Hi, Welcome to Dhivya Arts and Crafts. Today we are going to see how we can design a stitched blouse. When we consider for stitched blouse.. it can be any old saree or silk saree without any Aari work done or without any embroidery sequence work done.. their matching blouses.. we’ll be learning how we can decorate beautifully with a grand look and related designs. Instead of saying this as embroidery of stitched blouse, we can say this as edging stitch. Edging stitch means it can be done in tassels.. or in sleeves or in neck part.. or in frills of kids dress.. So in all the places where we have edges, we can decorate with this method. For this, the required materials would be.. a normal needle (sewing needle). As I always prefer, No.7 (kreevals) Needle in the name of Kreevals with No.7. The holes will be little bigger in this needle then normal sewing thread. Sewing thread should be same (or related) matching color of the material. Adding to that, we need golden beads like this. Golden beads are in different sizes.. large, medium, small, very small. This one is very small (zero size). 4mm or 2mm size beads It’ll be in bunches. We can buy it and cut it as required like this. So these are the materials. We’ll look at how we can design with these materials. We are taking sewing thread in two strands like this here and I did a knot in the edge. Now we will continue this… when you consider a neck part, we would have either done a piping or hembing. In this blouse here, its done with piping. I have fixed it normally in the frame. Now we are going to start. Am starting as usual with.. taking from back side.. after taking from backside, there is a knot coming here right.. observe here.. i n this knot, am inserting the needle in between gap here. After placing the needle in between, you will get a lock here like this. Now we’ll put one beads in the needle.. and take that from back side Observe here.. like this.. taking out from backside.. and making it tight.. after pulling it tight, in this hole.. insert the needle from bottom to top of the beads okay.. Again.. in the same way, lets take one more beads.. one bead’s gap.. leave one bead gap and again.. pull it. While pulling it, make sure you are making it tight. again.. insert through beads and pull it. Very simple, if you watch it in detail.. you will understand better. Now again.. am taking third bead.. taking it from bottom. If you handle the needle like this till the end.. you will not get any cross stitch or wrong stitch. Watch here.. pull it tightly. after that.. pull the needle from bottom to top of the beads. Again 4th bead.. In this way, we can increase the count as required.. that is.. odd numbers or even numbers.. how much ever it is.. if you need 4 beads or 5 beads or 3 beads.. how much ever.. we can increase the count.. to keep this as the base. Observe here, am keeping the 4th bead in that too.. the same.. from bottom to top.. while pulling it, you have to make it tight. Now am going to keep only 4 beads as the base. it is only our preference. we can add 4 or 5 or 3 beads.. we can add how much ever we want. Now we are going to make triangular shape above the 4 beads. So, the bead which is going to come above the 4 beads.. Now after putting one bead in the needle, observe here.. already there are beads.. isn’t it. insert in that in between.. like here. If you catch the thread like this till the end.. you will get a good tightness.. you wont get any cross stitch or wrong stitch. Again within the beads… while doing it, make sure your pulling it tight, pull the thread as required. All the methods are same only. Observe here.. in between thread gap, am pulling it. Since we are using the same color thread, if you get the thread in between the beads, it wont give any odd (different) look. Now, three beads are done. We have done 4 beads, then 3 beads.. In the same method, put another bead.. and insert in between gap of the thread. and pull it. after pulling it.. insert the needle through side of where you can see the thread and pull it. again same process. Make sure you pull it tight. Each time you put, make sure you pull it tight Finally, after 3 beads, it is 2 beads and then one. From the back side, like this. Put through in between gap and pull it. Watch here.. after that, pull it from bottom. like this.. Once you are done.. what you will do is, again, we will insert through already connected beads in side straight row. pull and take it out. am done through 2 beads.. third, fourth. we’ll pull it like this. Once your stitching is done, don’t leave it as it is. make sure you put a lock as usual We are going make it continuously, but still, if you put lock from bottom, that’ll give you additional strength. So you bring the thread to bottom like this and we can complete by putting a lock. we can turn it back and put a knot. there is no need to cut the thread, see how beautiful it is. If we continue this… for full neck, it will give a grand look design for a silk saree. we can also do this work without a frame.. I will show you how to do without frame. Now see here from what I’ve done, even without a frame.. the continuation is perfect and correct. there is no gap from one triangle to another triangle. There is an effect like continuous lace.. If you ask me how to bring such continuous lace effect.. now, first..we have completed a triangle.. after completing this.. we are starting the next one.. right.. Exactly, it should be of one bead distance.. while starting the next triangle, it should be started with one bead distance methods are all same.. but when we start the next triangle look here carefully… you’ll see it like.. its coming continuously. if you see in the completing stage.. it will give a look like we have placed a ready made lace. no one can say.. that it is a hand work.. That will be in so grand look.. Among the stitched blouse.. we can design in such a way.. is a great thing. It will be little tough.. when you do in hand.. when compared to.. doing in a frame. For this sake, you can do it in hand itself instead of buying a frame for this. Your perfection will not be lost.. we need little practice to handle.. cloth.. bead.. thread.. in a single hand. Now pull it tight… after pulling it tight, and take through all beads.. See here, there wont be much big difference between one done in frame and one done in free hand. Am going to finish with this. So, while the thread comes like this.. poke towards the bottom direction.. we can turn it back and put a knot. See here, now it looks like as if we bought a ready made lace and fixed it. With continuation with all edges on a sharp note.. and with same calculation.. it looks like as if we bought ready made lace and fixed it. It is not only on back side.. you can also keep it in front or sleeves or in saree tassels.. its all our creativity.. You also try it from your home.. share it with your friends.. do like it.. do subscribe.. Please don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Thanks for watching. Keep on watching. Thank you.

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  1. Very very nice நானும் என் blouse ல போட்டேன் ரொம்ப அழகா வந்து இருக்கு மிகவும் நன்றி நீங்க புரியுற மாதிரி சொல்லி தரிங்க நன்றி 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. Nan ipo than 1 or 2 weeks unga videos pakkuren.enakum romba aasai aari work kathukkanumnu.watsupla solli tharathuku pay pannanuma.

  3. Unga videos ellam romba romba super sis.ithu ungaluku speciala god kudutha giftunu than nan solluven sis.

  4. Very accurately you have taught us mam slowly with full of patience. ….thank you mam, keep up the good work, God bless.

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