I’m T-Pain.
You know me as a musician. Aha! But what you don’t know
is that I’m a businessman, and I’m obsessed with finding
the newest tech… Science!
…newest food, newest culture,
newest everything. Oh, man. I’m taking my curiosity
on the road to meet the entrepreneurs
who are defining the future. I’ve been an entrepreneur
all my life. I’m gonna get a feel
for their companies and find out how they turn
their ideas into reality. We raised
a few million dollars. Genius! This is “T-Pain’s
School of Business.” [ Laughs ] Why am I standing out
in a burning parking lot in the middle of Cowville,
California? I found two guys that are gonna
change the world, right here, right now. And it’s not a game,
it’s not a bike, it’s not anything
to do with technology. It’s [bleep] ramen noodles. You heard me right. Somebody decided to make
healthy ramen noodles. You could literally give me
a choice between gourmet restaurants
or sitting in my bed playing “God of War”
eating ramen noodles, and guess which one I’m picking. They don’t have PlayStations
in gourmet restaurants. So now I’m going in to meet Tim
and Tom Zheng — I call them the Zheng Gang —
from Vite Ramen. Let’s go try it. Zheng Gang.
That’s fun to say. Healthy ramen.
How important is this? Pretty important for me,
’cause my sodium intake is through the damn roof. This is Vite Ramen. This is the world’s
first instant ramen that’s actually
good for you. During our college days, I was just playing
way too many games. I always needed
something quick, something tasty,
something filling. But you know, after a while,
you just only eat instant ramen…
-Yeah. …mood starts going
[whistles] I get it.
That’s like me and porn. So I get it.
I can relate. So we got to make
a better version, ’cause we eat this shit,
like, every day. T-Pain: Every year, 100 billion
packs of ramen noodles are sold around the world. But with the high sodium,
chemical preservatives, and all the deep frying,
instant ramen isn’t exactly good for you. So Tim and Tom saw
a huge opportunity for a healthy option. They managed to crowdsource
a boatload of seed money. Now they’re finishing
their Kickstarter orders, selling directly
to consumers online and hoping to get into retail
grocery stores worldwide. They could become the
healthy noodle of the future. Yes! What was
the learning curve dealing with just everything
that had nothing to do with anything you guys
were interested in at all? We failed about three
to five times on literally everything
we’ve done. Personally, I’ve worked
on 50 more variations per flavor at least.
-Good God. There were a lot of late nights
where — where he’s like, “Okay, Tom,
I’m gonna go do flavors.” And, like,
he calls me up at, like, 1:00 A.M., he’s like, “Tom, I need you
to taste this.” There’s just nights where
you’re just hovering over bowls, like,
[straining] I can’t eat it! Yeah. Yeah. We didn’t do very well
in high school. He had a higher GPA
than me. -Not by much.
-Yeah. -Not by — Not by much.
-Yeah. If it’s any consolation,
I dropped out in eighth grade. Everybody has their
different walks in life. I didn’t even make it
to high school. Just — Just said [bleep] it,
and here we are. That’s one of the big things
that people don’t like to talk about. You don’t always have to take
the path to be, like, a doctor or a lawyer
or something to be successful or to really have fun
or really enjoy life. It’s really
important to show that we’re willing to put
in the work, too, and it’s not just,
like, “Oh, we’re — we’re here
to make money. Like, we’re here
to make noodles.” That really helps
the morale, too, ’cause if I don’t see you
coming in, I’m not doing shit. Yeah, right? I bet there’s a lot of teachers
and elders pissed off right now, because I’m sure there’s
a good number of people that told Tim and Tom, “You’re not gonna make any money
playing those games and eating those noodles.” [ Laughs ] That’s all they’re doing now. What kind of ramen guys
are you guys? Like, are — are you add
noodles, water, seasoning,
that’s it, holler? Or are you guys, like, bok choy
in that [bleep] real quick, half an egg, like, actual
live shri– I don’t know. Like, you know,
there’s some people that — there’s some people that
just go the extra mile, and I’m like, “You should’ve
just cooked something.” Dude, yeah, no, exactly. We are just water,
get back to the game. Good shit. Okay.
