– Fat Daddy here, formerly
known as Spencer Pratt on MTV’s mega-successful The Hills. On that series, I became a monster. You are the lamest girl in this club. The millions of dollars. I wanted to make sure you
were off the property. – [Girl] Whatever. – The quest to be the most
famous person in the world. Wah,wah,wah,wah. And you know what? It took getting married, having a baby and realizing I
didn’t like who I had become to wanna change. So, here on this series we’re
gonna just cleanse our mind, body, soul, spirit,
and seek enlightenment. And hopefully new tools
that can help myself and you all love ourselves. We’re all gonna just get lit off of light and energy and love. Spencer Pratt will heal you, yes you. (upbeat music) Today on Spencer Pratt Will Heal You it’s time to get very intimate. More intimate than I ever like to get. I personally don’t like
cuddling, I get hot, I get heat rashes. I understand sex, that makes sense but my wife Heidi loves cuddling
and since we’ve had a baby we’ve been going through
a major cuddle drought. So today Heidi, my wife and I, are gonna try cuddle therapy. And I truly believe that this
is gonna be an amazing thing for our marriage. So we’ll find out if cuddle therapy is for real, ’cause Heidi does not play. (upbeat music) – Spencer asked me to
be here with him today. Typical Spencer, crazy ideas. I don’t know what it is,
but I am here for him. – So Heidi, this is Christina,
a cuddle therapy guru. – Hello.
– Hi. – I love cuddling. – Good, good. – I hate cuddling, I think it’s stupid. – My name’s Christina.
I am from cuddlist.com. Cuddle therapy is platonic touch therapy. Massage and meditation and talk therapy. And depending on what the client needs, it lands somewhere in there. – I think today is gonna
be really funny and ironic because Spencer doesn’t like cuddling and I think that he is gonna be the one who needs the healing, not me. So what is this? Like are you gonna cuddle
with her in our house? I mean, I’m not really
comfortable with that. – Part of the cuddling
practice is actually consent and boundaries, and
actually communicating that and so it is really important.
– Here’s a boundary. (laughs) Do not go past this boundary. – Yeah, great, thank you for sharing that. I don’t really know what to expect. Growing up, I saw their
show, The Hills on TV. And, of course, I’ve
seen Spencer on the show having arguments and
being really difficult. It’s really cool to come full circle and be able to teach them
this healing practice. I’m curious about what you
don’t like about cuddling, or what comes up for you when you? – Me too. – First off, I get really hot. If I’m really cold, I
do like cuddling more. If I’m like, “Oh I need to warm up.” – Well, maybe we can come
up with ways to touch where you can give without
feeling claustrophobic. Also, if you hug for
longer than 20 seconds, you release oxytocin which
reduces cortisol stress levels. Boosts immunity, in fact,
I rarely get sick anymore since I cuddle people all the time. – This is good for Heidi to just be away from the miracle baby for this long. This cuddle therapy session
is probably gonna be the longest Heidi has not held our baby since the birth seven months ago. So, I think Heidi is very nervous about, why are you taking me away from our baby? I’m very affectionate with
the baby, so I hold him a lot. So maybe I get my share
of cuddling from there and maybe I don’t need as much affection from Spencer because I’m
getting different affection. – How does that make you feel? – Oh, I already felt that. (laughs) I’ve already been ghosted
and miss saying no to it. (all laugh) – Spencer just likes to play hard to get. – Would you all like to start with a pose that I think is really great for you? It’s called the resting log. – Anything for your healing. – So in fact, you’ll put
this arm under her leg and kind of hold the leg yeah, like that. Perfect. So I like this pose because as a man you almost never put yourself in a vulnerable position like this. Spencer, will you let Heidi
put her fingers in your ear? – Wait, what? Yeah, fingers in my ears. – I’d say this is sort of an intentional. And yes, you’ll go in like that and kind of press up against. – Whoa.
– It’s gonna feel natural. Yeah, and we’re gonna take a deep breath. (all take deep breath) And then move to another and hold. Yeah. It’s always good to
keep breathing together. (laughs) – You gotta tell us to breathe over here. – I think this is the first time you’ve ever cuddled like this. – This is definitely the first time I’ve ever cuddled like this. – And actually, this is the
most affectionate we’ve been since I’ve been like
three months pregnant. – Wow, how does it feel
for you Heidi doing this? – I love it. I’m about to cry thinking of
how much I’ve missed cuddling with Spencer and how
important it is to me. – So this one’s an advanced cuddling, which I think is great for
you two as a married couple. I call it the panda. – Give me your panda hug. – And then you guys will take
three deep breaths together and hum. (humming) – I already know I got
mad brownie points today. I can just feel Heidi is just loving this. – So this is the papa bear
and so this one allows you to be able to caress her
or rock and hold her. – I’m starting to like it. Papa bear has got me down with cuddling. Like as I sit here, I’m enjoying this because I know Heidi’s enjoying it. – You’re enjoying that
it brings Heidi pleasure. And the more you kind of focus
on these details of Heidi, the more you’re not
thinking about yourself or thinking about am I comfortable. You just are comfortable
because you’re focused. – Right, as you said, I just
realized I was comfortable as you’re telling us,
oh my gosh Heidi’s cozy, I’m comfortable. Just that hit me. I was like, “Oh I did it.” – That’s why I love cuddling
because when I cuddle, I think about how much I love you. – I think Spencer was healed and I think that they totally get it. It would be cool to see them develop into how much more they
can offer each other. – I’m so happy you were on
my show and I healed you. – Excuse me, I think that
I was the healer today. Heidi’s healing powers. – We’re married ’cause you’re my healer. (laughs) (upbeat music) – I’m never letting you go.

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