In general, there are four stages to a migraine
attack, the prodrome, the aura, the headache itself, and then the postdrome. About 60%
of patients experience the prodrome although in fact many of them do not realize it. Prodromal symptoms includes such things as
hyperactivity, decreased ability to sleep. In some people sluggishness or yawning, some
people notice they become crabby, they urinate more frequently, they crave certain foods,
and often they start to have a heightened awareness of their senses. So, light seem brighter, sound seem stronger,
and they start complaining that their family is too louder, or the workplace is too loud
when in fact nothing has changed. They are just more sensitive to it. The second face the aura, and interestingly
many doctors and many patients also think you need to have an aura to have migraine
headache, but in fact aura is fairly rare. Only about 20% of migraine suffers experience
the aura, and by definition the aura is a transient or a short lived disturbance in
some function in the neurologic ability. Usually, it is a visual disturbance so people
will see sparkling lights, or shooting stars, or zig zag lines that blot out their vision.
Some people may notice they become numb on their face, or on their hand, on the side
around the opposite side of their headache, and still other people may notice they have
trouble speaking. The next stage of migraine not surprisingly
is the headache, and the classic symptom of the migraine headache is that it is a one-sided
headache. It tends to be throbbing or pounding, moderate to severe in intensity, but it is
not just the head pain that makes the headache of migraine a migraine. It is what associated with the headache. People
during migraine experience nausea. They may vomit, they may have sensitivity to light,
or to sound, or to smell, and in fact all they really want to do during a migraine headache
is to shut the door, and close the lights, pull the blankets over their head and try
to sleep. In fact hibernation is one of the features
of migraine that is not appropriately treated. The last stage of migraine is called the postdrome
and it is this vague sensation almost like a hangover where your body aches. You have
a limited ability to think, to eat, to act normally, and you are still just not yourself. Taken in total, the entire complex of migraine
can last as short as four hours which is pretty long to as long as three to four days. So,
it is an overwhelming sensation. If you suffer from migraine, you are not alone. Migraine affects about 11% of the country,
or more than 30 million Americans. If you think you are one of those migraine sufferers,
you should call your doctor, and if necessary you refer to a neurologist or other headache

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  1. Thank you for making this video. I had a migraine that went for 17hrs, then I couldn't think clearly, I couldn't string a sentence together, I had no energy and very bad brain fog. I was freaking out because I have had migraines before but I had never had postdrome.

  2. i just discovered the term "post drome" It's been something i've been struggling to explain to people. I've been to a neurologist and on Nortriptolyn for a year and just got off of it. I very rarely get the vomiting but what bugs me most is the postdrome. It seems to last days for me. It makes it so hard to work. God, I wanna find a solution to this to make it go away.

  3. i was wondering if you guys now something about what i can do. i can make something in my head throb and make a noise i can hear but others can't. it helps pop my ears when you get that deafening feeling when leaving a plane in a different country and the more i do it the more i yawn. i can feel this feeling in my ears. do you know what i'm talking about?

  4. One of my prodromes are trouble focusing.  Not ADD focusing, but like "I can't read" kind of focusing.  I just had a full blown migraine this morning and tried to keep hydrated through out the day.  Came home after grocery shopping and binged on food, I was so hungry.  Feeling like I'm starving is one of my postdrones.

  5. I've been at my limits with migraines. My last migraine lasted for 1 yr & 4months. Everyday all day. Very minimum relief. A few minutes here and there within the day where I'd go completely numb n the pain would go away. I've been to many Dr's all tell me its just something I have to live with. I'm currently on 1yr and 2 & 1/2 months with my present migraine and have been suffering for the past 9 yrs total. Is there any treatment or medicine that will be at least 75% effective? I'm desperate!!!

  6. I just wanna know is it normal during a postdrome or the last stage to see a little bit of an aura or to have blurred vision and trouble focusing and slight head pain..

  7. dang that explains everything that's happened to me it is on one side by my eye and I saw stripes and zigzag lines and I threw up and I fell asleep for a long time and the intensity sighted and lowered but it never just went away and I've had chieftain for about 5 hours now and it's still here

  8. i only have prodome and aura but not the other two. what?! i'm confused now..

    i had seen weird shit last years, weird lights and aura's and i saw dots coming to get me.. then i also heard my own thoughts coming out of my head and it was like a loud thinking with a bass in it. at that time i said to myself that it need to shut up but that made an apearance outside of my head aswell. as for the lights, the last time i having trouble with it but headaches and dyzziness? no, not that, i dont have it. i dont know what it could be but those two first are what i expierience once in a month or if it goes for loud noise (thoughts that go outside of my head) and bright lights, once a week or so.

