– [Little Apple] All right, here we go. (laughing) – [Orange] He’s so angry.
(growling) (electronic gaming music) (laughing) – Yo, Little Apple back in the house once again, that’s right. And we are playing a new game. It looks really funny. It’s called Sticky Bodies. It’s look really, wait, who’s this guy? What the heck is he doing? Is he trying to sing along
with the song or chewing gum? What is he doing? (laughs) What’s going on with this lady? It looks like she’s
airing out her armpits. (laughs)
They’re stinky. I don’t have to worry about that, ’cause I don’t have armpits. What the heck?
(whistling) Okay, okay.
(laughs) Swipe left or right to
move, okay, I could do that. Even though I don’t have fingers, it’s pretty hard to move. (laughs) What? Connecting people earns points. The more you connect,
the higher your score. (laughs) Oh, this is awesome, he grabbed him. Okay, is that a hotdog? Grabbing food also earns points. Well, I’m gonna be
grabbing some food then. But I’m saving the
food, I’m not eating it. Even though it looks like
I’m kind of absorbing it. (laughs) Yes, look at that chain. Oh, awesome.
– [Orange] Hey, what are you playing, Little Apple? – [Little Apple] Oh, I’m playing the game called Sticky Bodies. (laughs)
– [Orange] Whoa. – [Little Apple] I’m just grabbing people. – [Orange] This is awesome. – [Little Apple] Yeah, I know. (laughing)
Oh, what? What the heck’s going on?
– [Orange] What’s going on? Oh no, you’re gonna get
eaten, Little Apple. – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) Oh, so that’s who that guy is. He’s eating us. – [Orange] Our worst fears are realized. (laughing) – [Little Apple] Man.
– [Orange] Oh, boy. – [Little Apple] Yeah, I’m
racking up some points, look at that.
– [Orange] Yeah, that’s pretty good, but you know what?
– [Little Apple] What? – [Orange] I know a hack for this game. – [Little Apple] No, you don’t. – [Orange] Sure, let me see the phone. – [Little Apple] Okay.
– [Orange] See, I know a hack that turns this game from Sticky Bodies to Sticky Baldis. – [Little Apple] What?
(laughing) – [Little Apple] What?
– [Baldi] You got it. – [Little Apple] What the? – [Orange] Hey, there he
is, Baldi Bigbutt, go ahead. (laughs)
– [Little Apple] How did you do that? I don’t want this. – [Orange] You might not want
it, but everyone else does. Go Baldi.
(laughing) – [Little Apple] This is crazy. – [Orange] Yeah, Baldi,
you’re looking pretty fly. (laughs)
– [Little Apple] Oh, brother. – [Orange] Hey, Baldi’s
favorite season is Fall. (laughs) – [Little Apple] Oh, brother. I think you just like adding
Baldi to every single game. – [Orange] I do, because
it’s hair-larious. – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) – [Orange] Get it? ‘Cause he’s bald. – [Little Apple] Yes, I get it. (laughing) That’s so funny. – [Orange] It does look really funny. So many Baldi’s. (laughing) – [Little Apple] We’re gonna get to the part where he gets eaten. – [Orange] Oh, yeah, here it comes. – [Little Apple] What the?
(screaming) Hey, what the heck?
– [Orange] You ate ’em. – [Little Apple] Hey, how’d you do that? I didn’t eat ’em. (laughing) – [Orange] Little Apple ate Baldi. (growling) – [Little Apple] All right,
now that Orange is gone, we can go back to playing
the game as normal. (laughs) All right, we’re headed
to level two, Plymouth. I do have to say though, Sticky Baldis is a pretty fun game. (laughs) All right, got ya, got that fish, too. Why is there so many hotdogs everywhere? And why are there so many people? I just wanna know. Why is there so many people
falling from the sky? Wow, that guy was really
falling fast, geez. (laughs) It’s funny, ’cause
everybody’s totally chill about flying through the
air and grabbing each other. (laughs) I think I would be freaking
out just a little bit more. I mean look at these guys’ faces, they’re not terrified at all. They’re just concerned
about grabbing the hotdogs. (laughs) Maybe they’re just unaware that they’re falling to their death, and that that death is being eaten alive. Unless this is something
that they do on the regular. “It’s a Tuesday, I’m gonna go jump out “of that plane and then
land in a guys mouth.” (laughs) It’s such a weird game. Oh, boy, hey, here we go.
