listen carefully and write down properly low back pain. the most cases you may see in your clinic this thread acupuncture is as I mentioned in summary for chronic pain which is not treated well especially Herniation Nucleus Pulposus HNP Disc and stenosis it works well for those patients in… Continue Reading Thread Acupuncture / Low Back Pain / 매선 / 요통 / 3-1

let’s do the frozen shoulder. The shoulder joint for me, the shoulder joint is the most difficult part to treat It takes the longest HNP, stenosis Those are much easier to treat than frozen shoulder If there’s an adhesion, The adhesion in case of adhesion, it takes 3 months or… Continue Reading Thread Acupuncture / Shoulder Pain / Frozen Shoulder / 매선 / 어깨 / 오십견 / 2-1

let’s do the facial paralysis what we can treat is peripheral facial paralysis Bell’s palsy Bell’s palsy is There are two types of facial paralysis firstly, central facial paralysis secondly, peripheral paralysis how to distinguish them is in central one, you can wrinkle your forehead there’s no paralysis with forehead… Continue Reading Thread Acupuncture / Bell’s palsy / Facial Paralysis / 매선 / 안면마비 / 구안와사 2-1

how does it hurt? when I do sports when I bow / yes when you bow when I work / any problem with legs? last time you mentioned radiation pain in your leg it was my right leg from time to time, a little bit numb how about your calf?… Continue Reading Thread Acupuncture / Low Back Pain / 매선 / 요통 / 3-3

Let’s start the Rhinitis rhinitis in these days, the first cause is the change of seasons the change of seasons is between 3th and 9th month in lunar calendar Somebody calls the rhinitis as a 3th-9th month disease most of time, there are sneeze and runny nose more of runny… Continue Reading Thread acupuncture / Rhinitis / 2-1 / 비염 / 매선