T-Pain: How do you shake up
old-school industries and make a mint doing it? To find out,
I’m about to cook some bugs, cleanse my privates, and risk my life
to conquer an old fear. I may break my nose,
but it will be good TV. ♪♪ I’m T-Pain. You know me as a musician.
[ Laughs ] But what you don’t know
is that I’m a businessman, and I’m obsessed with finding
the newest tech… Science! …newest food, newest culture,
newest everything. Oh, man. I’m taking my curiosity
on the road to meet the entrepreneurs
who are defining the future. I’ve been an entrepreneur
all my life. I’m gonna get a feel
for their companies and find out how they turn
their ideas into reality. We raised
a few million dollars. Genius! This is “T-Pain’s
School of Business.” [ Laughs ] Everybody knows
T-Pain loves cars. At one point, I had 36 cars
all to myself. It was bad management. The only thing I hate about cars
is being in traffic. It’s bad everywhere. It’s traffic, which is why
everybody has been talking about ridables
as the solution for traffic. In the next five years,
personal electric vehicles are projected to become a $40
billion a year global industry. That’s if people like me
can get out of their cars. I’m not sure
that’s gonna happen. So far, my only
ridable experience has been
the original hoverboard. We all know what happened
with that. Fires, explosions,
small batteries on big motors. The first time I got
on a hoverboard, it was at Snoop Dogg’s house. ♪♪ And now he has a T-Pain-sized
hole in his wall. I am so sorry. That was not my intention, but I told you not
to try to teach me how to ride that thing
in the house. I’m going right now
to meet my homegirl Rose Wang from InMotion, a company that wants to get
people out of their cars. I’m the CEO
of InMotion USA. What I take care of is
revolutionizing human mobility. Getting more people into using sustainable
electric transportation. When you look at cities
and urban settings, you see a lot of urban
congestion, carbon emissions. So our job here is
really to educate people about what there is to use
for sustainable transportation. Remember, kids.
You’re not stuck in traffic. You are the traffic. Rose is taking the car
out of the car dealership. Instead of carbon-emitting,
traffic-creating cars, Rose’s dealership
is selling electric ridables. Rose co-created
the Scooterboard along with a group
of Chinese engineers she found
through social media. Her genius is that she came up
with the idea to sell not only her creation,
but a fleet of ridables. You’re actually standing right
next to the start of it all, Scooterboard. It looks like a scooter,
but it rides like a skateboard. That’s more my speed
right there.
[ Laughs ] What do we have here? These are
the Hovershoes. ♪♪ They’re the first prototypes in
the entire western hemisphere. -Man.
-Basically, a hoverboard, except without
the middle bridge. That wouldn’t be me.
I’d immediately do the splits right there,
right in the middle. Would you like to try
the Hovershoes?
I need space. I’m gonna fall
pretty dramatically. Rose has me convinced
to give these ridables a try. Now, the scary thing is,
I’m pretty clumsy. I don’t have that much
of a good balance, so possibly,
may break my nose. But it will be good TV,
and that’s what we’re here for. Oh, boy. Why don’t you put one foot on,
see how you like it, and then
we don’t have to commit to both
if you’re not feeling it. I’m already ’cause I’m — [ Breathing heavily ] You want us to
show you first? You’re gonna have to
because — [ Laughs ]
-All right, all right. So you just start
with one foot at a time. If you keep your foot flat
just like this, there you go. None of this is happening
with me, at all. It seems like
an easy thing, but my brain and the way
it works. It just takes
a few minutes. [ Sighs ] Why don’t you go for a ride
on the P1F? -Does it have handles?
-Yeah. Let’s do
the mini E-bike. Here is the throttle.
-All right. Okay, and don’t forget
the most important part. [ Horn honks ]
The horn. That is
the most important part. [ Horn honks ] All right,
let’s get this show on the road. [ Laughs ]
This is it. This is the one. [ Laughs ]
Out of the way. I don’t think
he needs any help. T-Pain: Why ridables? It started really when I was
in my full-time job. It actually took an hour
at least to commute into work
every single day. Being frustrated
with the commute, I knew there had to be
another solution. That’s when I got in contact with the engineering team
in China, and we started talking
about solutions. And so we started out with
Scooterboard on Kickstarter. That actually reached
its funding goal within the first 48 hours.
-Oh, boy. -Yes.
-Yes. So that gave us the confidence
to move forward and really build
a company around it. Pizzle tip —
Have something for everyone. Rose wants to be the car
dealership of the future? She’s pretty much proved
that she’s well on her way. What gave you the courage
to dive right into
entrepreneurship? I’ve actually been
an entrepreneur all my life. I was born in China. I came from a pretty
impoverished area. I would love drawing
in my day care. I started selling cartoon
characters for 25 cents. -Good lord.
