All right. Well, we’re glad you’re here. Let’s go ahead and get started today. What we’re looking at here is ‘Tips and Tricks for AcuGraph Professionals’ because we don’t want to deal on the negative, and all the mistakes and we do see folks like make a lot of mistakes.… Continue Reading Avoiding the most Common AcuGraph Mistakes

Today we are going to be pleased to hear from Kimberly Thompson, licensed acupuncturist, PCOM graduate, and all-around really smart girl. You’ve probably seen her columns in Acupuncture Today, where she discusses acupuncture technology. And of course, if you’ve been around in AcuGraph at all, you’ve seen her around here… Continue Reading AcuGraph: Is the Graph Lying?

– And coming up now, we have a man who needs no introduction, Mr. “I can’t believe he’s from Canada,” – Jared McCallum. – I have it on me. Oh, here we go. All right. Yeah, I want to say thank you to Kimball too because I’ve… we’re always pushing… Continue Reading How to Build a SUCCESSFUL Acupuncture Practice (Communication is KEY)

I’m Adrian Larsen, I’m really excited to have you all here. I’m going to just jump right in I’ve got a bit of a presentation prepared so, here we go, we’ll get into that. Today’s presentation, I’ve called it, ‘Seeing is Believing -Proof, Placebo and Powerful Marketing’ How many of… Continue Reading Acupuncture Proof, Placebo and Powerful Marketing

How I developed my passion for–especially pregnancy births, all of that – is through my own experiences in losing my first baby. She was 40 weeks, and this is 17 years ago at this point, and it really rocked my world. But it was Chinese medicine that made the difference… Continue Reading Deb Davies – Acupuncture Doula and AcuGraph User

Welcome to all of you who’ve logged in. We will go ahead and get started. It’s my pleasure to welcome you today. I’m Dr. Adrian Larsen and today’s webinar is something, kind of new, that we haven’t done before. This is hot, off-the-presses stuff. And Kimberly, I gotta tell you,… Continue Reading Extraordinary Tx Acupuncture Protocol Explained!

I’m excited that there are so many people online with us today. So, I found our webinar today. I… I get the opportunity to rub shoulders with acupuncturist all the time, whether it’s on the phone when I travel all over the world, I meet acupuncturist wherever I go. It’s… Continue Reading Top Five Tips for AMAZING Acupuncture Results

I’m gonna start by saying welcome everybody! We are very excited about our first live webinar of 2017. –Right. This one – this is cool, we’ve been putting in a lot of work and by we, I mean Kimberly has been putting in a lot of work to get ready… Continue Reading How to Present for Profit as an Acupuncturist

Like to start by saying welcome everybody to this month’s live AcuGraph training webinar. We’re excited about what we’re going to talk about today because this is another one of the really cool new features that’s available in AcuGraph 5 that was just a quantum leap ahead of what AcuGraph… Continue Reading Notes and Templates 101

I get patients all the time who ask me, “Does auriculotherapy really work?” As most of you know, I’ve been working in the acupuncture industry for about 10 years now, and working in the modern technology aspect of acupuncture. So I’ve been using AcuGraph for nearly 10 years in my… Continue Reading How the Pointoselect Digital Stopped a Migraine Headache in 15 Minutes