– [Orange] Little Apple, I’m back, I’m back. Oh, you’re gonna get eaten, no. Don’t get eaten.
– [Little Apple] We’re gonna get eaten. (screaming)
– [Orange] Oh, no. (laughing) – [Orange] His hair. – [Little Apple] I knocked his hair off. – [Orange] That was hair-larious. (laughs)
– [Little Apple] Really? That’s what you’re gonna do? Thanks.
– [Orange] Of course. It’s my brand, that’s what I do. – [Little Apple] Yeah,
look at that, new record. – [Orange] Nice, hey, I was just gonna say I got a new hack for this game. – [Little Apple] No, I
don’t want another hack. – [Orange] Oh, come on,
you’re gonna love it. – [Little Apple] I just wanna
play the game, stop hacking. (laughing)
– [Orange] Too late. – [Little Apple] I don’t like it. – [Orange] What’s wrong, Little Apple? Is it unbearable? – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) How’d I know you were
gonna do Freddy Fazbear? – [Orange] Yeah, he wasn’t doing anything, he’s just hanging around. – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) Why do you do it? – [Orange] Oh, come on, Little Apple. Bear with me. – [Little Apple] Oh, brother. (laughing) – [Orange] You gotta be nice to Freddy, otherwise he’ll beat you
up with his bear hands. (laughing)
– [Little Apple] No. – [Orange] Get it? Bear hands? – [Little Apple] Yes, I get it, geez. – [Orange] Oh, here we go. We’re gonna have a
– [Little Apple] Oh, boy. delicious snack, yay.
– [Little Apple] No. (laughing) You ate Freddy Fazbear. – [Orange] I know, it’s unbearlievable. – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) Okay, can you leave me alone now? I just wanna play the game. – [Orange] Fine, sounds like you have a little problem with me. – [Little Apple] Hey, no side jokes. (laughing) All right, here we go. What the heck? She’s sweeping up the clouds. Oh, she dropped it. (laughs) Oh, wait, no, maybe she’s
playing croquet or something. I don’t know what they’re doing. Well I got some mad falling
skills though, look at this. (laughs) Through the rings. Oh yeah, I wonder what
those flashing coins are. I’ll save you hotdog. Oh, wait, no, I won’t. (laughs) Poor hotdogs, stick a
fork in ’em, they’re done. (laughs) Oh yeah, got another hotdog. Oh, this is feeling good. This is feeling good, you guys. I got 17, 18, 19 sticky bodies. Oh, I’m gonna miss a couple
of those, look at ’em. All right, here we go. We’re gonna get eaten. Oh, no, what’s gonna happen? Aw yeah, well at least it wasn’t me. (laughs) I just don’t like being eaten, you guys. It’s a problem. It’s a problem as a
Little Apple, as you know. (laughs) Oh yeah, getting that money, honey. Oh yeah, get some junk in
the trunk, got two stars. Five coins, not bad. – [Orange] Hey, what’s up, Little A? – [Little Apple] You scared me. – [Orange] Hey, guess what? – [Little Apple] No, don’t hack my game. – [Orange] Too late,
I’m hacking your game. – [Little Apple] No.
(laughing) – [Orange] Yo, what’s up, Granny? You just hanging around? – [Little Apple] You
already said that one. It’s not funny.
(laughing) – [Little Apple] It’s not funny if you say the same
– [Orange] Sure it is. jokes over and over. – [Orange] Oh, they only get
funnier the more you say ’em. – [Little Apple] No.
– [Orange] Here we go. Are you ready? – [Little Apple] No, not really. – [Orange] Yo, peanut butter
Granny with a baseball bat. Here we go.
– [Little Apple] Geez. (laughing) – [Orange] Oh yeah. I’m going for it.