-And then in high school, I started importing Asian
cosmetics and beauty products into
the western hemisphere. And I made
pretty good money. I don’t think my strength is
in a 9:00-to-5:00. I wanted to do something
where I could change our society
for the better. Get out there
and make it happen.
Exactly. ♪♪ So what did we learn today? I mean, Rose got me
out of my car. [ Laughs ] Rose hated her commute. I mean, we all do, but instead
of complaining about it, she did something about it. Start your own business
around your problem, create the solution. Just find something you hate and start something
to get rid of it. Can’t do anything
about your dad. You got to figure that out
on your own. Persistence, people. Laugh in the face of adversity. Get your shit together,
and maybe you’ll be riding the streets in style
like T-Pizzle. Coming up on “T-Pain’s
School of Business,” can there be a billion-dollar
maggot out there? I’ma see for myself. [ Laughs ] Aah! That was terrible. Then I meet a woman who’s
disrupting a whole industry. Would you want your penis
to smell that way? If you know anything about me, you know I don’t
[bleep] with bugs. Not even a little.
Nope. But apparently,
they’re about to change the face
of agri-business as we know it. I don’t know it, but I’m here
to meet Sean and Pat, cousins and founders
of Grubbly Farms. They create animal feed
out of baked fly larvae. They’re cooking food
for chickens. Animal feed is a $70 billion
a year business. And that’s just in the U.S. I don’t know if you guys know
what a unicorn is, but it’s definitely not a horse
with one horn on its head that shits rainbows
and pisses mayonnaise. A unicorn is Silicon Valley talk for a business that
has a billion-dollar valuation. Grubbly Farms has the potential
to become a unicorn. I don’t like bugs,
but I do love money. What’s going on?
-This is Grubbly Farms. -Yeah. Welcome.
-Surprisingly clean. So what’s —
what’s the operation here? We’re developing
a sustainable processed fly larvae
animal feed. What was the motivation behind,
“Yep, let’s do this”? Sean and I were living
together at the time, and he actually came to me
and proposed ideas like, “I think bugs are gonna
be the future.” And surprisingly enough,
I’m actually terribly, terribly afraid
of pretty much all bugs. We got something
in common, then. So that’s cool,
all right. Actually, the original idea
was to create a burger patty out of insects that we could
sell in Southeast Asia or Africa as the kind
of Westernized version of what they eat
over there. So we actually blended grubs
with black beans and baked it
into a burger patty. -You sure did.
-And being completely honest, it was kind of disgusting.
-Yeah. We slowly realized pretty much
how big of an impact raising insects
can have on the planet, and that’s what led us
down the path to raising black soldier
fly grubs. Here you can see
our actual first product. So this is
the dried larvae. I am ready for the smell
of this. They actually smell
pretty good. -Oh, that doesn’t smell bad.
-Right? -Smells like old bacon, but —
-It’s a bit nutty. Ohh. See,
that’s not bad, right? You can’t even tell
they’re bugs. I can very much
tell they’re bugs. [ Laughs ]
You can’t tell those are bugs? Yeah,
they’re not too bad. For chickens. Ohh.
-You want some? For TV purposes,
we’re gonna say I had them. So, now that we’ve seen
the end product, let’s go take a look at and see
how the grubs are actually made. Oh, shit, this got big. ♪♪ This is a bin
of the grubs. So below this dirt, which is
actually the grub poop… Oh, God, it’s moving. …there’s thousands
and thousands of these guys. Oh, boy.
This does not feel great. Kind of oddly satisfying,
feeling them crawling — It’s not. It’s not. Not even
a little. Not even a little. Here’s a pocket
of straight grubs. Oh, that’s way worse. -[ Laughs ]
-Aah! That was terrible. That was bad.
That was bad. How do we get from this
to what I held earlier? That actually starts
with basically breeding flies. How does one go about
breeding flies? That’s actually where
the secret sauce lies. They breed very well under
natural sunlight, obviously, but getting them to breed
under artificial conditions is quite difficult, and that’s actually what
we’ve been focusing on.
Jesus. Once the babies reach
about this size is when we actually can start
feeding them the food waste. In this barrel, we actually
have some spent brewery grains that we pick up from
a local brewery around here. The larvae will eventually
come up to the surface, and we take a portion
of our larvae population, let them mature, and then
continue the breeding aspect. -Absolutely.
-But the majority of it goes into the rest
of the processing. These eventually turn
into our end product. Over 50 million
tons of food waste every year
are landfilled, and food waste actually
decomposes into methane, a greenhouse gas over 20 times
more harmful to the environment as CO2.