That makes sense. That’s what we actually
designed this for. We didn’t want it to be, like,
“Oh, you know, in order to get all your vitamins,
you got to add an egg, and you got to add
all the –” Nah. This has 27 grams
of complete protein in it, all in the ramen itself, and 25% daily value of every
single vitamin and mineral. So it’s just, like,
everything your body needs, boom,
pour hot water in it, add the things,
you’re done. Hey, let’s make
some noodles. When you make noods, you got
to put on some gloves first. Got to put protection.
-Protection. I usually skip this part. Mm. Nope, wait, nope.
Hold on. God damn it.
You know what? Shout-out to all the nurses
and doctors and shit, ’cause [bleep] this. [ Sighs ] I can do this. Boom.
-Oh, yeah. Is it like
a poopy diaper? T-Pain: So it turns out making
instant ramen noodles is actually incredibly easy. You whisk together
the dry ingredients… Oh, yeah.
Pure boga time, baby. …add the wet ingredients… This is the secret ingredient
that makes ramen ramen. -Vodka.
-Vodka, yeah. This is kansui. This is actually what gives
ramen its distinctive chew and yellow color. T-Pain:
…mix that into a batter, press the batter into a roll… Man: And just bits of dough
are dropping down there, and it’s just
pressing it together. Oh, and it’s just standing —
Oh, that is nice. Thinning that thing
on out. This is super cool. T-Pain: …cut the roll into
the noodles, dehydrate those, throw those into a package,
and you’re done. The hard part is making
instant ramen both healthy and delicious. I didn’t eat today. I was making sure I was
gonna be hungry enough. Let’s go have some.
-Alright. We got some big portions
for you. Okay.
Let’s do it. That’s what she said. I’ve learned the full process. I made sure I didn’t eat
before I got here so I could be hungry enough
to eat this [bleep] At this point, I’m ready to let
my hair down and eat some ramen. Whoo, step one. Phase two commences. Oh, look at that. Oh, you saucy mama.
Let’s see what we got, man. God, geez.
You ready, fellas? ♪♪ So? Still
analyzing everything. ♪♪ Mmm. Holy [bleep]
that’s good. [ Laughter ] You did it.
You did it. -Thank you.
-You did it. Like, I can switch this out
on my wife and she wouldn’t
even know. Man, this is really
[bleep] good. What’s the plan?
What’s the — What’s the vision? No matter what happens,
no matter how big we get or where we go,
if it becomes a factory of 300 or whatnot, we’re still gonna be
producing in the U.S. That’s awesome, man.
Ohh! T-Pain:
The homey Tim has invited the whole U.C. Davis
“Overwatch” team to come play us
to make sure that Vite Ramen and gaming goes together. Let’s see if that works whilst
I’m getting in that ass of U.C. Davis. -Ohh!
-Ohh! [ Indistinct yelling ] How’s that going?
Is it good? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Mmm.
Is the noodles helping? Are they —
Are they helping? Uh, yeah, man.
I’m destroying people. Never felt like it. Ah, I wouldn’t say
destroying. I’ll be
the judge of that. I’m down, I’m down, I’m down. Oh, see?
See what happens? The rez is real! The rez is real, bitch. My main takeaway for today,
if there’s a popular but totally unhealthy product
out there, re-invent it, ’cause Tim and Tom did. They got a customer for life. You know what’s awesome? In a whole bunch of states right
now, weed is completely legal. Just in California alone, it’s
become a $4 billion industry. I’m not joking — with a “B.” I feel like I should just
restart smoking weed now. Is it bad to start in your 30s? That’s not weird, is it? There’s joints, there’s vapes. I saw a chick just lay out
some weed and just set it on fire
and just let it fill the room. That was just dumb.
That was stupid to do. It worked. It did work.
It did fill the room. Cookies, brownies, weed cake,
weed macaroni and cheese. But I know what you haven’t
heard of, and guess what
I done stumbled upon. Weed wine. Good Lord. I’m about to meet Chip and Alex,
two guys from Rebel Coast Wine. They may be able to capture
some of that $4 billion for themselves. Who’s ready for some of that? ♪♪ Chip and Alex aren’t exactly
what comes to mind when I think professional wine
makers in Southern California. So obviously I got to learn
the secrets to legally selling weed
wine from your house. You’re making weed wine. The world’s first
cannabis-infused alcohol-removed
Sauvignon Blanc to start. Where do you
make it at? Is it — Chip:
Grow the grapes in Sonoma, make the wine, then we remove
all the alcohol up there, ’cause you can’t sell
cannabis and alcohol in the same building
or in the same product. Seems like they go together,
though. -Hell yeah.
