You’ve reached PlacidWay, the leading
health tourism company subscribe to our YouTube channel and get instant access
to all of our latest health videos. Diabetes and present more than 200
million people around the world are affected by diabetes and this number is
growing year-on-year. With diabetes high blood sugar results
from either insufficient insulin production by the pancreas or an
improper response from specific receptors to the insulin produced. Amongst various types of therapy stem
cell treatment was found to be one of the most effective for both types of
diabetes so how does stem cell treatment work. Upon administration stem cells migrate
to the affected areas replacing the deficient cells and stimulating the
body’s own stem cells. This results in blood sugar stabilization in the
prevention of diabetes-related complications and thus better
management of the disease. After the therapy diabetes patients report lower and
stable blood sugar levels has strengthened immune, system improved
potency and libido and general overall health benefits. Improvements are reported in 65 %
of cases diabetes. If you want to know more please contact

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