Hi, everyone. It’s Dr. Nancy. Good to see you. I want to show you what I prepared for you, guys. I’ve been preparing this beautiful dish. I’ll show you exactly and I’ll describe exactly what I did. It’s Dr. Nancy. Thank you so much for tuning in at our new… Continue Reading The Crucial Mineral Most of Us Are Deficient In

I’m Chris Grimsley I’m 34 years old and I’m a military veteran. I served in the Army from 2004 to 2008 and the 82nd airborne alpha battery ii 319 field artillery resident as a tactical data system specialist being in the airborne unit it’s it’s a little bit faster pace… Continue Reading Light for Veterans and Active Duty Military, relief is here.

Hey, everyone. I’m Dr. Keller Wortham. And, today, I’m talking about a topic that is very close to my heart. It’s actually closer to my knees because, in fact, it is my knees. Today, we are talking about chondromalacia patella. It’s a long obnoxious fancy medical word but one that… Continue Reading 5 Exercises to Relieve Knee Pain

Hey, everyone. I’m Dr. Keller Wortham. And today, we’re talking about shingles. Not the kind on your roof. Those are fine. We’re talking about the shingles kind that happens as a rash on your body Maybe you’ve heard of it before, maybe you’ve even seen it. A painful blistery red… Continue Reading Shingles: Understanding and Avoiding This Painful Virus

Ugh, my muscles… why do they feel so… achey. *cough* If you say more research is needed I’m going to kick you. Howdy sickos, I’m Trace, thanks for watching! IT’S FLU SEASON EVERYBODY! Congratulations. If you didn’t get your flu shot this year (or even if you did), here’s a… Continue Reading Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains

– That’s like the weirdest thing that I’ve ever seen. (suctioned glass popping) (astonished gasps and laughs) (funky upbeat jazz) – Fire cupping therapy is an ancient practice that uses localized pressure to promote healing and to reduce pain in the body. – Is it gonna burn at all? Like… Continue Reading People Try Fire Cupping Therapy • The Test Friends