Hey, what’s good? It’s your boy, T-Pain. And this is Mind Massage. Hit us! Shhh! The reasoning behind
T-Pain’s school of business is just to help. Here are people that have been
through the ringer already. And here’s the steps that
you can fucking skip. To just go right to it. I’m trying to
make it easier. To make the new
generation richer. I could have done a
normal reality show. And just had something
about my life or something about autotune like
everybody else wanted to do. And it would have been just
another degrading-ass show. So, I wanted to bring
something to the table that could help people realize
that something they’re doing, they’re career could
turn into a billion dollars. [clears throat] Entrepreneurship. Finding something you love
and finding a way to get paid for it. I’m always giving
people the game. I’m always giving people what my
experiences have brought me. And what their skill
sets can bring them. This is a product
from Vite Ramen. It’s the world’s first
healthy Ramen Noodles. Which is, it blew
my fucking mind. Cause it’s pretty
much all I eat. This shit’s gonna go
all over the place. I just know it. That’s reinforced,
that’ reinforced. Ok. This isn’t an accurate
representation of my strength. I just want everybody
to know that. I am strong enough
to open this bitch. But I just didn’t want it
going all over my studio. So, this is how
Vite Ramen comes. Who’s gonna sweep this up? Who’s volunteering
for the cook? Ok, just making sure. Cause I don’t feel
like doing this shit. Oh! This is how my wife
likes her Ramen. I don’t crush my shit up. She likes little
bits and pieces. You know, you gotta be
able to put a fork in there, and just like whirl it around,
and then get it out of there. But this. So, basically, my wife
eats noodles like a God damn Neanderthal. This is satisfying
as fuck, doing this. I can’t imagine what it
sound like right now, so. It’s pretty cool. Yeah! [hookah bubbling] These are some
revolutionary joints because, for
one, I made them. And, for two, because they’ve
been on my feet before. So, suck a butt. This is what I’ve been
using to make my hookahs. So, let’s see what they
sound like together. It feels gross. And I’m probably
fucking up my shoes. So, this wasn’t the
smartest thing to do, but. Got these little,
metal tassels here. The foreplay
with the laces. Get in there. Ladies, don’t
skip this part. You need this. You gotta do
this every time. Especially if you
want it in return. You just gotta. Yeah, that feels
super gross. It was already dead
when I made the shoe. I didn’t. No animals were harmed in the
making of these dope-ass shoes. [hookah bubbling] I’m back. [strumming] It’s the Artiphon
Studio 1. And, um, I use this now in
the studio and it’s pretty God damn cool, man. It’s pretty much any
instrument you want. Puts it right in
your backpack. Or some very long
apparatus that you got something to carry
this long ass thing. My penis! Ok, but. [slow, melodic guitar sound] [hookah bubbling] This is Rebel Coast Wine. Their Sunday Fun Day. It’s pretty damn good. But, what I went to holler
at Rebel Coast about was their weed wine! Which we obviously
couldn’t get in Atlanta because it’s Atlanta. Oh, yeah! That’s wine. You know, anytime I meet
anybody I make sure I give them every piece
of game I got. And, you know, a lot of
people tell me, “You know, you don’t have to
tell people that stuff.” But I’m like, man, if I don’t
tell people how I made it, then how are
they gonna make it? If they don’t at least
get ahead of the game. I’m T-Pain. And this has been
Mind Massage. And yeah, suck a butt! Shhh!

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  1. I wanna smoke a hookah with t pain he seems so chill lol and dude hella smart using big ass words and shit

  2. When a rapper like T pain gives importance to education and know the worth of pages of books….that’s when my respect for him flew over the rooftop….giving younger careers and guided them in what ways they needed help….much respect to him

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