Hey guys, I’m Spencer Pratt. This is my brand new show for MTV and so far, a lot of
healing has gone down. You may remember me from
my days on The Hills. That was a dark time. So, when the show ended, I realized I needed to
make a change in my life. So I set out on a journey to heal my soul, my mind, and my body. I found my inner zen, okay? You should find yours with me. I’m Spencer Pratt. Let me heal you. (fun upbeat music) Today, coming along for the ride, is an Atlanta superstar prodigy who was born to make music. My actual homie: Kodie Shane. I’ve been listening to
Kodie for a couple years now but she is stressed. She’s dealin’ with a
lot of drama recording her upcoming debut
album and she’s drained. So she needs something
that will switch her off but will still center
her mind and her spirit. Something that’s unique and fun. Just like she is. So, today, we’re doing
the greatest of all time: goat yoga. You heard that right. Goat yoga. (fun upbeat music) – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahh! This goat just tried to bite me. Bro, he don’t wanna be my friend. – What’s up love?
– Ahhh What’s up bro?
– How are you? Good to see you.
– It’s good to see you, bro. – What are you doing with these goats? – [Kodie] You tell me. – [Spencer] Oh, you’ve
never done goat yoga before? – Heck no. I actually never did yoga before but I’ve heard a few times,
from different people, that I should and goats? I always wanted to meet a goat, so today’s my lucky day. – We’re healing your
stress today, that’s right. You got this album coming out. – [Kodie] Yeah, late July, early August. I’m excited. It’s just, a lot of work
figuring out the sequence and just features and who I really want and who I feel like can
make the album better. All types of stuff, so. It’s a pretty stressful process. Thanks for having me though, bro. – I’m sorry you’re so stressed out. It’s, like, I got a healing for you. This is gonna be amazing for both of us. Oh hello.
– Hey. I’m Christine Burke. I teach yoga. I write about yoga. And I teach goat yoga. You ready for some goat yoga? – I don’t even know if I’m ready yet, but, we’ll see.
– Come on, let’s find out. Why don’t you guys grab some mats. Goat yoga is basic regular yoga with the addition of goats. Animals and yoga go back very far, right? The Yogies were observing
animals in nature and they created the poses
off a lot of the animals. If you’re wondering about why goats, they’re really useful for
building core strength and upper body strength because
they’ll jump on your back or step on your back in certain poses and they’ll help you with your stress. If you just let yourself
kinda drop into the experience right, let it be novel, gets you out of your usual
things that your thinking about, stay connected with them in the yoga, it’s gonna do magic. – I don’t know what I’m in for, but I do know that these
are the cutest goats I’ve ever seen. They’ve got this tape
around their antlers. I hope, I really hope, I just didn’t disrespect
the goat community by calling them antlers because, you know, they
might be horns. (chuckles) – So, we’ll just start in. Okay, go like this, let
your head drop down. Hey your both pretty flexible. That’s great. And send out your most goat
manifesting energy right now. ‘Cause what we want is for
the goats to want to come and give you a little extra. – [Spencer] Whoa, that’s wild (beep). Oh oh sh, yeah, oh yeah. – So crazy.
– That’s a little harder then I was ready for.
– So breath into it. – Oh god. – [Spencer] I’m not gonna lie. I feel like any second
here, I’m gonna get kicked, in the dang head, by a goat. – You’re gonna swing your legs around and just swing into this position. – [Kodie] Oh (beep) I got two goats on me. – [Christine] Okay, you’re gonna come into – Oh (beep) this is so insane. Imma be honest, it’s probably the weirdest
thing I’ve ever done. Ever. – [Christine] There you go. – [Kodie] That looks so fun for you guys. – It’s gonna be you in a second. – [Kodie] I’m gonna let
it be fun for you guys. (bahing like a sheep) – Good boy, there you go.
– Ahhhhh. I feel like Christina might
have downplayed it a little bit. It was a lot more intense then I thought. – You alright there?
– Yeah, I’m good. – Okay, breath.
