– Hi guys, I’m Spencer Pratt. You know me from winning
Snapchatter of the Year. Or maybe you remember me from The Hills. And you probably hated me. I hated myself also. It was horrible, I became a monster. So I set out on a new
journey to find love, to heal my mind, body, and spirit. And now, I want to share
these life lessons. Spencer Pratt will heal you. Today I’m hanging out with
my homie Sarah McDaniel. AKA Crotchie. Sarah is a model. Sarah is a YouTuber. She’s a stop-motion video producer. Sarah is also known to
be a conspiracy theorist. – Put in the simplest
form, the delete button for the entire universe,
based on the physics we know right now, which also could be false. – She suffers from both
pain and anxiety so it’s time for me to really work my magic. We’re going to pay a visit to a witch, a real life witch with spells and potions and magic. Hey Sarah. – How are you? – I am– – Good to see you. – A little nervous for today. How are you feeling? Are you ready for this? – I’m really excited. I love just venturing into
a bunch of weird (beep). I think everyone has a
little bit of witch in them. – You have a conspiracy about this also? – I mean, I’m mostly into
astrophysics and things like that. So I think it kind of ties into it. She’s into the stars, obviously so. – Have you ever met a witch? – Not knowingly. I think I definitely know people that have witchy vibes to them. – Bitches. – Stop. – I thought we were talking
about people in Hollywood. Well, I am very confident that this witch is exactly what you needed
to heal your anxiety and your back pains. Are you ready?
– [Sarah] Let’s do it, yeah. – My name is Maja D’Aoust
and I am a practicing witch. I work with nature healing of
the mind, body, and spirit. – Hi.
– Hi guys. – Hello. I’m a little nervous. I’ve just never sat down
with, may I say, witch? Is that politically correct? Or spiritually correct? – It’s all of those thing. – Witches have a negative connotation. – Bad word, yeah. I think they’re always
spread kind of as evil. – Mostly by people who don’t know that they themselves are evil. Judging a person as evil is satanic. – So what do we have here? – So today for you guys,
we have a couple of things. First, I would like to
give you a clearing. Then, we’re gonna have a potion. And then we can also
do some transformation using a technique of creating
a gollum of yourself. Did you guys come with any specific issues that you would like to deal with today? – I deal a lot with anxiety with pretty much everything in my life. I’m just a very anxious person. And my lower back on my right side, I have a kind of a sharp
pain from lifting weights. So that’s kind of the
things I’d like to focus on. – My concern today is
really only Sarah’s healing, I’m just a facilitator. – You’re cute. – Let’s heal Sarah. – Let’s get started with a
clearing based on qigong, the Chinese technique and I
will place my hands on your back while I listen to the
music, the music helps me feel the feelings and then briefly, it will just give you
like a little jsssssh like taking a shower. You guys hold hands with each other. Deep breath in. The clearings, they’re based
on martial arts techniques where I move the energy in my body and I work with Holy Spirit to transfer the energy into the other people. One more time, take a deep breath in. – I’m feeling this witches energy. Got a good vibe, I’m liking it. – Feels like there’s an
electric bolt just going down my entire body, it’s crazy. – Okay, that was it. You guys feel clearer? – Wow. You did some healing. I feel good. Wow. Whoa, that’s crazy. That really hit me. I think it hit me harder than it hit you. – Yeah. – I can definitely feel
the electromagnetic energy from your fingers. – If I do it for like five
hours, I can literally set off car alarms when I walk by. A lot of times people who smoke weed will feel it right away. – Maybe Sarah, I personally,
I just drink water. – What an angel. – The potion I’m making
today is a concoction of reishi mushrooms,
several other funguses. We have a good anxiety
herb which is astragalus. We have reishi mushrooms,
it goes into your body and finds out what’s wrong
and then just fixes it. – Are we going to smoke this stuff? – No, we’re going to make a little tea. – Oh.
