actually aligned
maybe I started over too far but that that would work though if I was if I was
making it staggered if I was doing staggered stitches actually that would
work out really well that’s kind of what I think staggered in a way so I’ve got
one two okay so there’s one two and so yeah so let me do this and take that one
out and go back further because that’s what I think that’s what I did was okay
so let me go back and okay how so we’re going around this first one I’m using
triple crochet I think I think I did five there and leave the last two
stitches on the hook there’s one let’s see two and then three around the center
here three we got caught a little three and I’m leaving the last one on
the hook and then four and five and let’s see what we got when I’m done here
I don’t know what I don’t look like okay well that looks a little closer but I’m
still not over far enough yeah that looks pretty good I think that it’s
probably going to have to this is one of those that it just kind of has a slant
to it and so I did one two three down there I did five and yep there’s one in
between I thought I wrote it out but I didn’t and so yeah so then let me see up
here then we went back here and how did I do this I think I did double like one
five or three or something like that one two three four and five maybe something like that yeah that
looks pretty good that’s not too bad it looks like it
might be a little crooked though but it’s workable it’s manageable I I might
add did it a little bit looser right here though – that’s what I’m beginning
to think I might add did it a little bit looser and oh I know what I did wrong
here oh I went down too far I went down let’s say I went down one I went down
over did I do yes I went down three rows instead of two rows that’s why it looks
a little lopsided let’s try that again let’s try it again and see if we can
okay I’m doing the triple crochet triple triple crochet and okay so I’m going
down only two rows not three I’m dropping down to one let’s see what
happens this time two three okay did I go around this one no maybe
not I don’t remember I’m just talking to myself
four and five okay let’s let’s see if I did it right or close oh okay all right
that looks oh but I did drop down that’s what I did
oh but I did that here too though I dropped down I did I dropped down what
was that that’s what I did right here I knew I dropped down somehow oh that was
on the back side that’s where I got that from so if I would have let me see okay
so what I did was that’s where I got the drop down from was right here so instead
of going through the top what I did was I and I dropped it through here because
there was something about the stitches that I was working around and then
through or maybe it was through right here and then through these stitches
like this and then then will turn and I’m gonna do it again yes that’s that’s
probably exactly what I was looking for only this is what I did wrong though
let’s take it out I need to do the back post double crochet like this because of
the fact that I want it on the front oh yes this is this is looking more
familiar now okay yeah okay so now we’re gonna turn and I’m
gonna work a couple double crochet and okay so now okay now I’m gonna go let’s
see what happens here I can get it right this time a close one
oh my gosh we’re just working on perfection two three Oh mr. spud wants
something four and five just like that okay so let’s lock that in there and see
what we’ve got oh okay yep
yeah that’s what we did so that’s what happens when I pick back up in something
that I don’t exactly remember what I was doing okay and so okay so I’m going to two three
yep that’s that’s what it was one two three and then I go back yeah dangle
yeah okay so then I did one two three four and then Nazi five yeah this is
exactly what it was so we had a multiple of we had a multiple of five six seven
eight we had a multiple of eight because we is
that what we had something like that and so so I opted to do the back post double
crochet which is the front post shows up front post but when I was doing it was a
back post because I like the look of the stitch better so you can see there
that’s exactly what it was so this is the Spanish translation for this
specific shell stitch it’s sort of like a drop down drop down a drop down type
of a stitch yeah and there’s there’s what we got right there so anyway that’s

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