39 thoughts on “Stiff, Painful Ankle 5 Step Routine to STOP Pain, Loosen, & Avoid Surgery”

  1. Wow, this is just what I needed to see/hear. I work for the post office and my delivery time on the street is longer than I want it to be. This will help, thanks you all, I appreciate it.

  2. Yet again, as I start getting a certain problem with my body's tendonitis on the whole right side these guys always make a video on the perfect time..

  3. Thanks to you both.. I had a real problem with my left ankle and these exercises have made a huge difference. Also, I would like to mention that I had to stretch each individual toe downward and I could feel the ankle release. The muscles/tendons were very tight. Gradually and every day this all made a much better foot and ankle. Again, thank you for helping us.

  4. Thank you so much for your information. I will definitely will do these exercises. This way I'm not waddling like a duck till my joints warm up. Between the flat feet and this ankle pain is aweful. God bless you guys! Love all your videos ❤

  5. I tore my ankle on the anterior side, broke it across the top and tore it again on the other side and had
    x-rays again and the break still hadn't healed and it had been almost a year. I just don't heal well. Hopefully this will help me.

  6. Last Feb I stepped off a curb onto ice and my ankle folded inward. From my ankle all the way to my knee was in pain. Anyway 9 months later feels way better since I went from sneakers to hiking boots for more support. Here's the kicker, "No Pun!" my injured ankle bone is noticeably larger than my other foot. No never seen a doctor, just worked it like your demonstration. Why would that ankle bone be protruding more than the other foot?

  7. timely presentation for me. very stiff ankles after spur surgeries several years ago, add arthritis. did some phys therapy recently and they showed me some of these exercises. unlike all other PT for joints, ankles still stiff and painful…you explained why!!! thank you very much

  8. Hi Bob and Brad. I have started watching your video for the last couple of months and I am really enjoying them. I have an ankle issue which is sore at the back. I do have a full range of motion. Can I use a Smes/tens machine on this. I have a powerdot. Thank you again for all your quality videos. Regards Lee

  9. Sadly can’t do those stretches due to degradation of posterior tibial tendons. Any likelihood to avoid surgery with that?

  10. Drs. Bob & Brad, I just came across this video tonight and my heart broke for this child as I am sure anyone's would. Would you please locate him and find him the help he needs :'(

    The Lord God will bless you so much for this.

    Thank you!!

    This is Emma Sunday in a critically painful situation and crying all night and day for help! He no longer needs prayers but your support to continue his treatment. #PleaseHelpEmma Click link to donate: www.crarn.net/make-a-donation/ Or Acc. # 1011790559, Zenith Bank, Acc. name: Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network


  11. Well now:

    1. I never thought I'd reiterate the comment made by others before, but this is very timely for me as I had ankle pain overnight! Thank you, I shall try the exercises.
    2. Bob's comment about how effective exercises can be in avoiding surgery is spot on.

  12. I’m in my early 30’s. At times I wake up with only one ankle that’s stiff. I stretch it out, I take a hot shower which has a removable shower head and focus the water on the affected ankle. I even do the alphabet with my foot to get some mobility. I do what I can before I go to work and while I work I still feel pain, mobility is still limited. Then the next day the pain and stiffness goes away like I’ve never had the issue in the first place. Is there more at play or would doing the stretches you’ve shown would help in the long term?

  13. Great stuff. I’ve been fighting a sprained ankle for 30 years now. The joint is loose, so I overcompensate by tightening it up. My calves are constantly tight as a cyclist. This led to a lot of problems with my big toe. Now I need to fix the issue at the ankle.

  14. This is exactly what I need right now, I have been stretching by putting my weight on the upperside of one foot while bending the opposite knee, but I've been thinking about something more stable and in depth and this is it. Thank you!

  15. I just want to say how great it is that you guys help people that can't afford expensive equipment and therapists. This channel is a Godsend.

  16. I love your videos but its coupe be 3 times shorter if you would not talk that much !;) Imho then you would have more views etc 😉

  17. I’m 8 sessions in with ankle physio and am doing these daily but you’ve shown me a new one as well. Thank you 🙏🏼

  18. So I've noticed that when I do jumping jacks or jump rope, I feel a popping sensation going across my foot to my big toe. Is this my tendon being pinched? And is there anything that I can do to make this go away?

  19. Thanks! Recovering from breaking my ankle 4 months ago. No physical therapy ordered because I have been consistent in building strength and stretching. The day I came out of the boot I bought a stationary bike. Just about limp free. Main thing I'm dealing with is swelling. Thanks guys for your awesome work!

  20. I enjoyed watching you Bob Brad😎 Thank you for taking your time to share Information that has me in my life and Health ❤❤❤❤

  21. I learned about the incline board from a previous video; Brad said it "felt really good" – and I have a lump towards the side of the ankle (medial side?) – anyway, fixed an impromptu incline board…..decided to use the affected foot – and I couldn't believe my calf muscle or Achilles tendon went wild in my lower leg – it was like dealing with a rubber band or rope that had been tangled. I couldn't believe it! It did help – but I also felt it that day! I recently tried that again recently….and no reaction in the leg. Interesting!

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