Hi. Today I want to start talking about stress.
How to deal with stress and how stress affects weight loss. Accu Weight-Loss is unforgiving
and because of that, the stress that we experience in our life is a major factor. Not just for
you, but for all of us. One of the biggest things that stress does
is affect functioning in the thyroid, and as all of you know whether you have thyroid
problems or not. The thyroid is a major factor in weight loss, in coldness, in hair and in
so many other things. We, however, have a methodology that all of
you have been taught to counteract the issues. That’s the breathing exercise. The Chi Gong.
So the first thing I’m going to do with you is to go over how to do the Chi Gong.
Mouth closed. Full breath in through the nose.
Do not hold your breath. As soon as your lungs are filled, force the
air out slowly. Slowly.
Slowly. And as you force the air out, think how comfortable
it is. How relaxing it is to let the air out. When you are finished, do not let it get uncomfortable.
Count in your mind. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..
And once again. Mouth closed.
Full breath In through the nose. Immediately, slowly, out through the mouth.
Relaxing all the time. Relaxing, don’t ever let it get uncomfortable.
And when you have finished the second breath. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.
Again, in through the nose. Slowly, out through the mouth.
And once again, In through the nose. Relax. Relax. Relax.
And when you finish, a fourth time. What I’ve been impressed with, is the fact
that so many people have told me that they find themselves getting annoyed or irritable
doing the breathing. It takes too much time. It disrupts their day. They don’t want to
do it. Why do it? It becomes a problem. Other people are watching them.
The truth is that you and I have been talking for weeks about self-love. The truth is that
you’re right. You don’t want to be bothered. Yet here you are investing your time, your
energy in losing weight, spending money. Getting results but not always getting the results
that you want to get. The Chi Gong breathing increases attention,
concentration, awareness. It improves memory and it is the most incredible stress reducer.
But what you don’t understand is that the effects are cumulative. Just do the breathing
every single time you do the beads. Do not do the breathing together with the beads.
Do the beads first, the breathing second. And in just one week you will see the effect.
Here are the effects that I want. When we’re done I’m going to teach you how to use the
breathing to stop the cheating. Remember it centers you. It stops you. It helps you think.
And then you’re rational and disconnected from the emotion of the stress that causes
you to think about cheating. Then we’re on the path to permanent weight loss.
Thank you for watching. Mouth closed.
Full breath in through the nose. Slowly, out through the mouth.
Relax. Relax. Till next time.

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