Welcome to VAT19 Trivia Night,
where we’re going to find out, will spice make you dumb? I hope so. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Carolina Reaper originates
from South Carolina. What is the capital
of that state? [HIT BUZZER] And they buzzed in. Ah– Charleston. Ben and John say Charleston. Yes. Yes. That is incorrect. Oh! Five seconds, guys. Oh, no. I can’t think of a single
city in South Carolina. Five seconds. Do you have an answer? Too much pressure. No. Richmond! No. It is not Richmond. It is Columbia. Oh! Of course! Come on– All right, since you both lost,
I will do the spinning for you. So be prepared to be mad at me. Oh! Stinger pops. All right, you
have to place them in your mouth for 30 seconds. Mine says, “Warning,
extremely spicy.” Should I get a new one? Nope. [LAUGHTER] You’re doing it, Ben. You’re living the dream. 1, 2, 3. So far, so good. There it is. Oh, dear. Ow! All right, and that’s
30 seconds, guys. Well done. OK, all right. That is some spicy saliva. Second question,
in what US state will you find a butte
known as the Devil’s Tower? [HIT BUZZER] Three seconds. Go for it. Got to go. I need an answer. Utah. No, it is not Utah. Five seconds. Let’s go with it. North Dakota? It was not North Dakota. Ah! It was Wyoming. Wyoming, oh! So what, we’re both
getting spice again? You’re both getting spice again. I’ll spin the wheel once again. It’s like playing Russian
Roulette with a lot of bullets to go around. [LAUGHTER] It’s like more bullets. It’s a totally filled chamber. Oh, no! What is it? Not something good. All right, everybody
has a quarter teaspoon of Carolina Reaper powder. That’s 2.2 million Scovilles,
the hottest pepper on earth. Bottoms up. Mmm. Whoo! Let them take that in a bit. It’s stuck to my mouth. It’s stuck to the
roof of my mouth. That’s not good. It’s a paste. It’s a thick paste. [COUGHS] Can we get the
next question now? Yeah, here we go. Let’s do it. This might be, I think,
the hardest question yet. OK, fantastic. What– Here you go! What is the capital
of Australia? What? That’s a trick question. [HITS BUZZER] All right, John has buzzed in. I feel like it’s
a trick question. It’s not Sydney. It’s Melbourne. That is incorrect. Oh! Dang it! Sydney? No, it is Canberra. What? Canberra was the answer. I’m sorry, guys, that’s
one more round of spice. [BURPS] [HICCUPS] [YELLS] Whoo. All right. Fire Dust pepper, one of
our more mild options. Yeah, that’s
basically [INAUDIBLE].. Sweet. You guys ready? Yes. [LAUGHS] Bottoms up. You see the fire in their eyes. [COUGHING] Fierce competitors here. [COUGHING] Ew, it went down the wrong way. [COUGHING] Whoo! [COUGHS] What is the nickname for the
internet-famous Turkish chef who confidently spices
his meat with an elbow technique of cascading salt? What? What? [HITS BUZZER] Joey. No, I don’t have it. Turkish chef? I thought I had it,
but my brain’s gone. I don’t know any chef memes. All right, the answer
was “Salt Bae.” “Salt Bae.” No clue. Ah, my face. I can’t feel my face. Ghost pepper hard candy,
ghost pepper hard candy. We have ghost pepper hard candy. Go ahead and pop
those bad boys in. Watermelon. Oh, yeah, OK. People like this. I think you guys
are enjoying this. Next question, bro. All right, here we go. Oh, it’s hot, though. Oh, [BLEEP]. Ugh. This is hot. All right, I know somebody is
going to know this next one. That’s what you said last time. Well– “They’re eating her, and
then they’re going to eat me” is a line from what
campy horror movie? I’ve heard the thing, but
I know what– it’s a– Yeah, I’ve seen the clips. But I’ve never– [INTERPOSING VOICES] –I don’t know what
movie that’s from. “They’re eating her, and
then they’re going to eat me” is a line from what
campy horror movie? I don’t know. Joey buzzed in. Was it Trolls? Ugh, I can’t accept that. What? Trollhunter. Oh, no, that is
not right either. It’s Troll 2 Troll 2. Joey was so close. It was Troll 2. It’s a different movie. It was a different movie. Joey was very close. We’re going down. You’re going down. [CHUCKLES] Here we go, one more spin. I feel like we’re going
to feel the Carolina repercussions of
this [INAUDIBLE],, you know what I’m saying? Come on, baby. That’s a teaspoon
of Devil’s Revenge. A teaspoon of the hot
sauce, Devil’s Revenge. Go ahead, guys. I feel really cold. Here we go. [CLEARS THROAT] Boy. Down the hatch. It’s another coating one. It is– that is pretty good. All right. The frog that shouts, “Here come
that boy,” what is he riding? The frog meme, “Here come
that boy,” what is he riding? [HITS BUZZER] Who knows these things? Do you mind if I go? Go for it. A bicycle? Ugh, not quite! [HITS BUZZER] A motorcycle. Ugh, guys, it was a unicycle,
a unicycle, John’s favorite. I don’t spend enough
time on the internet. I’m just dreading that
bite of hot pepper. It’s a nibble of
Carolina Reaper Pepper. [BLEEP] that! [LAUGHING] All right, we have a
clear [BLEEP] that, which means you’ve got to do a
nibble of the Carolina Reaper pepper, the actual pepper. Please, no. The thing that’s been in
all these other things and looks terrible. John is shaking right now. I don’t know if you can see
that, but he is shaking. I’m good. I think I’m good. He’s OK? I really do feel
like I have a fever All right, are you
ready to nibble? Nibble, yeah, sure. All right, 1, 2, 3, nibble. I don’t wanna. A little nibble. Oh. Where’s the least spicy part? [COUGHING] [MOANING] Oh, it sticks in the
crowns of your teeth. It goes up in the
