Do you have trouble standing up straight due
to pain, or difficulty walking even short distances before you have to stop and sit
because it hurts so much? If so, you might have a condition called spinal
stenosis. In this video I’m going to go over the signs
and symptoms of spinal stenosis, and share two effective treatments to help relieve pain. To start off with, let’s go over: What is
Spinal Stenosis? A common cause of neck, back, and sciatica
pain is due to spinal stenosis, which is when the spaces where the spinal nerves travel
through the spine begin to narrow and become closed off. Think of a hole where a spinal nerve goes
through that is becoming smaller and smaller, until it’s so small it starts to pinch the
spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. This results in a compressed, or pinched nerve,
that causes pain, tingling, or numbness. What are the signs and symptoms of spinal
stenosis? Spinal stenosis causes nerve compression that
can lead to many symptoms not only in the neck and back, but also in the arms or legs. Symptoms such as traveling pains like sciatica,
weakness, cramping, numbness and tingling, and muscle spasms. In very severe cases, incontinence or paralysis
has been reported. People that suffer from spinal stenosis have
pain when trying to stand up straight, especially after sitting for a long time. Other signs may include pain or weakness with
walking — especially while going up or down a hill, ramp or stairs — which is often
relieved with sitting or leaning forward. A big sign I see here at SpineCare is when
a patient tells me that it’s unbearable to shop at a store, unless they have a shopping
cart they can lean in to while walking. What causes spinal stenosis? Probably the biggest cause of stenosis I see
is due osteoarthritis — or “wear and tear” arthritis that is from repetitive injuries
and stresses on the neck or back. The most common cause of osteoarthritis is
lack of motion or misalignment of the vertebrae (or building blocks) in the spine. Osteoarthritis causes osteophytes (or bone
spurs) which narrow the canal, compressing the spinal cord or spinal nerve. Other causes of stenosis include:
poor posture, disc herniation or bulges,
tumors or cysts, and a previous injury or surgery to the spine (especially if not treated properly). Spinal Stenosis is more common in people over
the age of 50, due to the build-up of osteoarthritis and bone spurs over time in the neck or back. Also at risk are people who have sedentary
lifestyles, such as sitting for most of the day, which leads to a lack of motion in the
spine. This increases the chance of developing osteoartithis
and stenosis. What are the treatment options? When spinal stenosis is caused by disc degeneration or herniation, I recommend non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to my patients. It has a high success rate among patients
here at SpineCare. With this treatment a specific, gentle traction
is applied to the damaged areas in the spine. This causes a gentle stretching of the spine and helps open up areas that have become closed off, which helps relieve pressure off pinched nerves. With the pressure being removed from surrounding nerves, pain and symptoms caused by spinal stenosis begins to diminish. Another treatment option is chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a safe, proven, and effective treatment used by millions of people. It’s a great option for those who are searching
for a conservative, drugless, and non-surgical route. At SpineCare, I use a gentle, traction based
method called flexion-distraction. This technique can help open the spinal canal
spaces, relieving the pressure in the spine and correcting joint alignment in order to
restore motion. Patients with spinal stenosis in our clinic
have reported not only reduced pain and symptoms, but improved range of motion as well. If you are looking for alternatives to medication
and surgery for relief, please contact us today and schedule for a consultation. We’ve helped many patients in the St. Joseph
MI area, and we may be able to help you. Also, if you know of others who can benefit
from this video, please like and share. Thanks for watching!

27 thoughts on “Spinal Stenosis: Causes and How to Treat It Without Surgery”

  1. Hi ! Thanks for the video! I wonder IF spinal stenosis coming to be worse over years!? Spine coming to narrow much more ! I am 37 years old and have much pain in c6 c7

  2. Is chiropractic treatment safe for someone with osteoporosis? Will appreciate your feedback. I was diagnose with osteoporosis recently. I am also experiencing symptoms of spinal stenosis. I need help to relieve the pain.

  3. I couldnt walk a section of a mall without extreme pain in my lower back and then the upper part of my bodies muscles would tighten up . Though i lives with this for 30 years but resently i had leg numbness and couldnt move my right leg so checked into a hospital and dang they right off wanted to cut me open but steroids are helping me so im delaying this unless it comes back . Every condition is sort of different with each person with pain and discomfort. I feel for anyone having this condition and wish them good luck . Pain meds and medical cannabis helps . Both works with the Pain and helps keeps you mind in a comfortable state of mind just dont drink alcohol. There's always alternatives

  4. sir…how to solve this problem..?
    all ready treat him by ijection & therapi but his pain is not ok now…pleseas help me by giving ans as soon as possible.

