Hello again. I’m getting used to hopefully coming into your lives and sharing with you thoughts. I have been promoting Accu Weight-loss for over 20 years and as I got ready for this video the thought that I had was: after 20 years your successes still excite me and I… Continue Reading Speak be proactive.

Hi Dr. Schwartz, how are you doing today. you know, I think I’m doing pretty good but Im not really certain. Well, what is it you mean when you are not really certain. Well, here I am doing this video, and I’m not clear fully as to what it is… Continue Reading My personal view

Hi. Today I want to start talking about stress. How to deal with stress and how stress affects weight loss. Accu Weight-Loss is unforgiving and because of that, the stress that we experience in our life is a major factor. Not just for you, but for all of us. One… Continue Reading Stress

Hi all. You’ve heard me talking recently about the Accu Weight-loss magic protocol and what I’d like to share with you today are experiences that patients have shared with me and a lot of that came from the fact that back a while ago I told you that I was… Continue Reading Insights from cheating.