– Oh (beep). – [Christine] Okay. Take a couple more breaths like that. – Oh, I felt that. – Was it good?
– Yeah, I felt that. Who needs a chiropractor? – That was intense. – [Spencer] I got beat
up by two damn goats. Thought the goats would
just, oo little goat touch. Damn. – [Christine] I would like
to put you into some poses where they’re going under
you for a moment, ‘kay? Okay, something a little
bit easier for you? – Wow, that’s a rush. – It actually feels
great, I’m not gonna lie. – [Christine] Down dog, good. So lift your hips really high, yeah, so they can go under you.
– Yeah. I like that.
– There ya go. That’s just a little tickle. Good, take another breath. Lift those your hips high until you’re in the top of the
– Whoa, whoa. – [Christine] I think Spencer’s really one with these goats right now. I think he’s in his element. They love you Spencer.
– Spencer’s the G.O.A.T. So they know. – Oh, when you’re a
G.O.A.T. the goats know. – [Kodie] Goat’s see G.O.A.T.s. – [Spencer] Spencer Pratt will heal you. – [Christine] Go down slow, Kodie. Kodie’s doing amazing. I feel like she came in with a heavy load and a little bit distracted and now she’s kinda glowing
and shining and laughing and I think this is really good for her. – Do I have two goats on?
– Yes you do. – It feels like two goats.
– Yes you do. – Oh wow. – [Christine] Lift your chest up and press into your hands
for Cobra and you’re good. There you go. (clapping) – I’m just
here for moral support. – [Christine] Let the goat do it’s work and then come down onto your belly. So you’ll just get a little
massage for a few moments. – [Kodie] It feels really great. Although, I know all
he wants is his treat. – [Christine] Just imagine
you’re in a spa right now. Inhale, lift your chest up. – [Spencer] Whoa, I got
bit, that was a little bite. – Ow.
– They do have teeth. – (laughs) Turns out they do. Let’s go onto your backs and draw your knees into your chests. – You, no.
– No, we’re good we’re good. We’re good, we’re good we’re
good we’re good we’re good – [Christine] That’s a
whole different healing, you don’t need that. – I’m cool on that one. May wanna have another child. I’m just happy the goat
didn’t kick me in the (beep) and then they were gonna
go “Oh that never happens.” Kodie seems way less stressed
out then when she got here. – I haven’t thought about music since goats started jumping on my back. – [Christine] That’s all you
need, is to get a goat now. – [Spencer] Are you
gettin’ healed or what? – Psh, this was like more than a healing. – I think this should be your album cover. – Oh god, a goat on a G.O.A.T. – Yeah, I think this is the album. – [Christine] You’re getting so flexible. – I know, right now, this is crazy. – [Christine] You’re way way deeper. That’s gonna help your performing so much. Just let the healing goat powers kind of, marinate. Saturate. And we’ll finish by saying
what we say in goat yoga world: Namisteeeeeeeehhhh. – Namisteeeeeeeehhhh. – [Christine] Well, you both look better. – [Spencer] I definitely feel different. – Aye. Nobody massages me like you Spankey. – Thank you so much Christine. – You’re so welcome. And you’re great Yogies and
you’re great goat Yogies so, thank you. – Yogies sound,
– Yeah. I only wanted to be a goat Yogie, so. – [Christine] Okay, take care. Bye. – Wow. – Intense. – I actually think
everything went amazing. – Goat yoga went really good. Like my mind was completely cleared so, I honestly think it was
like a mission complete. – If I’m gonna do yoga again, I would wanna do it with a goat. So, are you gonna have
a goat on tour with you? – I think I might do the Michael Jackson and have, like, a whole
zoo in my backyard. With just goats. – I think you need one on stage. – Goat walk out with me. Everybody say what’s up to my goat. Goat! – Thank you, Kodie, so
much for trusting me. – Thank you bro.
– Goat yoga. – I had an amazing time. – Let’s get out of here. Thanks for watching. For more of your favorite Spencer Pratt Will Heal You moments, click here and subscribe. – And for even more videos, click here. Right here.

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