(gentle piano music)>>I had a bit of a hard pregnancy and a challenging birth. And when Journee was born
doctors told me that, given the injury that she had sustained, that there was a strong likelihood that she wasn’t going to be
able to see, talk or walk. That was a really hard
pill to swallow as a mom.>>Journee presented to us, spastic cerebral palsy. My evaluation of her revealed
multiple contractures. She was also having a significant amount of turn and spasticity. We wanted to tackle this but noted that the contractures
were getting in her way and so we decided to proceed with surgery to release the muscles, lengthen them, and relieve the contractures, prior to planning for
spasticity management.>>So Journee had rehab after both her orthopedic surgery with Dr. Varghese and then after the
selective dorsal rhizotomy. So with the selective dorsal rhizotomy, we’re rather rapidly, you
know at the time of surgery, changing the muscle tone in her lower extremities, in her legs. And because of that she
has to learn to re-walk and learn how to use her legs again, and how to walk with a nice gait pattern, as opposed to a typical
four-year-old pattern of getting there as fast as possible.>>One, two, three, go! (cheers) All right!>>I think with this whole journey, what I’ve seen in Journee
the most is her light, and how these surgeries and these experiences with the doctors and
Kennedy Krieger Institute have added to who she
is and her self esteem. A couple of things that I’ve noticed is Journee’s ability
to stand independently. We’re in the beginning of the process, but just seeing her be able
to stand for 20 seconds and have that level of freedom is something that I was
told would never happen.>>Well we’re very
fortunate at John’s Hopkins in that we have the opportunity
to work with a really world-class place like
Kennedy Krieger Institute, where they’re very
well-known for their rehab. They have excellent programs here that are not necessarily found elsewhere. And because of that the
kids can take advantage of all the expertise.>>Journee is a very… she’s a tough girl. That’s the way I would put it. In spite of all the spasticity she had when her mom asked her to walk, she just put in everything
she had into it. And to see that in a child
who’s four years old, just sees the determination that she had.>>I believe all parents
want for their kids for them to be an amazing human being. And I definitely think that John’s Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger have added to who she is as a person in a way I never imagined.

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