– [Little Apple] Get the bat. – [Orange] I’m getting it, yeah. – [Little Apple] Yeah, you got it. – [Orange] How do you like them apples? – [Little Apple] Little Apples. – [Orange] All right, who
do you thinks gonna eat ’em? – [Little Apple] Please be Grapefruit. (laughing) – [Orange] Yeah, Grapefruit
would be pretty good. – [Little Apple] All right, here we go. (laughing) – [Orange] He’s so angry. (growling) – [Little Apple] All right,
that was pretty funny. (laughs) Look at this guy. Look at his face, he’s so extra. (laughs) What? And I have to pay you to pass? Oh, that’s why I collect those coins. All right, get out. (laughs) What the heck? He just floated away. All right well, I guess
if I had that power, I’d float away, too. What a great way to be able to exit. If you were hanging out with your friends. You were like, “All right, “it’s time for me to go, I’m done.” And then you just float
away, Mary Poppins style. But without the umbrella. (laughs) Flick downward for a quick speed boost. Whoa, you guys I got
more boost for the butt. Come here, I’m gonna grab your leg. (laughs) I did, and he dropped everything
he had, it’s hilarious. (inhales)
I love it. This is a really fun game, it’s so weird. Don’t tell Orange, but I
kind of like his hacks, too. I’m gonna have to figure
out how to do those. (laughs) All right, we’re getting close. Wow, we already have 22, 23 sticky bodies. Oh, man, I’m getting even more? Yes, 26 sticky bodies, come on. Give me that mouth. I’ve never wanted to be eaten so much in my entire life, yeah. (laughs) Aw, I missed a few. Oh, come one, tally up that high score. That’s a big score. Yes, I got three stars, you guys. That’s a first time, yeah. Stars, cars, and candy bars, baby. (laughs) – [Orange] Hey, what’s up, Little A? – [Little Apple] No, leave me alone. – [Orange] Why, what’s up? – [Little Apple] You just
came here to hack my game. Stop hacking my game.
– [Orange] No. What are you talking about? Whatchu talkin’ about? – [Little Apple] You’re
trying to hack my game. Don’t hack my game. – [Orange] No, I’m here for a
completely different reason. – [Little Apple] Okay,
what is that reason? – [Orange] Farts. (grunts)
(farts) (groaning)
(laughing) – [Little Apple] Get out. My goodness, it’s still
a little stinky in here. I do have to say. (laughs) Oh, yeah, looking good
in the neighborhood. Grab that coin, here we go. This is a really fun game, you guys. It’s super great. We may not know why they’re falling, or how they’re falling, but at the end of the day, we’re pretty glad that they are. (laughs) Why do you guys think they’re falling? Let me know, okay? I can’t figure out if
that lady’s trying to rake or if she’s trying to hammer the clouds, or maybe trying to do
some croquet or something. (laughs) I don’t know what exactly she has. But somebody should inform her that it doesn’t work on clouds. (laughs) All right, I’ve got 16,
we got 16 sticky bodies. Here we go, you guys. Let’s get eaten, yeah. Oh wait, we got more bodies, yeah. All right, feed the guy on the bottom. Oh, boy, here we go. Yeah, every single one, oh yeah. Give me that first prize, yo. Okay, come on. Aw, how did I only get second place? Or two stars, I mean. Oh, look at this guy. He’s all dressed up and
nowhere to go, except down. (laughs)
(whistling) Hello, Mr. Business Man. We’re having a meeting
in the sky, follow me. I mean who wouldn’t want to
have a meeting in the sky? That’d be awesome. Just feel the air on
your Jerry Air as you. (laughs) Although those ladies are
probably not too happy that they lost their purse and stuff. But I mean you’d think that
the first thing that they’d be angry about is that
they’re falling, but what the? Why is there an automobile in the? What the heck? Ow, oh no, she. (laughs) I will save you. Actually I won’t. Even if I grab you you’re gonna fall right into that guys mouth. (laughs) Oh man, this is the best game ever. Even though I have a debilitating
fear of getting eaten. Here we go. (laughs) Bounced off his nose. Oh man, a bunch of you didn’t get eaten. (laughs) Oh my goodness, this
game is crazy, you guys. Who’s gonna be the fall guy? You’re gonna be the fall guy. What’s that? I think that’s,
yeah, I think that was Granny. It’s a different kind of Granny. (laughs) Aw man, I hear kittens. I’m pretty sure, whoa. Geez, he’s got a full suit of armor? I bet we’re falling really fast now. (laughs) Come on, Granny. Aw man, I think we’re doing pretty good. Okay, we’ve got 18, 19. Peanut butter grannies
with a baseball bat. Here we go, come on, eat me. Oh no, I’m bouncing off his cheek. Oh, I almost got it back right at the end. All right, what are you gonna give me? Come on, how many stars? Aw, only one star, oh well. Well, I think that’s
enough for this episode. Thank you guys for
watching this crazy game and our crazy hacks. Until next time, buh-bye. (electronic gaming music)

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