– Hey guys, I’m Spencer Pratt. I used to be not so Zen. You’re not her sister, you’re
not her friend, you’re a liar. But look at me now. Over the past 10 years, a lot has changed. I got married, had a miracle baby, and went on a journey to heal my mind, body and soul
from the inside out. And now I want to share
those lessons with you. I’m Spencer Pratt, and I’m gonna heal you. Joining me on this week’s
adventure is Scott and Todd. These guys are quadruple threats. They’re vloggers, musicians,
actors and writers. – Yeah, I was thinking
about seeing a movie later. – Can I come? – No. – They’re huge personalities. – Here we gooooo! – But that’s online. Like many others, they both suffer from the occasional social anxiety. Todd has a hard time
getting to know new people, and Scott’s often very
uncomfortable in public situations. Sometimes to heal, we
have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. How will I do this, you ask? We’re going ecstatic dancing. – Hey, what’s up Spencer? – What’s up Spencer? – What’s up buddies? Thank you for coming. Thank you. It’s good to see you guys. You guys ever done this ecstatic dancing? – No, I don’t know what it is. – I haven’t either. – Pretty nervous being here. Spencer said this would heal
me, and I’m hoping it does. – So tell me what your
guys’ biggest concerns are. – I just have general social anxiety, I’m really akward in public. – How are you able to
be like a huge internet, social media superstar and have issues? – That’s easy, I get to
hide behind the screen. Don’t actually have to
interact with anyone in person. It’s healing for me, also, just to do the social media thing. – Hey, I agree. And… – Pretty much the same thing. Just interacting with people,
hiding behind the screen. – Dude, pick something different man. – Yeah. – I mean, come on guys,
I know you’re roommates and everything. (laughing) – I believe Spencer can
cure me of my stress. I know he’s into crystals
and stuff like that, so I think we’re in the right place. – I’ve had three double shots
of expresso, so, need to go. – I’m ready. Let’s go. – High five. (upbeat music) – Hi. – Hello. – Is this your first time? – It is. We’re a little nervous. – It’s great to have you here. I’m Jo Cobbett and I’ve been
leading movement classes and workshops for the
last couple of decades. It’s like a moving meditation,
so you are in the space of being fascinated by how your body moves instead of trying to leave your body. Do you have any ideas or questions? – Well, I just heard this was
really good for just freeing your mind, body and spirit
and just letting loose. – Yeah, it’s totally about
just kind of connecting to yourself and hopefully, really
enjoying the experience, which is why it’s called ecstatic dance. – God, mind blown. – Like torture dance, you know. Have you guys done yoga? – Yes. – It’s sort of an opposite paradigm. It’s like you’re kind of
inviting your body to show you how to move instead of dictating
to your body how to move. Like, how do my feet want to move. – So you’re saying it
just makes it so you flow. – It’s like the mirrors on
the inside instead of outside. – How’s it gonna benefit their
anxiety, in your opinion? – So you’ve got anxiety, is that an issue? – Anxiety and stress. – It’s probably one of
the best ways I know busting out of stress. Turning off the thinking
head and inviting it back into the body. If I’ve got an energy or I don’t like a certain piece of music, it’s like, well, how does that move and
what is it shaped like? How does it move. So you get your chance
for the body to talk. – Jo seems great, she
seems a little laid back and hippy vibe and very in
touch with her emotions. – There are other people
who are going to be dancing with us today and they’ve been
doing this for a longer time. Everybody finds their own dance. – So you guys ready to start? I know I’m in. – Let’s put on some music
and see how it feels. (gentle music) Move around and say yes. This is how I’m here,
this is how I’m here. – I didn’t expect this to
be like a free motion thing. I thought that we were gonna learn stuff. – People are touching each
other in weird places, which is fine, but this is really weird. – I’m kind of a chameleon, so what I see what other people are doing, I’m gonna try and copy that and then see where my body goes from there. (upbeat music) Spencer’s really getting
into the groove here. He’s got his eyes closed,
I think he’s feeling it. – Whoa, I’m having to
close my eyes because I feel like I’m in like
a Game of Thrones orgy. Is this dancing or is this foreplay? This is very sexual, I must be a virgin. – You feel like staying in your own dance, you’re welcome to stay in there. Just show them, show them,
put your hands on your heart, give them a little sense of,
I need my own space right now. It’s fine, it’s always
fine, it’s always fine, honor yourself. – Scott looks good, his skin is glistening and his hair’s slicked back in the sweat and he looks like he’s really enjoying it. – I’m feeling different. At this point, I feel a
little more opened up, like I’m looser. I’m a little concerned
about Todd right now. There’s a lady that’s been all up on him for the past five minutes or so, and I was around her for a little bit too, and I had to break away. But I think he’ll be okay. – [Todd] Right now, I’m
sweating, I’m grooving, my legs hurt, I’m getting
old, but I do feel free and I feel very in touch with my emotions. (upbeat electronic music) (clapping) (bells clanging) – Feel what’s beating,
checking in with the heart. What’s different now. Feeling the warmth of the
hands on either side of you, seeing who’s here in circle. Your eyes open, go around
and just offer name and if you have a word,
you’re welcome to share it. I’m Jo. – Todd. – Scott, sweaty. (laughing) – Spencer, free, blessed, love. – Thank you. It’s a lot more to show up
than just walking in the door. And just letting go with
love and opening hearts. – I never hold hands with strangers. I don’t even really like to shake hands, but at that moment, holding
hands and saying how we felt, it felt powerful. I felt like, oh, look,
Spencer, you love humans. – Wow, I’m tired. (laughing) – You guys feel like you let
go of some of that anxiety? – I feel better now than when I came in. (laughing) I’m more relaxed. – I feel looser, mentally and physically. I think a real highlight today
would be finding connection with everyone in the room
that I had never met before and dancing on sweaty bodies. – Think you’ll do it again? – Oh, yeah. I’m gonna like do it tonight. (laughing) I brought you one of my
crystals, it’s a fire agate, it’s a thank you gift. When I hear fire, I think of you, so… – That’s so sweet of you. Do you take hugs? – Yeah, yeah, I love hugs. – Thank you. – Thanks for getting
sweaty, it’s a good sign, it’s a really good sign. – Thank you. – Both the guys really
seemed to welcome the floor, they were down on the earth
as well as being willing to engage with almost everybody in the space. They were very open and
responsive and they were really connected with each
other from time to time, so I saw huge changes in all three. Blessings. – [Spencer] Thank you so much. – Thank you. Overall, I think this was
really good because it taught me to be myself, not worry about what other people are thinking. I got loose, I got comfortable
with other people around me. I felt good. – I’m overall happy that
Spencer brought me here today because I feel rejuvenated, a new person, and I feel like I can really groove. – You feeling healed? Mission complete? – Mission complete. – Thank you guys so much. That was the most hugging
I’ve done probably this month, which is big for me, so I’m
going out of these boxes. I’m on a journey. Thanks for watching. If you don’t want to miss any more Spencer Pratt Will Heal You
episodes, subscribe right here. And for even more
videos, click right here.

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  12. AMAZING episode! Iโ€™m going to try this!! Thank YOU PRATT DADDY!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป SPENCER PRATT WILL HEAL YOUUUU!

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