nose real quick. All right, guys, we’re
in our final round. It’s 0 to 0. This one, I hope we know. We don’t know anything
about internet. We don’t know anything
about geography. But hopefully, we know
something about VAT19. Wait, I blacked out. [LAUGHS] The Final Round is
about the company you’ve started called VAT19. Where are we right now? [LAUGHTER] In the “Make Me Laugh
Challenge Number 4”– I think I was in that video. –what does Jacob’s hunky heifer
drink out of the Moo Mixer? [HIT BUZZERS] Hunky heifer coming through. It was first here. It was chocolate milk, right? 3, 2, 1. Chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is incorrect. No! No! No! I thought I was going
to get one right. Five seconds. What was he drinking out of? Milk or water? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Water. It is water! That is correct. Yes! Yes! Yes! The last second. [LAUGHING] Why would you put
water in the Moo Mixer? It’s for chocolate milk! That’s the point of the product! That’s right. Burn or Bliss. They got Burn or Bliss. So there’s a chance
they might not have to eat something spicy. All right, because you answered
the question correctly, you guys get some sweet relief
in the form of Greek yogurt. So enjoy, boys. What are the chances that
we both get a good one? Uh, I don’t know. I can’t do any math right now. All right, here we go. Best of luck, my friend. OK. That’s milk chocolate. No. Wait. Oh. No, it’s not. John got a spicy one. I got a spicy one. What happened to
old Ben over there? I got a spicy one. I think it’s chocolate. I have so much spice
in my mouth already. It’s hard to tell. [LAUGHING] I feel so bad for
John right now. Have my yogurt. Ah! A peace offering. This is the best
thing I’ve ever– you know what would be better
than putting it in my mouth? [LAUGHTER] Oh, his classic eye move. There it is. We’ve seen it before. Ah, this is so much better. Like I said, the questions get
easier from here on out, guys. This one, I think,
could be pretty easy. What is the ratio of hot to not
hot chocolates in Burn or Bliss [HIT BUZZERS] First here. I know, it’s five to seven– Yes. –not hot to hot. No, no, no, no, it’s five hot. It’s five hot. It’s five hot. It’s five hot. I changed it. I did change it. I’ll take it. I’ll take it, five to seven. That is correct. Yes! There are five hot, seven not. John, you can’t see my hand. Yeah, I can’t even– So they’re getting
their sweet relief for answering the
question correctly. A gummy pepper. A gummy pepper? OK. All right. This smells good. Cherry, though. Mmm, they do taste good. Those are really good. These guys are almost jealous. I’m a little bit jealous. How many rows are on the one
side of the V-CUBE puzzle? [HITS BUZZER] Right here, Jamie. Seven. I knew that. It’s seven. Seven is correct. Yes, bro, yes! We won! They got it. There are seven rows on
one side of the V-CUBE. Fantastic. OK, because we have our
winners right over here. And I’m sorry, guys,
the losers will have to do 30 seconds
of the Toe of Satan. Who made up that rule? Now is this the mild
version of the Toe of Satan? Yes, this is the
mildest version that exists of the Toe of Satan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is
this not the world’s spiciest lollipop? Yes. And there is only one
version of the Toe of Satan. And it is spicier than
the Carolina Reaper. Ah, OK. That’s cool. All right, here we go, 30
seconds with the Toe of Satan. Go. I’m going. I’m going already. Yeah. Instant pain. I think my taste buds
are already gone. At least Ben is using a
finger we can show on YouTube. Oh, there it is. Mmm. Time is winding down,
and that is 30 seconds. You can take them out. Take them out. Take them out. Guys, how you feeling? Eh, not good. I feel like I don’t know as
many things as I thought. It was really delayed. Can I get some more yogurt? [HITS BUZZER REPEATEDLY] Yogurt! Yogurt! John wants more yogurt
to slather on his body. We’re going to cover
John’s body in yogurt. Oh, it’s getting really hot. So I guess these guys kind of
won, but I think we found out there are no winners– [HITTING BUZZER REPEATEDLY] Yogurt, please! At VAT19 Trivia. Yogurt, please! John, that’s not
connected to anything. Yep, that’s a cut. Dang. We’re wrapped. We’re done here. VAT19 offers hot
gifts for spiceheads, including Carolina Reaper
powder, one of the hottest peppers in the world. Shop for all the
spicy treats seen here and hundreds more
gifts at vat19.com. Ugh. [YELLS] This is the
most [INAUDIBLE] experience of my life. Don’t do the
[INAUDIBLE] challenge. Don’t ever do this. [INAUDIBLE] stop. Don’t ever do this. [LAUGHTER] Tap here to slither over to
see some more VAT19 Trivia. Or tap here to see some
more spiced out reactions. And tap here to get your tongue
and hands on some spicy gifts. Or maybe just get
them for your friends. It’d might be better
if you did that. (SINGING) VAT19.com. [DOUBLE-CLICK]

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  2. 7:11 welcome to the joke, Jon. That’s the point of the joke.

    It’s suppose to be for chocolate milk, but he put water instead.

  3. I live in Australia, Melbourne, and the correct answer is ACT which stands for Australia Capital Territory which is located in Canberra

  4. Me- Hears what is the capital of Australia
    Hears Sydney and Melbourne
    Cringes slightly but does not blame them as they are probably the most known cities of Australia
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