-Jesus. So by the larvae
eating through this, it’s preventing greenhouse gases
being emitted. -Right.
-And offering a solution to the food waste issue
that the United States has. This is
our old sifting machine. It separates the substrate
from the larvae. All right,
let’s get this going. [ Laughs ] There’s so many bugs in there.
Whoo. What this actually is
is the larvae poop, and this is actually a pretty
high-quality fertilizer. -Substrate is — is —
-Poop. Has a bunch of different
potential industries that it can be sold into.
-You selling shit? -Yes.
-Yes, we are. The super dope thing
about Grubbly Farms is that their
main source of income makes more of
their source of income. Grubs become flies,
making more grubs. Ka-ching.
Grubs eating food waste — companies will pay for
that trash to be hauled away. Ka-ching. Grubs pooping
becomes fertilizer. Ka-ching. These larvae shit money. This is kind of
our old-school version, but now I’m gonna show you
what it looks like when you step this up into the
more industrial commercial look. ♪♪ The will come out
of the oven dry. This is really what
the product that you pulled out
of the bag earlier. Give me some of that.
Ahh. They’re not moving now.
-Nope. This is much better
than earlier. T-Pain: Coming up on “T-Pain’s
School of Business,” I’ll meet some chickens. Cute chick. [ Laughter ] See what I did? Grubbly Farms has found out
the direct reason why you want
to sell everything. It’s just way more money. They sell the larvae. They sell the shit. They make more larvae. You come back, make that
into food, more larvae, then they just keep shitting
and keep producing more money. But the one thing that could
[bleep] up all that process is if
the chickens don’t like it. Tell you what, they got
chickens in the back. [Bleep] focus group right
in the Goddamn building. -Want to hold them?
-Is there a process? Is there
a certain technique? Pat: No, you just put your hands
around the wings. -Yeah.
-And if they start flapping, just drop it
like that. [ Laughs ] If you want to walk
a couple paces, and they’ll come charging,
hopefully. Please don’t charge.
You’re charging. You’re charging.
I just said don’t charge. You can
take it running. They’ll come
right after. Yeah, that’s some
“Jurassic Park” shit that I’m just not
prepared for. Chickens do
come from dinosaurs. Oh, my God. [ Growls ] Ohh. Want to hold
a little peep? I will hold
a little peep. Yay. Oh, this is lit. Oh, don’t walk off the edge,
buddy. Cute chick. The focus group was a success. But I still got a lot of
questions for Sean and Pat. Where do you guys
see the business going? How big? How big would you say
this is gonna be, being that there’s
a $70 billion pot out there? I think there’s definitely
gonna be a billion-dollar
insect company within the next five years,
if not multiple of them. We’re really looking to
work with as many other insect producers
as possible just to help get the entire
industry off the ground. Once it gets
some traction, then that’s when the real
competition will begin. You really got a dope
product that kind of — I don’t see how
it’s not paying for itself. It’s getting there. The insect industry,
there’s still a stigma of insects
in western society, but I feel like
we’re on that tipping point that it’s becoming adopted
more and more over time. Here’s my question. Do you even notice
the flies anymore? Do you even swat at them
any more? -Oh, no.
-Not the soldier flies. They’re the most chill
insect ever. Okay, that makes sense. Just feels like
being pooped on a bunch. -It happens.
-Some people like that. [ Laughter ] Well…
[ Laughs ] I guess you’re not wrong. I’m sure
some people do. Grubbly Farms is what I now
believe to be insect gold by offering up a more healthy
and more sustainable alternative to everything that’s happening in the animal feed industry
right now. All that’s left now
is scale, growth, and [bleep] billions of dollars. Coming up on “T-Pain’s
School of Business”… I learn that you can
never be too clean. What’s happening now? Am I playing a tree
in the school play? It’s super hot in Atlanta
all the time. My back is sweating right now.
Swamp everything. Nobody wants that.
So I’m about to meet somebody who’s gonna cure
all this swamp ass, hopefully mostly for the club
and afterwards. A lot of dancing going on. A lot of swamping
that’s building up. Beatrice Espada. She’s the founder and CEO
of The Honey Pot, and she’s capitalizing
on the popularity of the wellness industry. In fact, the global
wellness industry is now worth almost $4 trillion. There’s only been
a few companies telling half of
the human population how to take care of themselves,
and that’s the vagina industry. Which I found out, a lot of them
are ran by old dudes. These big companies,
they’ve been using the same formulas for 100 years now. And here comes Beatrice, cleaning up
the feminine hygiene industry. Tell me what we got
going on here. We are a plant-based
feminine hygiene system. Hmm, okay. So we do external vulva washes
and pads and wipes. Just a whole
slew of things. Everything that women need
to take care of themselves. Okay.
