So foot reflexology for TMJ and jaw pain. Primarily the points you’re going to want to focus on are the toes. So on the toes, right around the nail are the reflexes to the teeth, the jaw, and all through here. There’s the upper jaw and there is the lower… Continue Reading How to Relieve TMJ & Jaw Pain | Reflexology

The main point we’re going to want to focus on is the colon reflex. With the colon reflex, it’s going to be starting with the ileocecal valve, which will be right down here. We’re going to travel up the ascending colon, transverse colon, cut across to the other foot. Course… Continue Reading How to Relieve Constipation | Reflexology

I love this question, because certainly reflexology is kind of synonymous to stress relief. So certainly if you could give a whole session using all your reflexology techniques and being with the whole foot, that’s great. Anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but I’m going to give you a… Continue Reading How to Relieve Stress | Reflexology