-We thought so, too. Seems like you want both.
Don’t you want both? This is something
brand-new. Nobody’s ever heard of it,
no one’s thought of it. So we had to spend a lot of time
with lawyers. Did you guys, like,
come into rhymes with, like, you guys can’t do that?
-Everyone. -Every day.
-Absolutely. We get people saying,
“You’re not allowed to do that, you’re not supposed
to be doing that,” labeling requirements,
how much can be in it, whether the bottle
has to be opaque. I mean, these things are…
-Good gravy. And that’s just
in California. Why’d you guys pick the name
“Rebel Coast”? Well, we got sued
for our first name. So obviously,
first things first, when you start a business,
get yourself a good lawyer. Don’t hire your friends. They’ll [bleep] you over
every time. Looking at you, Randy. Okay.
All right. T-Pain: Chip and Alex are about
to start selling their weed wine in California cannabis
dispensaries. They’re hoping
that millennials — the fastest-growing group of
wine consumers in the country — will love their product. Alex: It’s gonna affect you
much quicker than most things
out there, right? So it’s kind of 10 to 20
minutes at the most, most people are starting
to feel the effects, which super different
than most other edibles. Chip: Which is good,
because it’s a glass of w– Like, you’re actually
drinking. You’re not, like,
“Alright, I want to be, like, drunk in, like, two hours.”
-Right, right, yeah. “I want to catch a buzz
right now.” What kind of sess was happening
that made this? Conceptually, I just don’t know
where your minds were. I went to school
to study winemaking, and while I was making
traditional wine, just in the back cellar, we would just take
a barrel of — of wine and a pound of schwag
and then you have weed wine. But it has alcohol in it.
-Oh, I hear that. So that’s
when we had the idea. It was like, “Dude, we can’t mix alcohol
and cannabis together, but what if we just remove
the alcohol?” How do you get the alcohol
out of the alcohol? [ Laughter ] The way we found
that works best is reverse osmosis
in a vertical still. After we make the wine,
there’s only 14% of that actual liquid
is alcohol. We literally
remove that 14%, and then it retains all the
flavor if you do it right. Coat the THC molecule in
something that dissipates as soon as it
gets into your body. That’s why ours
is fast-acting. -That’s so great, man.
-You ready to taste this stuff? I’m gonna be utterly useless
after I drink that. -Perfect.
-I can guarantee it. Clink. I’ve never
done that before. That was a first time for me…
with these. I do it with plastic cups
all the time. But I’m a classy bitch,
so… We funded this company
ourselves, so we had all this money
on the line, we had all this product
out there. And once the cork’s
in the bottle, you can’t do
anything about it. -Yeah.
-You have to have it right. And we didn’t know
if it was gonna work. Like, what are we doing? How are we gonna make
this taste better? Is everything —
Like, is it still gonna get people high after
it’s been bottling? The next morning, I woke up
and I tried it and I was like,
“Oh, shit, dude. This is —
This is gonna do it.” Nice. Like, I was like,
“We can sell this.” Oh, man.
Like, we could
really sell this. Can anybody do, like,
weed wine? Is this, like, something you
can just, like, throw together
some household… It took us a while
to figure it out, and technically,
if they do try to do it, they’re gonna be violating
our patent, so… Oh, yeah,
that’s a big thing. They probably shouldn’t
try to do it. -Once again, lawyer up.
-Lawyer up. -Yeah.
-Good job, everybody. What I haven’t seen yet
is weed wine in its natural habitat —
at the party. I need to see is the bottle fly
like that to keep up
with my fly parties or any fly parties
across the world. So let’s go to one of Alex
and Chip’s backyard parties and see what’s
really poppin’. Staten Island! Ahh, that’s magic. Ooh. It’s like a hairy woman. Uh, what do I do?
-Nothing. What do I do?
Oh, boy. -Ah!
-Oh. Oh, Jesus.
-Whoa. Man #2: I feel bad.
You must be freezing. Yep.
