[MUSIC] One day I just had this
uncontrolled pain in my stomach that brought me to my knees,
and from there on is history. I went to my doctor, and
one test led to another, led to another, but just my
gut feeling told me something was wrong, and
me trying to self diagnose, and treat myself just wasn’t
good enough any more. [MUSIC] I was diagnosed with stage 3C
adenocarcinoma of the stomach, which is not,
outcomes are not good. Prognosis is very poor. And the thing that I appreciated
was that my surgeon, Dr. Duncan, he verbalized
all this to me. He was very up front, this is
how serious the situation is, however, you don’t
fit that mold, so you’re gonna read all
this stuff on the Internet. You’re gonna see all these
articles coming out, but just remember you
don’t fit that mold. Within my surgery,
my entire stomach was removed. And he did this
[INAUDIBLE] procedure so he was actually able to
make like a little pouch, I call it my pseudo tummy,
out of my intestine. So the first couple of years,
like I’d say the first year and a half, was very difficult
because I was still very much in my old habits where I could
eat anything and everything. I could eat as much as I wanted. And it was very hard
habit to break. [MUSIC] So I met my fiance, it was
after I was finally done with my chemotherapy, and
we went out for a football game. I was meeting up with
mutual friends of ours and he happened to have been there,
and I was there, wigged up and all, and we just hit it off. [MUSIC] At the time when I was
diagnosed, I was getting ready to apply to PT school,
to do physical therapy. And of course having to put all
of that on hold, and then to be kinda thrown into this new
life and this new journey, and coming across all of
these wonderful men and women that just had such
a positive impact on my life. I just knew that I could do
something more, that I knew I was gonna come out of this and
I needed to give it back. So I am now an oncology nurse
at the local hospital that I did my chemo treatments at. I was very inspired throughout
my journey by all of the medical staff that was a part of it,
especially the nurses. [MUSIC] Eric and I will be getting
married October 3, 2015. And I wanted to wait. We’ve been engaged already for
a year. But I wanted to wait in
particular because I will be at my five year, hallelujah,
it’s over mark next October. So we have all these
plans to go ahead and I’ll have my PET scan done and
then that, I can close the book to that
chapter and move forward. And that will be my whew,
it’s okay to move on. That will be my moment, and so celebrating in five
years by getting married and having all my closest
friends and family there. Dr. Duncan’s gonna be
there even, so, I mean what better way to celebrate
than a celebration of our love, and then just
a celebration of life. Because I can now breathe
a lot easier, so [LAUGH], it’s pretty significant to us. [MUSIC]

68 thoughts on “Stomach (Gastric) Cancer | Stephanie’s Story”

  1. Love you baby girl I tell everyone your story I knew you was going to be alright
    Lots of hugs and kisses love you Aunt Toni I will be 8 years free of cancer.

  2. Beautiful story, very encouraging, thanks so much for sharing!  Stephanie looks amazing and this gives me lots of hope for the future. Not that long ago I had to go through what she experienced.

  3. When I hear of stories like yours I think about Steve: Life is too short to waste time on what you don't love.

  4. Aww I am so happy for you. You inspired me to stay positive for my mom as she deals with a difficult time. :-(. I was on my breaking point, but I see that there is hope. Thank you for sharing that.

  5. I'm in a wreck. my girlfriend was diagnosed with stomach cancer. she's only 19. I just can't handle this…

  6. Good for you Stephanie!! It is now March of 2016, and I hope you have graduated from nursing school as well as having gotten married! I hope all of your dreams come true.

  7. God bless you! You are a survivor,a winner!Life has plenty of gifts for you! You deserve the best!My husband (48 now)had his total gastrectomy in 2013.Unfortunately,he is not doing well.

  8. Well, she's Mrs. Stephanie Smith now. The No Stomach for Cancer Foundation's 3rd Annual Spotlight on Gastric Cancer is being held May 14, 2016 at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore. I'm very proud to say she will be the first speaker at this event. #angelswalkamongstus #proudshecallsmedaddy

  9. Thank you for this story! I was diagnosed with stomach cancer last month. I had Hodgkin's Disease as a teenager that I was treated for twice and now this at age 37. I went to college for social work and worked with cancer patients, giving them lodging while they were getting their treatment. I have a lot of support behind me, and now I just need the medicine to work!