What are your thoughts on what we like
to call big vagina? Most conventional
menstrual products are cleaned with a chemical soup
that is chlorine bleach, acetone, furans, dioxins,
formaldehyde even sometimes. Women have a lot
of issues because what they’re using on
a monthly basis, right — Absorbing that. It’s absorbing
all those things.
Oh, boy. How does one go about
getting into this — -Getting into this business?
-Yeah. Honestly, I had
an almost year-long bacterial vaginosis infection.
-Okay, now. Which, that shit was terrible,
right? That’ll make you figure
some shit out, won’t it? And so yeah,
it’s crazy. I’m so sorry. One night, you know how, like,
right before you wake up, sometimes you dream. The lucid kind. Lucid kind of a dream,
right? And I was sitting down
with one of my ancestors just like I’m sitting
and talking to you, and she basically gave me
a list of ingredients and said, “When you wake up, try it.”
-Okay. I literally woke up,
wrote it down. But I just put it together
in kitchen ingredients. And I tried it, and it was
like a gift, and it worked. That’s how I cut my hair
the first time. My uncle came to me in a dream
and told me to do it. -Are you serious?
-Yeah. -So you see what I’m saying.
-Absolutely, yeah. That’s why I’m not, like,
“You’re crazy.” No, I totally get it.
-So it makes sense. I was working at Whole Foods
at that time. I was thinking like, “Damn, I see all
these brands coming in here. Maybe I need to
develop a brand.” And then it was just,
like, light bulb. T-Pain tip —
follow your dreams. Literally. If somebody comes to you
in your dreams and say you need to take care of the rest
of the vaginas in the world, then absolutely go do that. This is how I used
to make my stuff. Everything kind of starts off
with water. So this is like
a coconut oil, kind of like
a Castile soap. So I don’t need no gloves? -You’re good, bro.
-Nothing. You could drink this shit
if you wanted to. -You sure?
-I promise you. I get that
it’s natural. You know what else
is natural? Bears.
They’ll [bleep] kill you. [ Laughs ]
-Look at that. -That sure did do that.
-Really nice foam. Let me see
what’s going on here. Would you want your penis
to smell that way? It’s a little minty. It’s just different. -The smell is amazing.
-Okay. Is there
a big team involved? There is
only six of us. Okay now. But we just wrapped up
an investment round. We just raised
a few million dollars. That’s what the hell
I’m talking about. And when you’re in a consumer
packaged goods company, you have to
go to a supplier, which they call a co-packer,
Okay. -They have testing.
-Okay. -They have everything.
-Yeah. It’s like having that type
of investment partner. Yes, there’s only six of us,
but we’ve got, like, a machine back here…
-Right, right, right. …that we can just pull on
for anything. Star wipe, bam. Now we’re gonna practice
what Bea preaches. We’re gonna research
the wellness industry right from the inside
in a dope-ass spa. So we’re about to give you
a veggie facial. We’re about to
feed your skin. Bea, when you started
making your product, right, did it seem like people
thought that you were crazy, trying to go to these
different stores and companies? We got into Target, right? We were very fortunate
because the buyer went to her hair dresser
to get her hair done, and her hair dresser
told her about Honey Pot. So in this instance,
Target came to us. But that’s the easy part. When they say yes,
now you’re, like, “Oh, wait. That means I got to find
some money,” you know? When a big retailer wants
to carry your product, congrats. Now you have to actually make
enough to stock the shelves. That takes money
from investors, people. What’s happening now? Wow. Woman: You’re getting
organic spinach leaves. Am I playing a tree
in a school play? Yes, so that this restores
the pH balance of the skin. All right. One of the things that people
said that I was crazy about is because when we were
raising the capital to just get into Target
with the washes and wipes, I knew that we had to figure out
a way to then launch pads. A lot of people said that
I was crazy because they were like, “You haven’t even
found the money for your washes
and wipes.” You got to be a little crazy
to be in the start-up life. You have to really believe
that you can do anything. T-Pain:
Bea started in her kitchen, mixing up these ingredients that she got from
one of her ancestors. And now she’s part of
the multi-trillion-dollar wellness industry. That’s [bleep] awesome. People are always gonna say
you’re crazy. And people, they don’t know what
the hell they’re talking about. So the moral of the story is, take advantage
of your craziness. Because whether
it’s new transportation, animal feed,
or feminine care, you got to be kind of crazy
to dream up the future. Class dismissed.

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