  9. Mines lasted 5 days so far and no relief so far I've tried everything I could I'm pregnant and miserable any suggestions to help

  10. I have all the symptoms in this video. Except my migraines don’t last to long. Usually when I start to feel the headache I try and take a migraine pain releaving pill. I try to fall asleep as soon as possible and when I wake up a few hours later I don’t have the usually pain anymore but I don’t feel as if it can come back and I feel like I can easily get a migraine again so I try not to do things that would make me feel like I have a migraine

  11. Ive had my migraine for about a month now and I’ve tried everything even going to the hospital and removing a migraine cocktail and after that a magnesium boils it still hasn’t gone away.

  12. I've had occasional migraines since I was a young child. Mine are usually my whole head. with nausea, rarely half head, but I have experienced that too. I'm 54 now and I'm experiencing postdrome for the first time that I'm really aware of. This morning I started writing with my left hand, and then a couple words into it I realized that I'm right handed. That is what started my quest to find out what's going on. I'm also having brain fog, ringing in my ears, and weakness.

  13. I am hyperactive and I get numb on the face nose and my jaws gets stiff I get sensitive to light and sound I barely can talk or walk I start feeling as if I'm paralyzed I talk to those around me but feel awkward talking I see a moon shaped light that moves and when I look at my left hand I can't see it it gets like blurred…Sometimes my heart pounds in a strange way and my tongue feels heavy…My migrane lasts for 40 minute to one hour but during that time after all those symptoms disappear My headaches starts and the pain gets unbearable

  14. Normaly I'm excessively active like in an unbelievable abnormal way the migrane …it's scary you fear dying but it is not deadly but the feelong is too much to tolerate….

    I've been sensitive to light since I was a child and I do suffer depression and am a perfectionist which means I kill myself doing everything perfect whether it's cleaning the house tidying things studying even my looks…I have OCD and panic also anxiety attack….ALL THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME….I NEVER WANTED THINGS TO BE OK…ALWAYS WANT THINGS TO BE EXTREMELY PERFECT….This is my BIGGEST PROBLEM…I INHERITED THIS FROM MY MOTHER AND MY OCD STARTED WHEN I WAS SEVEN…

  15. i have sufferd with migrains for 30 years ,i dont get them as bad as i used to still get the aura fell sick and makes you fell like [email protected] for a few days after,But for the last 6 months i have been getting them in my sleep the aura zig zags wake me up any one else get them in there sleep

  16. Well done started getting annoyed with sound last night. And then got diorehha and now just feel like rubbish.

  17. I came here after suffering from migraine for a whole day and trying hard to sleep. But i feel so anxious and hyperactive. I have migraine for 6 years. How can i cure. I took so many pills which was recommended by my doctor and i have treated by so many doctors. This is killing me. Please help.

  18. I feel a line of pain below my forehead and a dot of pain on both of the sides of my head, lined up with the line. I am sensitive to sound and light, my eyes hurt, my eyes shake quite frequently

  19. My migraines have decreased over the course of 6 months after taking CBD oil. I thought It was BS. But after listening to my friends and some coworkers I just gave it a shot. Do your research and try this. I was a non believer man but I can’t even remember when the last time I had one. I don’t keep track much anymore. It’s not a 100% cure but it’ll def help. Buy the oil. Full spectrum and from a reputable source. I get mine from Purekana. They have coupons a lot by the way. Follow there social media.

  20. I get migraines every week. and they last for 2 days. it is horrible. i get nausea, dizziness painful right side of head, i get angry hearing loud sirens and people talking loud, emotional too. its awful.
    after each migraine i suffer with memory loss i cant think straight its a nightmare

  21. I can trigger migraines via the consumption of peas and/or excess salt. I have heard of other folk who have managed to find what triggers their migraine. My visual rainbow effect is just ending at this moment. It started about 20 minutes ago.

  22. I’m 16 and been having these migraines since about 11! Numbness off my arm and then followed by loss of vision. Then and excruciating headache. I try to sleep it off but wake up to an even worse headache. This usually knocks me out for the day which is bad for me starting work on Wednesday.

  23. I had migraines my entire life but they are getting much worse…tonight is the worst because even the pain medicine the doctor prescribed didn’t work. The pain medicine the doctor prescribed me was very strong stuff and for it to not work now really scares me.

  24. 7 days for me on my right side my scalp was tender to the touch its getting better but im getting kind of After Shocks.

  25. Used to get migraines like once a month, with just aura and the headache, but today i had the worst one EVER and ended up puking my guts out

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