– Yeah. Mugwort, you guys will
have crazy dreams tonight. This one’s really good for lucid dreaming. Then we have dandelion root which is really good for anger clearing– – Ah, she points at me for anger. I ride my anger people,
I ride it like a wave. – Are you guys ready for some potion? It works best if you have hot water or you can even use alcohol. It’s a good way to make
your booze into medicine. – I would argue that my
booze already is medicine. – [Maja] Alcohol is medicine. – To life. – To life and to spirit. – Tastes very earthy. Like I’m drinking out of a pond. – Some dirt tones, definitely. – That’s the dandelion. – I like it. – Yeah, let me see you finish it all. – Why don’t you? – I’m gonna right after you. – You wanna race me? – Yeah, to the most lit AF dreams ever. (Sarah coughing) – [Maja] That’s medicine. – Why did we do that that fast? That wasn’t necessary. I feel like a witch. I feel like a dang witch. You better watch out haters,
I may put a spell on you. – The practice of making
a little self of yourself goes back a long way,
it’s called an effigy, like voodoo dolls. You can do it however you like. – I’ve only heard negative
things with voodoo dolls. Hopefully it doesn’t come
back and bite me in the ass. – Hello. I’m Pratt Daddy. I have a really big head. – Spencer has a very powerful gollum which radiates solar energy. And for him, if he can
use his power for himself, he’ll find that he’ll be
able to radiate much more to other people with abundance. – [Sarah] Stand. – Sarah’s gollum is already
beautiful so what I really want her to be able to do is to
see her own inner beauty and power which is really all she needs. Okay, so now we’re gonna
give you guys a little saint protection, this is holy
water from Padre Pio. We’re just going to give
you guys a little spritz. – What was that that just got in my eye? – Holy water. And then this is from Saint
Benedict and he has a key so we’re just going to
give you guys a little. – Right in the head. – ‘Cause it leaves an impression. And then we’re going to concentrate on what would you guys like to transform. Place it in the belly of your little guy. And now I’d like you guys to
concentrate on that same thing and draw a shape on that
piece of paper for me. So symbolic representations
using your subconscious to focus on something by making a representative of the thing. – I’m not going to say your circle’s basic but I won’t judge your stuff. It’s a very great circle. – [Sarah] Continuous. – It’s true, that’s
the ouroboros, which is the snake that eats its
tail, that’s the cycle. And yours is as above, so below. It’s the conjunction
with two opposite forces come to meet each other. It’s very sexual. – Oh. – So what we’re going to do
is we’re gonna burn the paper. Are you guys ready to
release it and let it change into a brand new thing that you don’t have to carry around anymore? Doesn’t that sound nice? Make a wish. – Woo! Whoa. – That was sick. – Can we do that again? – You should do it all the time. – Oh my gosh. – Do you guys feel that it’s released? Do you feel a little
better, a little clearer? – I feel great. I don’t feel anxious. – How does your back feel? – It doesn’t hurt when
I move it on this side, so that’s good. I feel very rested. There’s not like that inner
spazzy mindset going on anymore, it’s just very, like a level. – It’s an equilibrium. That’s peace. Peace isn’t just good. It’s when you take the good and the bad and you meet them in the middle. – You’re on the same page as me because I am out here flying like a dang hummer. – You can’t fly with all these weights dragging down your balloon
man, you gotta rise up. – I want more healing. – Thanks you guys for
being such good sports. – Thank you for your time and energy. That was very special. – I wish I was a witch
because she just seems so in tune with everything. – I’m nervous for the dreams. I was not planning on
drinking all the tea spell. – I hope they’re positive but they can get as weird as they want as
long as they stay positive. – Do you believe you’re healed? – I absolutely feel a lot
more calm and clear headed. I think there was definitely some healing properties going on. What about you? – I frickin’ had a frickin’ healing blast. – I really do respect
these holistic rituals that people are using right
now and I feel more calm and clear headed and I feel my energy completely change throughout my body. – Thank you so much for
joining me for this healing. What a day. And now I feel like I can fly. Thank you for watching. For more of your favorite
Spencer Pratt Will Heal You moments, click here to subscribe. – And if you want more videos, click here.

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