Let’s talk about knitting with double-pointed needles. If you’re going to start with all your stitches on double-pointed needles because you have too small of an area for circulars, I like to start with all my stitches on one needle, and then move them to the other needles this way,… Continue Reading Really Clear: Working with Double-Pointed Needles (cc)

30 amazing facts, you never knew about the human body We tend to think that we know our bodies perfectly We are aware of how they work and what kinds of processes occur in them every second in fact the human body is one complex and mysterious Mechanism it sometimes… Continue Reading 30 Facts You Never Knew About Your Body

Human remains were found late this afternoon – near a Polk County park. Hunters discovered the badly decomposed body shortly after 3:00 P-M today. KCCI’s Adam Brower is here tonight – with the latest information. The investigation is just beginning – but the body was found about a mile south… Continue Reading Police: Decayed body found by hunters in Yellow Banks Park

Come take a journey with me inside the human body Come take a journey with me inside the human body Who knows what we will learn about our anatomy Here’s a quick look at the systems we’ll see in our voyage we will learn about biology I’m a cell You’re… Continue Reading Human Body for Kids/Human Body Systems/Human Anatomy for kids

My goal today is to get the shady dealings I’ve experienced out in the open both for people looking to buy tablets, AND for artists who will get contacted by these companies with offers to receive a “free” tablet to review. I should mention overall I’ve had ok experiences with… Continue Reading I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

Today I want to show you how to do a decorative 3-needle bind-off. You start by using a contrast color, and you pick up on the right side of the work for that. So I’ve decided on this garter-stitch piece that this is the right side, so I’ve picked up… Continue Reading Really Clear: Make a Decorative 3-Needle Bind-off

Rusty: You can live your life with the treatment you get. I suppose the drugs that they give us are obviously doing us good. I know I’m taking medicine but I just don’t think about it. I think it must be helpful because I really don’t have too many worries… Continue Reading Treatments for dementia: The dementia guide

cholesterol levels rises due to the excess of fat cells in the blood there are two types of cholesterol LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol and HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol though cholesterol results from the intake of fatty foods cakes and pastries it is often hereditary… Continue Reading High Cholesterol – Simple & Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies to reduce LDL in the body

We’ll do a general tune-up and go through some of the basic acupuncture points and this will just kind of get his Chi flowing. Acupuncture is about energy. It’s about getting the energy to flow properly in the body. The more evenly flowing your energy is the better your body… Continue Reading Acupuncture – Tolk Wellness Center

a person is said to be obese when he or she is overweight with excess of fat accumulation in the body sedentary lifestyles high consumption of processed food impaired metabolism and genetic factors all contribute to a person becoming obese but do not ignore obesity as it can lead to… Continue Reading Obesity – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Loss