Get — Come on. That is perfect. So, guys, I’ve tried
the weed wine. It works. It’s amazing. It’s really good. Um, lost my point. Nope, I got it. So, my takeaway from today is,
if you can create a patent that fits inside one of
the fastest-growing industries on the planet and outsource
the manufacturing so you can just work from home,
you’ve pretty much won at life. I don’t know what I’m gonna do
for the rest of the night, but I’m 100% sure
it’s gonna be this. Yes, this is what I’m doing
for the rest of the night. Phew. Alright.
You’ll figure it out. Peep my coat, bitch. [ Laughing ] [ Rooster crows ] I’m pretty well known
for bringing music and technology together, so I’m always looking
for new technology, I’m always making new music. And it’s kind of my thing. And young musicians around
the world agree with me that technology
is the future of music. And that’s why I’m here to meet
the inventors of the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1,
a brand-new technology that claims to put
every musical instrument you could ever want
right in your backpack and let anyone
become a musician. But is it true?
Is Artiphon the next GarageBand? Hey, let’s find out.
-I’m Mike. -How you doing, Mike?
-Jacob. How you doing, Jacob?
Very nice to meet you guys. Well, what have
we got here, guys? Mike: This is the Artiphon
INSTRUMENT 1. This looks so interesting. It plugs into apps, like on
your phone or computer, GarageBand, so that really you
just plug into a sound, you choose the way
you want to play, and you’re off and running.
-That’s awesome. T-Pain: It looks like
it’s from the future. The idea here
is that anyone can play music, right?
-Okay. Like, technology should
empower creativity. -That is very true.
-It can be any instrument. ♪♪ This is — We call it iBow.
-iBow. We just use the phone
as a, uh, as a bow. [ Violin music playing ] Ahh. You’re blowing my mind. Oh, my goodness. T-Pain: The Artiphon is
a brand-new technology that squeezes
every musical instrument I can ever want
right in my backpack, so I can have my own
studio everywhere I go. Mind-blowing. So, do you normally
play guitar? [ Guitar music plays ] It doesn’t sound
like that. -Try it out, man.
-So useful! ♪♪ The next big idea is
just locked in somebody that just are afraid
to pick up an actual guitar and are afraid to
even try hitting keys, and this will probably
unlock, like, a smash record
out of somebody. We can probably just box
one of these up now. Let’s get one of these —
-We’ll take it to go. Yeah. Seven years ago, I had just finished up a PhD
in sound studies, and I was figuring out
what to do next, hanging out with some friends,
and playing music, but we didn’t have
any instruments. So we got out our phones
and, like, strummed around on the screen. And so, the idea was,
can we make an instrument that tapped into all that power,
that anyone could play? And we basically prototyped it
for about four years. Jacob: We put it
on Kickstarter. You know, it just
kind of caught fire. It raised
$1.3 million, and… -What’s that?
-$1.3 million. And you were going
for how much? -$75,000.
-$1.3 million. Yes, it’s the largest instrument
crowdfund in the world. -What?
-That’s what we said. I’m trying to wrap my head
around that. I’m very tempted to see
what I can do with it, ’cause I’m complete trash
at most instruments, but I feel like I can
stack something together, make it sound real nice. I’m gonna use it tonight,
and I’ve just seen it today. Let’s see what it can really do
in 30 minutes. Trash, it’s fire. Shit, fire, bro. ♪♪ [ Whistles ] -Oh, what’s that?
-That’s cool. Ahh. You ready to record
it real quick? I can try.
I can try to record it, because usually I’m ass at this. [ Piano music playing ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ What kept you going
through the whole thing? Like, what kept you saying, “This is gonna be [bleep]
great one day. It’s shit right now,
but I’m telling you, one day…” What really kept me going
was just this vision of normal people
picking up an instrument who never thought
they could before and having a good time. And you weren’t gonna stop
until that happened. Exactly. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. That’s dedication, people. Believe in yourself
and what you’re doing, even if other people
don’t believe in it. Keep going. ♪♪ ♪♪ Music and technology
coming together to make something
so accessible, so fun — basically anybody
can become a musician. I’m in this gigantic studio
full of equipment — big board, all this gear,
all this rack stuff. I didn’t need any of it. This is what the future
looks like now. Get used to it. Remix everything,
from ramen noodles to wine to music. Just don’t be afraid
to take a risk. You might end up
changing the world forever. Class dismissed.

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