  10. I'm not sure if this video is a good thing or a bad thing to look at considering my great-uncle has just been diagnosed with stage 4, and has limited days to live. They put him in an indused coma and now he cannot be pulled out. Please go here to help my family out anything would be much appreciated https://www.gofundme.com/2azw8z2k

  11. Wow so many more young people get diagnosed with cancer…. especially cancer that older people in their 50’s get? Wow, what might the cause be? Diet… is it all these processed foods we eat? Anyway, my grandpa was diagnosed with adnocarcinoma of the stomach also. Its really hard because he has skin cancer as well ( the stomach cancer is not a metastasis of the skin cancer, so he has 2 separate cancers at once) ☀️

  12. ???? I want to punch cancer right in the head! so it never comes back and touches anyone! Put cancer to sleep forever! ??????

  13. I'm so happy to hear your story continues. You're a strong soul and you just gave me strength to fight the good fight myself. Thank you for the hope. Cancer has nothing on us, it'll get its butt kicked ? Enjoy your life, beautiful. Also, congratulations on engagement! ???♥️ Love to all people on this beautiful planet we call, home.

  14. glad its worked out for her, but for these doctors to TELL people NOT to learn and get knowledge and lye to so many to say alternative does not work IS criminal lye……. and telling her she does not fit the mold… usually is same type thing! cancer is cancer and it all pretty much fits the mold. Chemo and such does work for some, but MORE than less it does not work and is only 2% more helpful but with that the return rate is higher.. where alternative when gone, its gone! rather try alternative that also heals body too than chemo that destroys it and if it comes back your immune system is too shot to kill that too! 37% risk it will come back and will then die with it all over that then cant be cured for only 2% diff in chemo vs alternative. I pick alliterative! And MOST docs WON"T talk to you about it and lye cause they know nothing and continue to want to know nothing about it because its not profitable to them they think. Still the make COMMISSIONS and PROFITS when you do chemo! remember that. They just dont get you still need them either way. its like ok, goodbye or lack of interest when not doing the POCKETBOOK METHOD, which is also shameful and criminal if you ask me and other patients, along with oncologist who HAVE cared enough to also study alternative cancer. treatments.

  15. I go to see gastroenterologist at the end of this month. I have a terrible feeling but I need to know. Over a year of terrible pain and issues.

  16. I've been diagnosed with signet ring cell stomach cancer 3 months ago. At 52 my husband and I were just starting to enjoy this new phase of our lives where all the kids have left home and we can tour and rediscover each other again. Im going for my fifth chemo treatment tomorrow. I was diagnosed stage 4 with spread to my ovaries, so surgery wasn't an option. My response on chemo was good so at this stage we are aiming for surgery early next year. Friends and family and my Lord Jesus Christ have carried me through the past months. It is a scary thing to be confronted with your own mortality, especially when you were the healthy one all your life.. This story increased my hope of survival today. Praise our God and be blessed everyone in this boat..we are not alone.

  17. I keep getting pain above and below my belly button. Along with diarrhea or constipation. It is happening everyday. I hope it will go away soon.

  18. You know, one of my very first friends died of stomach cancer at only 74 years old in year 2003. 74 years old. That is so totally not that old. He died of stomach cancer and I got mad at him. I am not mad at him anymore. I am just mad at the stupid stomach cancer that killed him. Okay, everybody's assignment for whenever. Make a stomach cancer piñata and beat it with whatever you can find!

  19. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011, and that year we were excited to be celebrating my six year survivorship anniversary – a survival that was not remotely contemplated in 2016. Since i diagnosis i have learnt a lot about lung cancer, the first few years were confronting.

    I had no clue that my LUNG (left) was responsible for these combined symptoms! Fatique, chest, neck and shoulder pain. My life changed in just one breath when my Doctor diagnosed me with advanced lung cancer that was INOPERABLE, INCURABLE and TERMINAL. I will always remember the pain and tears from my husband’s face as well as my daughters and my close friends. Like many other people this was not the first time that my life was impacted by CANCER. In 2002 my sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Fortunately for us she was diagnosed at an late stage and she pass away. So when my doctor gave the news about me, We all put in mind positive energy to fight agaisnt it, Because I was not going to let that put an end to my smile. now i lives a normal healthy and active lifestyle thanks to the “Dr Adebola Herbal Herbs” which my husband doctors prescribed him. SO many good people have lost there life because of greed, The government will preach agaisnt herbal herbs because it only one true cure, But will make profil with pills because the money you treat the more money you spent, Thanks to my husband Doctor who told us this. I will want to advice anyone out here going throught sorrow with Cancer to reach out to Dr Adebola and I guarantee you that you will be cured. Contact him via: ([email protected])

  20. This was comforting to me, I have to get tested next month and I'm trying my best to keep this from my family, we already had three members of the family leave us from cancer. I know I'm making the wrong decision by not telling them but it's the only thing that is making this experience not reall for me.