  5. I am 56 and have spinal stenosis for several years. I've had numerous back injections, a spinal fusion and now an implanted spinal stimulator. All of these procedures have failed. The spinal stimulator has very little effect. I struggle when walking a sitting. This chronic pain has me in tears and I have not found any way to treat this. I guess I am reaching out for a solution.

  6. Hlo sir does a person have spinal stenosis due to bulging disc and also have facet hypertrophic those person allowed to use decomposition tharapi machine, inversion table, hanging up side down. Thank you.

  7. Dear Dr. Michael, if only I am living near your clinic I would certainly look for your help. But unfortunately I am a Chinese Singaporean living in Singapore, which is more than 20,000 miles from the US. In my situation, I am 81 years old and have been suffering from Spinal stenosis, which was discovered since April 2015. And last month March 2018, I was told that I required major surgery of the Cervical spine immediately failing which I may ended up a cripple. In my situation, I only suffer difficulty walking more than 200m, as I need to stop or sit down but not due to any pain as I am a gym practitioner 5 days a week. I just cannot stand up straight walking but bending down.

  8. I have spinal stenosis in my lower back for decades and which mostly is an issue when at rest heating pad has been my only relief from muscle spasms.

  9. I have spinal stenosis in my C-3 due to an MVA and the C-5,6,7. Why is that cause not mentioned. MVA was 2011 haven't been the same since.

  10. You should make a video on what other kind of exercise we all could do at home when you have the time thanks 🙂 that would be great

  11. O.M.G. and how, ive had this what you call spinal stenosis ever since OCT.31st 2011 ive been living with a pain that feels like the bottom of my left foot is stepping into burning shards of glass that's sliding deep into the bottom of my left foot, its I wont use curse words, but the pain sure makes me want to, believe that, burning glass shards cutting into the bottom of my left foot isn't a nice feeling at all, at my L-4 and L-5 lower lumbar I have the authritis pinching my spinal nerve or nerves, im not sure which but ive been going thru hell for almost 9 years, I have been watching myself slowly die a little each day from doing nothing except go to the bathroom, I used to hold a full time job now im barely getting out of bed, it hurts so bad and the state of Maryland I have medstar family health, my P.C.P. wont even prescribe me anything for pain, and shes sitting there with my M.R.I.  and my X-rays she see,s my damage tells me yes you do have spinal stenosis, you have extra bone growth or authritis growing off the lamina and pinching she told me I needed a laminectomy followed by a bone fusion, I asked her if I could have something for pain, she said after surgery, I got up with my one crutch, and left, I haven't been back and don't plan to ever go back, my P.C.P. wont give me anything for pain, nor will the neurosurgeon  that told me I needed a laminectomy, and a bone fusion, neither one would write me a prescription for anything for my aweful pain, I hate them , I hope they get this pain in there whole bodies then they might change there minds about giving it to people that need it, these dumb bastards, where exactly is this DR. located ? im in Baltimore,Maryland 21133 I wonder if he is near me, my name is William , im slowly watching my life slip away before my very eye,s it takes a lot of strength to get out of bed, now I keep a pee pot next to me, but not for number 2 I have to force myself to get up, then its back to bed, I pray to GOD to just let me slip off in my sleep and come to heaven, im running out of strength I know I haven't much more , I don't know how much longer I will last, no one has offered to help me, or they don't give me the correct root cause, and fix it properly, please anyone im in desperate need of help before I die, im aalmost out of strength and have no idea how much longer I will last, please, ,please im begging to any and all who are reading this or who have read this, my situation is dire, my pain is hurendous, from 1 to 10 im at 14 my lower back bottom of my left foot, my left hand and my right leg are all affected by this stenosis , please help before its too late, can anyone offer any advise to me a.s.a.p. I don't know how much longer I have 9 yrs of this im at the end, thank you to all who care, have tried to help, sent phone numbers, or numbers to surgeons in my area, I thank you, and GOD  thanks you,  may GOD BLESS YOU ALL A, MEN.

  12. I have had spinal stenosis for 8 years and 7 years ago I could no longer walk or stand. I was in a wheelchair. My son did some research and discovered an inversion table might help me. I was willing to try anything. So I ordered one online and started going on it twice a day for 10 minutes at a time. After 3 months I no longer needed a wheelchair to get around. Now, I go on the inversion table once a week & all the pain is gone. I highly recommend getting a table if you have spinal stenosis. It will eliminate your pain for good as long as you keep going on the table at least once a week, once your pain has subsided.

  13. 👉👉 Spinal stenosis stretches for instant relief:

  14. What state are you living ? I have spinal stenosis at L5 L4 S1 left foot tangling, my orthopedic may give cortizone steroid shot, if it's not better I may have to go through small surgery he said..And two week rest after surgery. He never mention about physical therapy. I worrry so much…2 weeks rest after surgery?

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