Come closer. Really, really, close. I have spider veins along with a thousand other things that people would call flaws. My name is Lexi. I’m a senior beauty editor at Refinery29. A lot people want to know what they can do about their spider veins and I don’t think I know anyone without them so when I had the opportunity to be a guinea pig, I jumped at it. Spider veins are tiny blood vessels visible at the surface of the skin, often found in clusters that resemble a spider web. They’re caused by many factors including hormones, sun exposure, and genetics. Scl..Scl..oh. It’s hard to pronounce! Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is one of the most cost effective ways to get rid of spider or varicose veins. Sclerotherapy treats many types of veins by injecting them with a material that causes the vein to become damaged and then absorbed back into the body. So you’re basically turning off the vein. Sclerotherapy has been used in modern medicine for over 100 years but some say it was practiced in ancient times using the sharp point of a feather to inject an irritant like salt water or tree sap into the vein. These days the process is much more refined. What is it we want to do? This is Dr. Lancer. Dr. Lancer is one of the top dermatologists to see in Los Angeles. It’s been reported that everyone from Kim Kardashian to Oprah to Beyoncé sees him. I don’t have a lot but I do have some that I think could be enough to get a reaction. Right. Being a beauty editor, you know that anytime a needle crosses your skin, there are risks. There are risks of infection, there are risks of allergic reaction. I definitely was a little bit worried even though this is a pretty common procedure. First, Dr. Lancer mixes his solution of choice, Asclera, a drug made for treating veins with salt water. The needle is bent so the angle is optimal for injection. The treatment requires a steady hand. This vein is actually smaller in diameter than the needle. The results are instant. Can you see it? Oh! Done. The entire procedure was really quick and painless. It by no means got rid of all the veins, which wasn’t exactly to be expected. It does take a couple of different treatments. That’s the injection site right there, that little mark. So it’s basically everything through here. For anyone who’s looking for a fast, less expensive alternative to getting rid of spider veins, I definitely recommend Scelotherapy. Nope, didn’t say that right. Thanks for watching Refinery29. For more videos like this, click here. And to subscribe, click here.

39 thoughts on “Spider Vein Removal Treatment Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29”

  1. I wish that whoever did the voiceover wouldn't be so close to the mic :/ I know they were going for a asmr vibe, but it just sounds unpleasant

  2. I heard someone say once that you should wait until after you've had children to get these treatments as pregnancy can cause varicose veins again

  3. i have varicose veins behind each of my knees, theyre pretty big and they sometimes irritate me. ive been thinking about doing sclerotherapy for a while now thank you for this video

  4. i have thread veins around my nose and they are getting out of control … they are moving towards my cheek area and im so scared. im pale as hell so they are visible and i never leave the house without sunscreen.
    i dunno how to fix them :/

  5. You dont have much trust me , mine are really red and go all along my thighs and legs 🙁 you bet I dont wear short stuff … plus this procedure doesn't really prevent it from reappearing right ? and how much does it cost ??

  6. I've heard the pain can be pretty severe for worse veins, what was your pain level during and after treatment?

  7. You didn't mention that you have to wear compression hose for 7 to 10 days after the treatment in order for it to actually work. There is no way in hell anyone should do this procedure over the summer. Also, the treatment is not permanent, and the veins come back within 1 to 3 years. I did it. So not worth it.

  8. I wish I could afford this!!! I have varicose veins on the top of my right foot (like, bulging 80yr old style veins) and they've been there since I was 17 getting worse every year (I'm 29 now). It literally looks like a horse stomped on my foot. I have Rx compression stockings (great look to rock in your 20s) but they haven't really helped with the pain or the aesthetic. Can't wait for the day I can finally afford treatment!

  9. Would scelotheraphy also be great for reticular veins? I have a few really small spider veins but they don't even bother me that much. It are the big Blue and green ones that bother me 🙁

  10. Humans aint humans anymore bloody hell a small lil vein that u hardly see or that u fucking need y wud u wanna do this to urself. People are to buisy thinkking and caring wat other ppl think about them humans need to fix up man

  11. Why are white women soooooo obsessed over their veins? They aren't glaringly obvious at all. I'm mixed and my mom is super pale. She complains about her blue veins. I'm like…"It's natural to have veins because they are necessary to your circulatory system and literally every body has them…" White women please stop the madness. No one especially men are checking for women at the club or outside with the lowest vein count. 😑 Shut up that stupid voice in your head with some vodka because you're beautiful.

  12. From feeling like hideous mutant, to feeling like years past with beautiful smooth legs… just lifechanging. The fat of the matter is that our ancestors didn't suffer from spider veins at all, they didn't live in a world full of chemicals, preservatives and other toxic factors. Yes, spider veins are ugly, itchy and plain uncomfortable. Look you could google all day for something that works, or maybe just try Mabel Ridenbel's method for the full thing.

  13. I hear that those veins are due to taking high blood pressure meds and also taking cholesterol meds…other things could be mineral deficiencies.

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