  21. I felt healing in my body when I prayed blessings for Benny Hinn's ministry. God gives me healing when I donate to this ministry also. I give $25 or $50 or $100 every month or when ever I need more healing. You can try it. If I had more money I would give it to this ministry cuz I love the healing so much. (CBN 700 Club is a good one too) Check these ministries out online they're awesome!!!

  22. Hi Stephanie, I have 100/10 pain level that is intermittent, lasting a max of 15 min. I sometimes have 1 or 2 more that follow. I have been living with this now for 1.5 years. Its now at its worst. I have no insurance til October 2019 open enrollment. NP wont prescribe me anything for pain! I'm an LVN into my 4th semester RN program. Please, I need your advice. I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and gastrointestinal found nothing and my gynecologist removed some scar tissue and helped relieve some pain for 2 most. Scar tissue was found tightly wound around my intestine which he said needs to be removed. I'm afraid

  23. I wonder how the surgery is when you got the gastric sleeve surgery. Also did anyone get the surgery and chemo and not radiation? My mom has it and I don’t really want her to do radiation unless it’s a last resort option.

  24. The love of my life was recently diagnosed with this stage gastric cancer. She is just now starting this unbelievably difficult and scary journey. Thank you so much to those that pray for her and a special thanks to Stephanie for sharing this inspirational story. I will be calling John's Hopkins tomorrow.

  25. My friend was suffering from chronic gastritis. It was very
    painful for her. She tried Digestion support by "Planet Ayurveda" for
    this and got relief.

  26. Somehow seems like each one of us have to get over winning every bout ….I mean certainly fight like hell and hope to beat odds ….but accept the inevitable FACT that ultimately it really is beyond our control ….despite what lying TV evangelists spout off on ….. ….

  27. For over 6 months my wife kept on complaining about indigestion, bloating and her inability to pass stool. I believe it was just constipation because we all do have this symptoms sometimes in our life. It went on for months and when her stool became black with pains around her abdomen, we knew we had to see the doctor. An ultra sound and colonscopy was carried out and then we had the shock of our lives, she was has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to her liver already.
    She rushed into treatment and she was already into 2 rounds of Chemo when her body couldn't take it anymore.
    I resulted to cannabis oil, black seed, dandelion root, essaic tea and any supplement I could lay my hands on just to give her more quality of life but they only stable her condition.
    A friend of ours that went over to Mexico for alternative treatment for her breast cancer told us how effective it was and gave us the info of the herbalist that cured her.
    I contacted the herbalist without any real faith honestly because I knew we were losing this battle. He first of all changed her diets weekly and sent us his herbal Apollo oil and tea ( doesn't contain any cannabis). It's been over 11 months since my wife used these herbs and every symptoms are gone. We did some scans and colonscopy and the oncologist declare her NED!
    I know conventional treatment has helped some people but i can boldly claim and say I have witness the miracles of alternative meds. These herbs are the closets thing to a cure from my own experience. In the end I see no harm in trying from all angles to align your body to be strongest in assisting and fighting this horrible disease. His contact data is: [email protected]
    My wife is a survivor, and I know she'll stay this way for a long time. I'm now a believer of alternative medicine.

  28. My friend was suffering from chronic gastritis. It was very painful for her. She tried Digestion support by "Planet Ayurveda" for this and got relief.

  29. Unfortunately my younger sister died last july 1. She had gastric adenocarcinoma. She died 2 days after her operation. There is no moving on of losing a loved one. I just had to live with pain everyday ??? my sister is just 25years old. I miss her so much.

  30. My father was battling gastric cancer. His entire stomach was removed. But the cancer spread. 1 year later I'm being told that nothing can be done anymore. Now we're just waiting for "nature to make its course" like the doctor said. I still haven't lost faith that God can heal him! ❤ Prayers is all I ask for!

  31. I have the same symptom of having serve abdominal pain that made me cry in the school bathroom and it lasted for about 15 minutes. What do I do?

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